Time returns about a few days.

He was also carrying a large wagon this morning.

In the wagon, an amount of breakfast about ten servings.

Press it at last to continue down the long corridor laid with red carpets.

Outside the window is a green meadow like a horizon.

As usual, the morning sun plugs in enough to soak up my whole body, but it was unfortunately raining today.

The wall on the other side is painted white, but it looks gray this morning because it's dark.

There are no doors on the walls, only portraits depicted by the Lord of this mansion are hung at equal intervals.

One man walks silently through a hallway sandwiched in dark green and gray, like a crawling snake.

Moving on for a while, I was finally at the door of both openings.

The man takes a sigh of relief, then knocks on the door.

"Shrew. Good morning, Master Boncrano. We brought you breakfast. But why don't you come out of the room today? Today, your father, Buttaftotta, awarded you neck decorations…"

...... Zubaaaahhhhhhhhh!!

The man's words were blocked by the sound of an open door with the impetus to be broken.

Meat Dharma was visible in the eyes like a gnawed and stripped snake.

"Shrew!? Me... Dear Bonclano!? Finally, you were willing to leave the room! I've been asleep all my life, so I'm worried and worried...!

Normally, a sleeping human being is a thin thing, but Bonclano, now in front of him, was fat all round.

For he began to eat twice as much as usual due to stress, and yet slept without moving his body.

If you want to parable that change in appearance, the gourmet show fat talent.

It's just so painful that you're fat but fatter and want to worry about the crisis in your life.

That was just enough to distort the face, too, Srl Boncos.

"Shh... shh shh shh shh shh shh. Are you all right, Master Bonclano?"

Bonclano then sat down more and more on the spot instead of answering.

And a word with a husky voice like he's strangled with cotton.

"Tired bong. More than breakfast, bring a wheelchair Bon"

Srl Boncos panicked because that was the grump that kept him from saying whether or not he was.

"Shrew!? Ha, yes, right now......!

Leave the wagon intact and run back down the corridor where it came from.

But there were no wheelchairs in the mansion, so I rushed to procure them.

After a while he pushed the wheelchair back, Bonclano slept in the middle of the hallway.

Breakfast, which would have been taken from the wagon, is scattered around the perimeter like a trail scattered across the bear.

"Shiuru......! Thank you for waiting, Master Boncrano! Wheelchair!"

The wheelchair I arranged was pretty big, but still Bonclano couldn't sit down.

Bonclano raises his own indigestion to the shelf and tongues "chip".

"He's unusable, Bon...... If it's Osama, it won't be such a Gdagda bong......"

In one word, Srl Boncos caught fire.

He spins his head fully wondering if he's going to lose to Osama.

Even if we're arranging a new wheelchair now, the sun goes down.

Besides, I have to go out to Buttaftotta's today, so I don't have a relaxing hippo.

Taking them into account, the action he took is not to say......

It was to get rid of all the shelves that were in the wagon and create as much space for Bonclano to ride.

But this touches the boy's scales.

"To Bon, you want me to ride something like this, Bon!? Don't be ridiculous, Bon! Who do you think Bon is, Bon! I knew you were useless. Bong! Bon has the best Osama, after all. Bon!


Srl Boncos teething with humiliation.

Eventually, the "" found in the mansion was brought indoors, boarded by the servants and transported straight to Buttaftotta's place.

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

Boncrano and my father Buttaftotta live at the same address, but it's a huge lot with about one tiny city.

Moreover, Buttaftotta, the head of the household, has a number of mansions, so it also takes a lot of effort to get to see him.

At this hour of the morning, Buttaftotta was in the mansion for breakfast.

It's more like a tower than a mansion.

The dining room, which is at the top, is glazed on one side, at a height that overlooks the lower boundary.

And while it was called a dining room, there was only fruit.

But the fruit alone is such an assortment that I think there is everything in the world.

In the center there is a bunk like a giant lotus flower blooming, and Buttaftotta lies there like melted snow.

He says he has a lot of fruit around, but he hasn't spoken of one of them.

So here he is, what is he eating...

What he was looking at was countless' pampans'.

It was the morning routine to lick and shake the fluids of toddlers collected from all over the world.

They are imprisoned here and only given fruit.

Eating all the fruit, the body starts to smell sweet and the body fluids become as fruity as fruit, he said.

His surroundings were filled with sweet fragrances and sweet whispers that made him unconditionally like himself.