Bonclano visited Buttaftotta just around the time he finished his morning cup.

Normally, it is not acceptable for many to interrupt the morning time of Buttaftotta.

Instead of speaking up, it is even strictly forbidden to get into sight.

It goes without saying what will happen to those who break that contraindication.

But Bonclano was a real son, and this time in a relationship called by Buttaftotta herself, there was no blame.

Bonclano, along with Srl Boncos, is guided by many servants to lift up the tower.

By the time the lift came to the top, Srl Boncos and his servant knelt sassfully and lay down their faces.

Because you are not allowed to be at the same height or to be in contact with the number two of the brave.

Only Boncrano gets off the lift, through mountainous fruits, and approaches the lotus flowers in the center of the room.

"... Dad, it's Bon, Bon"

Then, like Seiuch all over the lotion, my father gave him a twisted face.

"Oh bong, well done duff......!

"Daddy, rip it off today....................."

Stuck in words, from behind, I hear a whisper, "It's a neck accessory."

"Ke... can I have the neck decorations on the bong?

"Duff, that was it, Duff. I'll give Bon an example, Duff."

In one word, about ten of the toddlers who were sitting on the front seat beside the lotus rose up acne and brought the large chest like a chest to Bonclano with a combined force of "nymph, nymph".

They were only about the same age as Pine Pack and should want to be sweet on their parents......

The movement is truly dominant.

When Bonclano opens the box that came to hip-to-hip height......

There was a golden ring, put on a red decorative platform.

Bonclano lifts it unconstitutionally with one hand.

The gold rings were adorned with many jewellery, gleaming blindly, but not yet of interest.

Ask Srl Boncos, who held him back, to help him and put him through his neck.

The gold ring was made of magically refined metal and could be worn without difficulty even by a reckless, thickened neck boy.

"Duhhu......! Bong, you look great duff......! More duff I've become a man......!

My father said something that he would soon find out was not in his heart.

Because, thanks to the luxury of the flesh around Bonclano's neck, the neck ornament was also buried, completely invisible from the outside.

"What kind of necklace is Dad, Bon?

When my son asked, my father stuck his hand in his neck.

It's supposed to be my body, but it snaps around like a mud.

After a thick chain of gold came out with a slip of thread,

... hey hey hey...!

And for a pendant, an object that is too big gets stuffed out.

It was a golden statue.

Incidentally, the necklace of a quasi-god brave man should be freely designed.

Butaftotta wore a pendant-shaped neck ornament because her neck was absent due to obesity.

As soon as Bonclano saw the golden statue, I was wondering if it mimicked Godsmile, but it was tempting to the chest.

"DUFF......! 1/6 size PAPAPAN WHAT DUFF......!

What a figure imitating the Holly Doll three sisters......!

Besides, my youngest son...!

What a detached toddler who was more than fuzzy and older than himself, the long-time thinker of Butafutta.

I was trying to welcome the pine pack to my harem, but it wasn't successful, every day, every day that I fill my desires with alternatives.

Bonclano knew the thought, but he never thought he'd let it project to the proof of the brave.

Black feelings are creeping up, but I shake my head to get rid of it.

A brave man means that the higher the rank, the more head screws are buzzing, or so more people don't even exist screws in the first place.

If you are also a quasi-god (Jun Shin) class, all you can say is that you are not human except Buttaftotta.

It was also from its transcendent atmosphere that Godsmile was called God.

Bonclano tells himself.

Slow down, he said he had to be like this father.

Otherwise, you can't be a god.

And... I knew that besides this collar, there was another thing I needed to be a god.

"Dad...... besides this necklace, there's another thing I want, Bon. With that, Bon can be a great success and help from a hundred courage, Bon."

"Duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... good duhhhh. Say whatever you want, Duff."

Buttaftotta had heard all of Bonclano's faults, but did not blame his son in any way.

Even in a situation where my son's life expectancy as a brave man was running out of thirty days, he laughed like a natto.

Bonclano was in such a hurry as the day before the end of the summer vacation, but my father had so much room for creeps.

Perhaps, if you have to, you have a secret plan, but you can't just rely on it, Bonclano thought.

Because sooner or later, I will be a god...!

- To do that, with this snack, we're gonna do it one last time. Bong...!

What the hell did Wagamama exhausted motherfucker want you to do that...?

"Daddy......! Bon, my new entourage...! No, I want my previous girlfriend back. Bong...! When Bon was a kid, it was for a little while, but he took care of me, took care of Osama...!

Surprised by this was Srl Boncos, nothing else.

"What...!? Master Bonclano!? If you're an entourage, why don't you just...!

But I can't get the word.

Boncrano walks to Flirty and Lotus Flowers, like a deceased who adores the Buddha.

"Dad, Bon finally realized, Bon!

When Bon was young, it was for a little while, but Osama, who was Bon's entourage...

With that Osama, Bon said he could be the best brave man!

My dad's pine pussy...... like he wants pussy, Bon wants Osama, Bon!

Is Dad satisfied with the niceties? Bong!?

Bong, I want the real thing. Bong!

Osama......! Osama......! Osama......!

With Osama, I don't need Bong anymore. Bong!

Bong is already a lot of niceties BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!