Brave recruitment from the private sector.

Once it was announced by the Brave Men's Organization, the press wrote it all down.

"In the milestone of Dear Godsmile's first millennium, a new surprise!

"Oh, my God, the private sector has announced the registration of the brave!

'Well, it was Goldwolf Slumdog who shot the happiness that could also be called a miracle!

"Who the hell is the best lucky boy in the world, Goldwolf Slumdog!?

Until now, when it came to newspapers related to Osama, it remained within the Dog Leg countries.

Still, it's a big deal, but this time it's just the presentation of the Brave Men's Organization, at best on a global scale.

Osama Finally, to the (world) Osama of the world......!?

Osama learned the news at the Holly Doll family temple on Greyskay Island.

"Oh well! Gol, to the brave!?

"What!? Your uncle is a brave man!? That shouldn't be......!

"Oli, yah!

"Whoa, Goldwolf! You missed it! I didn't know Master Liglas would wave his tail at the brave man who said to keep his distance!

If you want to open your own door, the women who have stuck their faces like cats who can't wait for dinner.

And Osama turned away from them, who were brought together like dough from the gap.

"Gentlemen, please calm down. This is just an announcement by the Brave Men's Organization, and I don't remember accepting it. I haven't even spoken to you yet."

That's right.

This is just a flying article in the press.

But it was only true that the Brave Men's Organization had nominated Goldwolf.

When making this announcement, if it is an ordinary organization, it will do so with the consent of the person who brought the story.

However, the Brave Men's Organization had made an announcement as if it had obtained the consent of the person even at the recommendation stage.

Because the presentation of the Brave Men's Organization is always absolute.

Because it's never going to happen in this world, such as turning down an offer...!

And this, needless to say, is Buttaftotta's offer.

Buttaftotta was only number two of the brave, and I already knew Osama was the owner of Slumdog Mart.

In addition, if you want to light it up as a brave organization, you must already be a strong player in the rank of Seaheaven and the rank of Deputy General Manager of the Great Powers.

If at this time Osama had lived to the degree of happiness of the crowd, he would have been exposed without question to the hands of the brave men's organization.

But in the current situation, which has been quite successful, that is not the case.

Still, kidnapping one or both of the rich does not involve enough pain for the brave organization to remove nose hair.

What had been the necklace was that Osama had been cordial with the queens of the dog leg nations.

If you treat such a human being like that, no matter how brave the organization is, it will be about as painful as a cassava.

Still, it couldn't be enforced, but the biggest problem, after all, was the existence of the Holly Doll family.

Getting your hands on Osama in a detour and being hated by Godsmile's favorite Virgins can be described as painful enough to get your heart pulled out alive.

If you find out it was Buttaftotta who commanded that formation, no matter how many number two of the brave men's organization, you will definitely instantly fall into heaven.

Considering that you have to risk so much to remove Osama, you can't take a detour.

Buttaftotta wasn't strange either, no matter how much my cute son asked...

So what Buttaftotta came up with was this odd move.

- Yes, Duff...!

Then all you have to do is make Osama a brave man, Duff......!

Duff who is not in this world, such as a man who is told he can be a brave man and says no......!

And it will be optional, not compulsive, Duff, so even with the Holly Doll family, Duff can't stand Cad......!

In the meantime, a great kick-ass duff to take the Holly Doll family into a brave organization......!

"... then finally, to Duff's daughter-in-law...! Duff! Duff! Duff...! (Bechowo......)"

… It was entirely conscious of Goldwolf that we prepared the post "Shiteng".

Assuming that the current position of Goldwolf is the Seating Class, it will become a second-class special.

When it comes to second-class advancement in a brave organization, it is a special measure such that it is given only to Hope of Expectations.


It was also a silent message that I would welcome you with all the generosity...!

And this message had reached another human being more intensely than it did in person.

to the aforementioned press and to the heroines.

But I was most shocked...

There was no other man...!

The man found out when he was in the mansion where he bought this reward for his mistress.

I was glancing through the paper over a morning coffee, but the moment Osama's confusion Faith jumped into my eyes tangled by the beautiful girls,

"Oops......!? Ohhhhhhhhhhhh!?!?

Like a hemorrhage, he was brewing coffee.

"Become...!? What the hell is this!? You think that dog is a brave man? Besides, heavenly......!? Even this eagle is so heavenly!

Stented flips the table and starts a brawl.

"Damn it, damn it! How can such incompetence be a brave man! Much more capable than he is! Goddamn it!

And then we get to our own conclusion.

"Oh well...! You jealously pulled your legs out of the shadows knowing this wasting dog was born......!? And after you let me fall, you sold yourself in...! Yes, you must be!

That was total bullshit, but it wasn't even poking at the core.

Brave people are naturally assuming that others are doing the same thing because they specialize in pulling someone else's legs.

And if you're a normal person, one day I'm going to give you back your work as a brave man...

"Damn......! I thought you were a dumb loser, so I caught you off guard! If that's what you're going to do, don't leave me alone! What happens if I turn this eagle around on my enemies...... they remind me!!

... Woohoo (oh)...

Here's another ripple...!