This is the office of 'Slumdog Mart' in Killyland.

It is a rented location to serve as a base for the future development of stores in the country.

I just moved in, so I haven't had a body as an office yet.

The package that just arrived yesterday is piled up in clutter.

On the couch surrounded by a pile of boxes, there was Goldwolf.

On both sides, the Virgin Sisters, who are secretaries and part-timers.

On the front, a man dressed in a tuxedo.

His tuxedo was pissly folded correctly and had a good enough fabric to tell it was expensive with one eye.

But the design, it's a breeze... no, it's quite different.

Two-tone colour, divided into white and black on the right and left.

It was divided into black and white exactly as well as jackets, even slacks and butterfly ties.

On the contrary, even a cared for mouth beard.

"... my name is Goodbad Goodbutler. Just now, you know how I feel now?

The Virgin Sisters black-and-white their eyes to names that make them want to hear back unexpectedly and to those who don't seem to be dazzled by chickadees.

Goldwolf only replied "I don't know".

"Don't you even know that? I feel really bad-bad about being summoned by a lowlife like you. It's because you have the eyes of the press that you're supposed to come out to me."

"Mr. Goodbad is a deacon (Butler) clan serving the brave, isn't he?

Then Goodbad roared, haha.

"Goodgood, I know what you're trying to say." I'm going to be a brave man, so why does the brave butler style behave in a transverse way? "

Goodbad, "But the idea is, it's Badbad," he wiggles his little finger left and right.

"Certainly I am Deacon of the Brave, and now I am leaning on the Second Deacon of Master Buttaftotta's Mansion. And even today, at the behest of Master Buttaftotta, he came to meet you to make you a brave man."

"But I'm in trouble for you to make a mistake," he continued further.

"Remember when a lowlife named Stented became a brave man?

"Yeah," said Goldwolf.

"He was just like a little pig thrown into a pack of wolves. Because of this, I also made my honor fuy.... you know why that is? That's because... there was no help from our Good Butler clan."

Goodbad was taking plenty of time to talk.

But he said, "Now you know, don't you?" Turn your gaze toward Goldwolf, of course.

"With today, you will be a brave man, but as you are now, you are nothing but a jealous dog thrown into a pack of wolves. If so, it will be obvious which is the position above me and you"

… As mentioned earlier, the Good Batra clan is a proverbial deacon clan that serves only the brave for generations.

Likewise, the Boncos, a family of spiritual soldiers (pointmen) serving the brave, are in rivalry.

In short, they were both living in the spills of the brave.

This time, Goodbad, one of the Good Butler clans, will be entrusted with the "Giving of Neck Decoration" by Butafutta, the Lord.

The opponent was Goldwolf.

If the granting opponent had been a pure brave man through a brave organization, Goodbad would not have been in such a transverse manner either.

If the other person was a "lower bitch," he wouldn't know the right or the left, so he figured if he taught us about power relations now, he'd make us do it.

Goodbad was throwing words similar to threats at Goldwolf for the first time.

At this time, there are two possible reactions.

Are you going to be a brave man already and be angry that you are disrespectful?

Do you bow to the threat of Goodbad and obey adults?

And the reactions Osama took, that is, the latter......

Like a jean dog, he remained a big man.

Good Bud laughing in his heart because he seemed to round it up better than he thought.

"Good good. You seem to know exactly who you are.... Then I'll make you brave."

Place the attached attachment case on the table and laugh even more niggly.

"Heh heh, I'm going to see something amazing like you've never dreamed or dreamed of before"

Unlock the attachment case and point it towards Kurli and Goldwolf.



And as soon as it was opened, in the dim office, a bright, bright light overflowed.

"Good good......! This is the neck ornament given to the brave men of Shiteng! Everything is made of diamonds, the best delicacies......! Oops, apparently it's too great to say a word......!

Goodbad comes out of the lid of the attash case, and then he shows his face.

That face was more dooya than any more, but as soon as I saw Goldwolf's face, I was screaming inside out.

- Mm... unresponsive...!?

It's like when I opened the box of chocolates I had left to look forward to, it was empty......

Not a full look at something called nothingness......!?

Ba...... Bad Bad......!?

There's no way anyone would be unhappy to be given so much honor and so much jewelry...!

Ha......! Oh well...!

He's still dreaming...!

I still can't believe that I was chosen as a brave man...!

Totally, it's floating...!

Heh heh...!

This level of trinket makes it easy for me to manipulate as I please...!

GOOD GOOD......!

Apparently, luck has come for me too...!

So here's one......

I'll make him cry with gratitude and keep his head off this me for the rest of my life......!

"... Huh, Badbad. I didn't know you would cower this level of accessories forward...... After all, you can't seem to be brave. I knew we didn't have this story..."

Goodbad closes the lid on the pathan and attash case with a sigh of disappointment.

Of course he doesn't have that kind of authority, but he was trying to make Goldwolf cry by misleading him, as there was.

Goodbad sees Osama in the front, of course, with a slight up-and-coming that leaves him full of doya.

I'm sure he still looks like he's going to cry, but he was teasing me...

- Mm... mmm... unresponsive ohhhhhhh!?

It's like dropping off borough shoes flowing from the river straight down the river...

Not a full look at the indifference thing......!?

These aren't boro shoes or anything, they're big peaches!?

The last time I ever got it, for the rest of my life...!

No, even to the last generation, so much so that Antai is promised...!

But finally, there comes what he has been waiting for.

It's, 'Tears'......!

"Huh... Oh, excuse me."

- Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!?

This Osama, I just got an acquis. Whoa whoa whoa whoa!?

Ba...... badbadhhhhhhhhh!

"Oh, Gol, you're Onem. Speaking of which, I haven't had a nap yet, so let's do it here now."

Quick as I can tell, Mother grabs Goldwolf's head gaggedly and pulls him off gooey.

"No, it's okay," said Goldwolf.

"Uncle, you've been working late lately, haven't you? Better get some rest......" said Primla.

- Mm... ignore!?

I'm gathering envy all over the world right now, for brave necklaces, and I need eyes...!?

Besides, I have visitors, but I take a nap...!?

I have visitors, but I flirt with the Virgin......!?

Totally ignore me...!?

Ba... Bad Bad...!