In front of the neck ornament of the brave man, Goldwolf plays with the Virgins in tears.

The Virgins are only approaching unilaterally to be exact, but it didn't show up that way in Goodbad's eyes.

- Guru, Badbad...!

Being a brave butler, I didn't know you would ignore this me......!

... Ha, what if...!?

What if this man doesn't realize that he's been awarded neck decorations......!?

You just think I'm just showing off my neck ornament......!?

In the course of this story, I didn't know I would think of it that way......!

How much is this man lacking in upbringing...!?

But it could be the lower bitch...!

To this man who lacks intelligence, if you don't say clear, you won't pass it on......!

Goodbad finally got to the point, coughing up one big thing,

"Whoa ho! GOOD GOOD! Now let's get down to business.... I'm here to present you with this diamond necklace! You may not believe a lowlife like you, but it's not a lie!

Push out the open attachment case again and take it out of the reach of Goldwolf.

"It would be a dream story, but take it! Otherwise, this dream might wake you up!

Goodbad was going to be able to pull in a sassy attash case as Goldwolf tried to take the neck ornament.

- Hehe, GOOD GOOD......!

Come on, you lowlife...! Reach out that bitch......!

All you have to do is say that the gesture is nasty and make him jerk off...

He's gonna cry this time...!

Ugh... Wow! To things like that......!

The reaction to that expectation occurred as quickly as I could think of it, from a place I never thought I would.

"Ugh... Wow!

It's from the entrance to the room.

Seeing, there...

A pine pack of facially dressed animals mimicking Gordon comes running crying like a stray.

"O-ri-dan, take it easy! If I take that, I'll be 'Yusha'?" Yusha, "he said, still being a jerk! I'll give you this! I'll give it to you, don't take it, Ryodan! I'll give it to you, don't be a jerk, you rubbish!!

What was offered with a trembling voice and hand was a handmade crown, with a gold origami affixed to the circle of paper.

The pine pack and Goodbad, the first dignified, could barely hear what she was saying without a tongue.

But somehow I just found out what the intent was.

Goodbad shrugged his beard as he hunched, and snorted,

"Hehe, Badbad......! I didn't want to stick it with the brave neck ornament, just a circle with such gold paper on it......! Kids are always a jerk...! But that feeling only works in fairytales......! Come on, reach out, Mr. Goldwolf! Take it, glory of the brave! And stay with your heart and teach that kid the right reality! Burning garbage, in the trash can, and...! Otherwise, you're disqualified as a brave man...! Heh heh heh heh...!

That was, nevertheless, similar to the whispering of the devil.

If you're a normal person, I'd almost pretend to bother you so you don't break your child's feelings.

But Goldwolf was almost no-time.

Reach out gently, as if that were normal as a human being.

He chose, of course...

The Virgin's, crown......!

"Buh......!? BAD BAD WAR WAR WAR!?!?

Moments, as if nightmares had become reality, total furry good-buds.

Goldwolf just puts the crown on his head, followed by a pine pack.

"No more lovely jewelry in this world. Thank you, Mr. Pine Pack."


Three women tearing and sticking a little on Goldwolf's chest plate.

My oldest and second daughter, who were beside me, also said, "Gol......!" "Uncle......!," he clung slightly to Goldwolf's arm as he swelled his tears to the edge of his eyes.

The sight was eye-catching.

But Goodbad gets bored like a vampire illuminated by the morning sun.

"Buh......!? BAD BAD WAR WAR WAR WAR!? Bullshit!? Yu, it's a brave necklace!? All folks down, this is the best jewelry in the world!? WHY...... WHY DON'T YOU RECEIVE IT!?

It wasn't impossible for Goodbad to be so stunned.

Because that was' common sense in the world '.

There is common sense in the world.

For all humans, we don't have to bother to put it into words, it can be called a grand premise value.

For example, 'Men like women naturally' and 'Women like men naturally'.

'It is natural for a man to work when he marries, and for a woman to protect her house'......

But that common sense also changes with the times.

"Some Men Like Men" "Some Women Like Women"

'It is up to that couple which will work when they are married and which will protect the house' ….

There was one common sense in this world that had not changed for a long time.


"Brave men are the longing of all"......!

Humanity can be divided into brave or not.

Those who do not respect, admire, and fall down upon the brave, men and women, old and young.

I took Goodbad for granted because it has values that can be described as absolutely immutable.

Humans with brave neck ornaments think everyone deserves to shake their tails, like hungry wild dogs...!

But here I am now, a man like a wild dog representative was different.

How many bloody dogs have bragged about a fine collar from across the fence......

Just as I don't envy anything for a wild dog walking freely around outside that fence......

From his eyes, he was only the object of pity, such as the neck ornament of the brave...!

When the wild dog got up off the couch, he finally saw Goodbad better here.

In its eyes, the neck ornament of the brave is not even reflected in one corner.

He speaks the words he had engraved in his heart, ever since he was in Purgatory.

"... I've decided not to have an owner anymore. So I'm not willing to accept that neck ornament. Please, pick it up."