Goodbad never thought of it.

I didn't know a human being who didn't want this necklace existed in this world.

Even though this circle is powerful enough to divide the sum of the worlds into two parts.

The newly born sum is the One Who Has and the One Who Can't Have.

Of course, it has happened before, but this wheel makes it clearer.

And he that hath this wheel shall be entertained by him that hath not.

Besides, it's less than a minute, no less than a centimeter, of the world's population that can be on the 'hold' side.

Well, a lot of people want to get in, and they can't help but put in a narrow gate with a face pass, no, a neck pass.

As long as this, brave neck ornament...!

Instead of snakes, Goodbad trembled like a frog who encountered a battle race (Predator).

No, I shook up.

A frog stared at by a snake can no longer move, but it is because the target is a natural enemy.

If, beyond natural enemies, you hit an infusion, you even encounter enemies whose lives are at stake...... what happens to frogs?


... Piong...!

You jumped!?

Goodbad, leaping off the couch, lays flat on the ground like throwing five bodies.

The carpet hasn't been laid yet and the floors haven't been cleaned yet.

I shouted with the momentum to lick that dust.

"Buh... Bad Bad Ohhhhh!! Oh, I'm so sorry. Uh-huh! What a disrespect for the brave Gordwolf! Hilariously, hilariously, no, no, no!

As soon as Goldwolf refuses to receive the neck ornament, Goodbad begins to snarl enough to pull.

"Master Goldwolf came to try this me out, hey-hey!! Hey, Master Goldwolf, people are evil too! To you no more, Golden Wheel, never again, I won't go against the future forever heyyyyyyyyyy!!


And the face I gave him was dusty and half crying.

White and black tuxedos, which were split into two colors, also dirty in gray.

Goldwolf said in a plain voice, without scorn or pity.

"Whatever they say, I don't want neck decorations. Pick it up."

"Ba...... Bad Bad Oohhhh!? Damn, no. Huh!?!?

Like this change in Goodbad, there was a really simple and lucid reason.

He is coming to give the neck ornament of the brave to Goldwolf at the behest of Buttaftotta.

In that mission, there was only one thing to worry about.

'Before you carry it to Goldwolf, won't it be stolen' point.

If, on the day of theft, it is imperative to touch the inverse scales of Buttaftotta.

Goodbad's dismissal was visible.

For this reason Goodbad gathered the hand-worked among the clan, and even the guards of the mansion of Buttaftotta, and carried the neck ornament under strict vigilance.

That said, it seemed like a matrix of great names.

Goodbad thought the mission was as good as done, as long as the neck ornament could be safely carried.

I thought all I had to do was use this god item well and make Goldwolf our puppet...

But something completely unexpected happened.

No way, refusal to receive (No Thanksgiving) Huh......!!

Because I couldn't back off to say yes, could I?

Because neck decoration is a natural silhouette that you receive.

Goodbad was turned down. I still think so, and so does Buttaftotta.

It's still better to be stolen, still better.

Because it also proves that brave neck decorations are so appealing.

What happens when you bring back a thing where such values are the norm...

The brave neck ornament is worth less than the handmade crown of a pine pack, which Goodbad cursed as rubbish......

Instead of firing one black and white butler, the clan is driven by a crisis of survival......!

That's why Goodbad ruined all his pride and cried to Goldwolf.

"I will dedicate this self to the brave Gordwolf for the rest of my life. Ahhh!! Make sure you take it. No, no, no, no! This is the last favor of your life from your servant (servant)! Uh-huh!

Good Bud punching his head with cancer on the floor.

But all I got back was one "I don't want" word.

"Please, please, please!! Please uuuuuuuuuuuu!! Master Goldwolf ahhhhhhhh! You're right, I'll clean your shoes!! Take it, take it, take it, take it, take it, take it, take it!

Good Bud leads to Goldwolf's feet and begins licking his shoes velvety.

But all I got back was one "I don't want" word.

"Ugh... Wow! O-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r!! Get it for me. Damn it!! I'm so glad you didn't!! Whatever you want, take it, take it, take it!!!!

Finally I even start imitating the pine pack and start crying like a baby.

But all I got back was one "I don't want" word.

Goodbad didn't try to leave him stuck like a shackle.

Goldwolf was the only one, dragging him straight out of the office.

Outside the office, there were more misguided people waiting than Goodbad.

They are all kicked with tuxedos, but for some reason only the shoes are unusually dirty.

"Whoa, there you are, Goldwolf. Looks like Goodbad hasn't given you the brave necklace yet."

"There's no way a brave necklace can be so easily given to a lowlife like you"

"We are the same as Goodbad, the Good Butler clan. If so, you already know what we can do to bring you closer to the necklace of the brave?

"Come on, let's have our shoes licked and cleaned first"

"What are you doing, hurry up. Mine just stepped on dog shit, so you lick it to the back."

... It goes without saying that a few minutes later, they started fighting ahead and licking Goldwolf's shoes.