Motivating Bonclano, Srl Boncos flew quickly to the Hurlbury small country on his feet.

The destination is the Fontine residence.

He swung a hot valve at the lady as she sidelined the garden lined with children's playthings.

"Fushiru, fushiru... Slumdog Mart is finally launching a store-opening offensive on Killyland, the land of the Virgin. And Slumdog Mart will always put the Holly Doll Virgin in her image character."

As soon as I heard the Holly Doll family's name, the lady's eyebrows trembled pickly.

The snake's eyes did not miss that moment.

"Shroom......! If Slumdog Mart also succeeds in Killyland, the synonym of the Virgin in that country will certainly make the Holly Doll family......! The only thing that can stop it is Dear Fontine, there is no one else......! Because you...!

Faster than the word was over, the lady was up off the couch.

And with a lady pose with her hands on her hips,

... Bishyyyyyyyyyy...!

Like shooting through the head of a snake, I wanted to point...!

"Yes......! I am the" Hybrid Virgin ", which combines the power of the Virgin and the Wizard. And releasing three times the love of a normal Virgin," Fountain of Love "......! I'm the only one who can defeat the Holly Dolls! Ooh, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho!

And I put the back of my hand on my mouth, lady laughing high......!

"Fushiyuru......! So again, you're going to help!?

"Yeah, I don't mind that, but there are two conditions."

"Fushiru, fushiru. I understand. At the dawn of victory, we attach the promise once again to Master Boncrano so that he can take it away from us. And that disturbing thing is no longer on Master Boncrano's side."

Only in the time that he had struggled so far had Srl Boncos completely discerned Fontine's demands.

For Fontine in particular, the latter condition could have been called imperative, but there was no more to say than it had been fulfilled.

"Hmm, that would be great," he nodded back satisfactorily.

By the way, the moffmorphs kept in this mansion have grown somewhat, so they now live with other animals in the woods on the property.

Of course, it's top-secret outside to have the Holy Beast, so Fontine was telling me not to come out until she called.

It was enough to do that, so I no longer have a hand.

It was a great time and treatment for the daughter to finish her parental leave and return to work.

"I will now begin my appearance at the headquarters of the Kingdom of Sevenlux tomorrow. I already have a Slam Dog Mart Interception Plan in my possession, so let me announce it in front of Mr. Bonclano."

"Shrew!? I already have an interception plan......!? This is very reliable......! There's no more disturbing stuff to pinch the extra mouth, so let's get to the ops conference carefully......!

And the Dream Team was to be formed again.

That and the same time, now treated as' things in the way ', said the former members......

He was in Killyland, the most unprofitable 'gorgeous smart' in the country.

"Whoa, I've come to inspect you! Hey, pig! Oh, my God, what's with the skipping and the cancer!

"And Branch Manager Huh!? Wow, I don't want to skip it! We don't have guests, so we just sat here!

"That's what you're skipping. Yikes!? Pigs like that, even cleaning the toilet in the office!

"Hey, what are you doing!? Let go, let go!

"Don't use cleaning equipment! You're gonna make the potty shiny with your tongue! Whoa, just do it! (Gas!)"

"Ugh......! Gugugugugugugugu...!

They punch me in the face and make me clean my bloody potty.

When it was over and I went back to the store, another branch manager was waiting for me this time.

"Hey, piggy boy! What the fuck is this!? So much for ordering Battleax in Virgin's Country, what are you going to do? Yikes!?

"And I don't know!? There was no Battleax like this earlier......!? Ah!? Now you're trying to push your mis-order onto this washi...!

"Ahhh!? Oh my god, how long have you been listening to me like that!? I'm sorry, I'm already Zako!

"Ugh...! Guuuuuuuuuuuu...! Shh, I'm sorry......!

"You just have to understand! Whoa, this is a poster for a new image character! I brought it to you specially!

"Oh, thank you, Branch Manager eh......!

"That's how you should be honest with me. It's okay! Why are you bothering me? There's only so many people in this store, so just stick a poster on it! Take Battleax with you and sell it outside!

"Uggh...! Ha-ha-ha...!

Stented to keep his teeth tucked away with anger and humiliation that seemed to flood him.

He snored down his men when he was once in the Seating Class.

However, as soon as he was demoted to the ranks of Great Heaven, he received a simultaneous counter-attack from his men.

Now he's driven to a store near closing, and not a single clerk can be attached to him because of his lack of profitability, and he's chopping up the store by himself.

He was not given a day off, and was ordered to work one op from early morning until late at night, even though no guests were coming.

He no longer has the limits, body and mind.

It had been caught up to the boundaries of Shura, arguably the extreme.

A toddling word pierces its back holding a poster and battleax and leaving the store with Tobotobo.

"Well, I just put that poster on, and I don't want any new products at Temei's! So this store is Dobon! Hihahahaha!"

... Butchyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!

Stented's indulgence bag is finally broken.

Puffy rage is unleashed, as if pudding falls on a plate.

The glare glistened like a Battleax blade.