Stented finally getting butchy.

He gripped the battleax in his hand and turned his bright red burning face towards the branch manager.

Then the branch manager, who is more than one person around than Stented,

"What the hell, those eyes? You want me to do it? Fine, I'll do it. I've hunted so many before. Don't be such a jerk!

Beh! and the spit spitting at Stented's feet signaled the opening of the war.

"Holy shit......! Holy crap...! Fucking kiddieeeeeeeeeeee!!

Pig whales rushing into the branch manager like angry boars, but less than pig farming at best.

Pigs have a low body fat content of 15%, contrary to that image, and can be considered lean if you say it in humans.

But this pig is full of luxury.

Collecting all his luxury meat, he said, would also be as good as Mother's chest.

Thinking of it that way, when it comes to being the same fat, its existential value is heaven and earth.

For example, even though it is the same 'blush', it can be said that there is about as much difference between a god and a butt tissue.

... and so much so that I wanted to put in information that I don't care, the confrontation of this branch manager vs pig wolf was boring.

... dogashhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

A generation of run-ins is lightly torn, and a pig jerk sticks into a product shelf.

He was kicked all he wanted where he fell.

Gas! Doss! Gosh! Gusha!

Chara man brave men in this world prefer stiff, pointed shoes when done and ahead, but can't wait to get kicked in with those shoes.

Stimulation, like being beaten with a knob pressing apparatus, strikes the body of a pig.

"Damn!? GUH!? Well, what about letting employees obey with violence, etc! He's a brave man, too!

"You must have done it first!" (Dogassu!) "Guha!?

"So, but I won't give in to violence! Especially to be a young man like you, born with luck alone!!

"How lucky you were to be born!" (Dogesu!) "Gaha!?

The heated up branch manager rode on a falling stained and began to take steps like a real estate waste.

"Ugh! (Doss!) This store! (Doss!) It's Ossimai! (Doss!) You are! (Buzz!) Give me the store! (Buzz!) One! (Buzz!) Crushed! (Buzz!) No, Store Manager! (Gussa!) So! (Gussa!) More! (Gussa!) To downgrade! (Gussa!) Yikes!! (Gusaaa!!

The shoes that are now prevalent among the chara man brave are thin and long like pin heels as well as toes.

For this reason, intense pain struck Stented like it was rarely poked with a knife.

"Hih!? Higgie! Higgie good eh!? Yu, forgive me, forgive me! Wow, I'm sorry about that! Kicking, demoting, forgiving. Yikes!

"Then let's just go work outside! This fucking pig. Awwwwww!

...... Dogasoooooooooooooooooooooo!!

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

Stented remains full of bruises and crawls out like a dying seal.

I grab hold of the wall in front of the store and manage to get up and retrieve the poster.

The outside of the poster was covered in blood, but inside it seemed safe.

Rounded I spread that out and tried to stick it on the wall......


Unexpectedly breathtaking about its content.

There, what...!

'Heroin comes at the end...... This is the "Fountain of Love" tour!

Along with such a catch copy, I once looked down a lot, the lady's up......!

"Ko, you meth kid!? Didn't I lose it!?

Stented is demoted after a swordsmanship tournament at Rondcrow.

And it was no longer permissible to approach Boncrano, nor to enter his office, the General Manager's office in Sevenlux.

I thought that was not only me, but Fontine was treated the same way......

I didn't know she was the only one allowed to return......!

That's in exactly the same position (post) as before...!

"Gu......! WOW......! Guuuuuuuuuuu!

That fact alone made Stented's Kanyaka play pussy again and tore the poster to bits.

"This wasp! This female kid and a guy like Ponzi pulled my leg on me and made me look like this!? But why can only this female child go back to Lord Bonclano?!?

I didn't give one answer.

"Damn......! Um, meth kid......! You used a woman's weapon...! That's not true...!

Stented breathing on his shoulders as the paper blizzards scattered.

Before that, a group of Virgins passed through.

"... Oh, my God, you're badly hurt."

"When you are old enough to say that the gorgeous smart apron…?

"If that's the case, it's tough! We need to hurry and heal your injuries!

And the Virgins tried to go unto Stented, and one of the girls controlled her by word.

"Please wait. That one...... No, he's" The Raccoon Brave. "

"What, that infamous!?

"Maybe in other countries, naked, stripped and racked all over the body, dragged around the country!

"Not just once, but how many times, they say!

"At the Rondowl Swordsmanship Games, after being racked up, the common folk told me they were covered in filth!

"Wow... When they say that, it kind of stinks!

"When you get closer, the smell of filth will shift!

"Uh-oh, it stinks, Uh-oh, it stinks!

"No, no, no, no, no!?

The Virgins walk away as the white waves pull.

By the way, Stented hasn't gotten all dirty at the swordsmanship tournament.

But at some point, all the scandals of the brave in other countries had been impersonated by Stented.

His name was no longer "Lakgakiu Ko Brave" and he was banging on neighboring countries...!