Stented was trembling in anger, but further humiliation is put up there.

Because a group of virgin maidens who took the streets said kahkah with the very same eyes that saw the filth.

"Holy shit, you meth kids......! I'm not a brave man! Look at the brave man like that, I think it's free!?

Then the girls "uhh," distorted their entire faces into eight letters.

"Wu Ko talked!?

"Even if you say brave, you're a big heaven! Plus, you're almost in grade Koten!

"Do you know what Koten brave men are called among us, the Virgin? It's U.K., U.K.!

"When you're in the Xiaotian class, you'll be U.K. with all your fame, hahahahahahaha!

There are many types of Virgin, but they are seemingly chaste, but only before the brave, royal, and rich.

Against the common people and the brave men of the lowest rank, give them vegetables.

Stented is vilified and ridiculed by his younger daughters, who are more than fumbled around than himself.

... Butchyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!

Stented's token broke three times.

"Holy crap, these Xarema-Ko people. Huh! I'll let my body know what happens when a woman behaves like that to a man! Whoa."

Hereinafter omitted.

Stented, who collapsed into depression at the puddle, had been kicked by the girls because they wanted to.

"You jerk, you're fucking weak!

"Wow, it's like W.O.K. to the comfort of treading!

"Whoa, fuck you! Weren't you supposed to show it to your body?

Although the Virgin is a discipline of adventurers, she is considered non-combatant with some exceptions.

It's not as if you know how to fight, but you're no different from your village daughter in battle.

Even to a de amateur in such a battle, Stented has been a complete defeat.

No longer as a brave man, no as a man......

No, no, I didn't think there was any more humiliation or anything like that as a human being.

But fate blames him relentlessly.

"If you're gonna show it to me physically, I'm better than this fucking jerk."

Second, the Virgins were held.

It was a sudden act of moron, but they said, "Ha ha!? ♪ And scream ♪

But as soon as I saw it around the neck of the werewolf, it quickly turned into correction.

"Ahem, that necklace is Kwon Ten...!

"Aha, nice! I don't even have to compare this shit!

"Ahhh! Dear brave man, please let your body know. No!

The brave man who suddenly joined the circle of stories was the branch manager who came out of the store.

"Hey, fucking pig! I'm in a hotel right now, and I'm going to do some gear research on these kids! You don't skip, you sell all the Battlex! If I can't sell it during business hours, I'll be working overnight! Tomorrow, if you still have it when I get here, screw it in your ass hole!

Branch manager, come on! and spit in Stented's face, a burst of laughter also broke out from among the people on the road, as opposed to the Virgin around.

Then a while later, Stented stands up nicely.

I went back to the store fluttered, trying to whip him into mud, tears, blood, and a swollen body.

And the last todome pierces.

Oh my god, all the shelves in the store are turned upside down and the product is in a mess......!

The cashier or safe is empty and the contents are carrappo......!

There were big fats on the walls and lackeys.

"Die, Rakgakiu Ko, brave man."

In a moment, Shura descends upon him.

Her whole body was red fever like a magma, and pure blood gushed from all over her body.

My eyes are already dyed deep red and rolling all the time evaporating from eye to eye.

"Gosh... this... wash me...! Take this eagle seriously......! You really pissed me off......!?

In the dark shadow of the store, the lightning rage is bright.

"This......! Washi......!......! I mean it......! Make me angry......! Wha...! How...! Be...! Heh...!

And it finally fell.

"... now it's really time for you to let me know. Wow!

A great lightning strike, a stained one turned into a kaminario yaj......!!

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

The story goes back to the slum dog mart side.

Primla had launched a concept to her clients, the Virgin, as she opened the store in Killyland.

It's 'love'......!

"Love" is what can be considered a grand principle at the root of the Virgin.

Because in mythology, those who give more love than goddesses are defined as' Virgins'.

The Virgin has the role of communicating and spreading to people the love she has received over that goddess.

Some preach to the people, some play to the people, some appeal to the people, and some encompass the people.

Some are like an exhortation, some are like an exhortation murmur, some are in baby language...

There were various ways of communicating it, but the method was called the 'Katachi of Love' and was considered the identity of the Virgin.

More simply, 'love snail' is like expressing a genre in a nutshell in a swordwalk

Apprentice Virgin and folk compare their 'love snails' to decide which Virgin they support.

There are many apprenticeship Virgins in the small Killyland country, which is the land of the Virgin.

They are the 'main customers' who hold the key to this commercial battle.

That's why Primla thought about pushing the "love snail" out of its entirety.

The 'Holly Doll Three Sisters' is popular in the country as well as image characters.

It is ourselves, so to speak.

Primla catches her sister, Reincarnation, as' abundant love enough to envelop ', imagining a big but meticulous love.

And my sister, Pine Pack, is tagged with 'Innocent Love That Makes You Want To Wrap It Up' and imagines a small but sober love.

I have developed a new product tailored to each image...

The result is…….

Just now, smash hit......!

My oldest daughter and three daughters were originally such popular characters in this country that they consistently ranked 10th in the popular vote of the Virgin.

Instead, there were so many Virgins waiting to be told why there had never been a product imagining them before...!