Primla was in a slum dog mart's office in Killyland.

A desk at a window where the sun shines through, looking through the paperwork.

That's a sales report for a domestic store.

Sales exceeded the assumptions by a critical line, which was reasonably manageable to the point.

In product-by-product reports, sales of related products for reincarnation and pine packs are 1.5 times higher than assumed.

The graph of sales trends has two curves, each depicting a stunning right shoulder lift, like an angel flying into the sky.

If you drop your gaze slightly, a graph in a horizontal straight line.

No crawling through the earth. Instead of angels, it's already like the electrocardiogram of a dying angel, on the graph......

"Primla-like related products".

There is one thing I can say from this graph.

That thanks to the fact that Primla's products cannot be sold, the incremental share of reincarnation and pine pack has been completely fuy.

- If my product sold just like your sister's or Pine's, by now...

Paranoia like cotton candy swells in her.

'I didn't expect you to achieve so much when you said it wasn't long before you opened up in Killyland...! That's Mr. Primla.'

'Oh, no, I just did what your uncle said, I'm nothing...'

"I've always wanted to give this to Mr. Primura."

'Is that...? Oh, it's a wax stamp (tarp).

'No, you don't. Try opening it.'

'Yes.... this is a ring......!?

'Mr. Primla, I can no longer stand the fact that you are the Virgin of all. Please marry me and be my only Virgin......!

'Ha, ha...! Uncle......!

...... bakih!

At the next moment, a stiffening chop burst into Primla's side head.

Can paranoia just play Suban, on that shock less desk, gum! And I punch my forehead.

When Primla lifts her face as she presses her head, there......

The girls with the "Gold-kun Magic Hand" in their hands.

"Hey kid! What a mess!

"Shh, excuse me, Mr. Run..."

Primla lowers her head in tears when she says she's been shivered.

Shortly afterwards, the pompous chops continue.

"I didn't come all the way out here to visit Killyland because he said he had opened a store too! How dare you look like that!

"Shh, excuse me, Mr. Charloonlot..."


"Even the plain Virgin gets dark. I can't believe it's like mixing a stew in a curry. If you want to mix, mix the curry with the stew."

"Shh, excuse me, Mr. Midnight Sugar"


"Wow! Cheer up, Megami!

"Oh, thank you. Mr. Chesna......"

The girls end up seeing one girl left behind.

"... Huh? Do I do pocon too?!?

"You bet, number three! Put a Biscuit in your primula and stop drinking!

"If you don't do it, you're gonna have to do it with this hand."

"Oh, my God!... Oh, I'm sorry, Mr. Primla! Eh!"

Glass paleen closes eyes tightly, primes and operates magic hands.

But somehow it didn't stretch straight, and he came back gurgling like a boomerang,

Bakiyi! "Habu!?

I ate a right straight on my cheek and was buh down.

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

The Wow Knights were bored even when they were in the office, so they decided to call it a hostile inspection and brag about the city of Killyland.

"Not at all...... I haven't been here since I thought I'd see Goldwolf, and I'm feeling much better if I thought I had Primla... Oh, that's boring."

"Must have been Fontine."

"Why is Primla depressed about that high-flying woman?

"Primla was reading a document that said Fontine was one of the factors behind Killyland's poor sales."

"Speaking of which, you were on the gorgeous smart side of that high-flying woman! You didn't even punish me for losing the swordsmanship tournament, and you were still doing something!

"Technically, I didn't win."

"Shut up! He and his apple cheeks got away, so I bet Atashi won!

"Even so, one win and one loss."

"Look! Next time I see you, put them together and beat them up on Cotempan......!

Charles Lunlot's words were blocked by those who crossed just in front of him.

I dropped them off as they were, but when I got back to me hah,

"Hey, why is a high-flying woman and an apple cheek in here?!?

"Speaking of which, Mr. Fontine has become an image character of the gorgeous smart of this country."

"Number three, how do you know that?!?

"I'm sure he's a spy."

"Chi, no! Mr. Fontine and I meet a lot in a shopping mall near us, so we talked about it!

"Shopping Street!? Isn't that the Grand Virgin? Why is the Grand Virgin going to the mall? I can't believe the Grand Virgin is going to the mall, about reincarnation though!?

"Wow! It looks like the enemy is headed for the mall ahead!

"I can't believe we're going to the mall in Killyland as well as Hallbury... What can I do for you, Grand Virgin?

Try the tail and you'll see.

"Uh-huh, I don't like to shit..."

"Wow! But you may have a clue that will cheer you up!

"I see you might have that......! Oh, wow, Knights, it's a mode change!

At the call of the captain, the crew circled behind the captain to form a line.

Midnight Sugar, just behind Charles Lunlot, began to push his back gooey.

In front of you is the garden of a house with a rabid dog.

"Hey, what the fuck, number two!?

I switched to suicide bomb mode.

"Hih!? Are you going to specialize in a house with a lot of those scary womens?!?

"Wow! Captain, let me break your bones!

"Why, in the course of the story up until just now, did you think you would specialize in dogs!?

"A strange captain could do it."

"Atashi told me to change to tail mode! Hey, don't push it. Yikes!? This whoa!?


Chicks pushing each other toward a garden with a rabid dog, as if they were artists with hot water baths in front of them.

At the end of the day, Glass Palin was thrown into the garden, and the large dogs who had killed him turned his face around without a bellows...

The Wolf Knights began tailing the ladies.