Fontine was pulling a burnup and walking toward Killeland's shopping district.

Normally, a named Virgin seldom enters the common people's place of life, especially when she is also called the Grand Virgin.

The shopping district, for example, is as close as a carriage passes.

There are two reasons for this, and the first is because I think it is obscene, such as a shopping mall, which is a symbol of ordinary people's lives.

And the second is that when the Grand Virgin visits the shopping district, she inevitably wants to be guided by the powerful of the land, and she also tries to fully prepare herself for acceptance.

Plus the Grand Virgin has a lot of protection, because it really interrupts the shopping district routine.

For reasons of the former, many of the Great Virgins of this world regarded 'The Great Virgin of the Changer' such as reincarnation as the most remote from the shopping district for reasons of the latter.

But here is the Great Virgin of the Changer.

When Fontine showed up in the mall with just one offering, that's all people came out of nearby dewstores.

"Dear Fontine, we are out of time! Are you taking a walk today?

I can hear from the master of 800 houses.

Then Fontine laughed with her nose.

"Yeah, I've been busy lately, so I've been a long way from this mall, but I've come to crack you up. You work hard."

"Yes, Master Fontine!

"By the way, how is your child?

"Yes! I wondered what would happen when the carriage hit me, but thanks to Master Fontine, I'm perfectly well now! When I grow up, I'm telling you I'll be a Virgin like Lady Fontine!

"Well, I don't know much about it. But you're fine with dreaming. Come to me when you are a little older. I'll take care of you."

"Is it true!? Thanks!

The tone and attitude of Fontine, who deals with the common people, was said to be more dignified than the Grand Virgin of the conclave.

But there were two things very different from the ten tangled girlfriends.

The first is that the other person, whether royal or aristocratic or common, had the same attitude toward everyone.

The second is that there was' love 'at the root.

The folks in this mall initially thought of Fontine as a 'nasty woman' just like the other Grand Virgin.

I thought there was no other such thing as a Virgin who cares about the common people, like the Holly Doll three sisters.

But...... as I come to terms with Fontine's 'love', so does that idea.

Now he was popular enough to stop every few meters if he walked in the mall.

Fontine was talking to her butcher's husband about the best baking addition to and subtraction from the steak.

When it was over, she tried to walk away again, but, uh, noticed that your burnup was staring at the fruit shop.

"Sir, I'll have two of these apples."

"Oh, Dear Fontine, thank you! Keep it with you!

"No, we'll pay you. I have not fallen far enough to give charity to the common people. If you really want to spend it, I'll even send one of the flowers to your wife. It's our anniversary next week, isn't it?

"What!? Shit, I totally forgot! But Master Fontine, how could you do that!?

"I just met you. The lady said, 'My Sumitomo has such a good woman nearby, but she uses her eyes all the time on other women!' And. 'Your husband, did you know the term' love flows low '?

"Ha ha... That's what Lady Fontine used to say, isn't it?

"Exactly. Love is born like a fountain and flows like a river. And a river is something that flows from near to far. All of a sudden, it can't flow to the river next door. The right flow of love also comes from people nearby. I can't love people who are nearby and I can't love people who are far away."

"Ha... Ha! From now on, I'll take care of your mother more!

"Um, good."

This is how Fontine preached love in an understandable way to the common people.

She's got a stronger impression that way because until now she's been hustling about love with flashy performances...

As a matter of fact, these authentic activities were also carried out.

And it was firmly rooted in the hearts of ordinary people, without being smoked with 'sermons', etc.

Because she wasn't just talking.

Fontine practiced 'Love a human being nearby' from by the side she told her fruit shop husband.

I was handing one of the apples I had just bought to the girl for you.

"Burnap, you've been watching this apple the whole time. You wanted to eat, didn't you?

"Yes... no, dear Fontine, I am nothing..."

"You lied. My cheeks are more like apples than usual because I ate apples. Stop being such a bore and be honest."

An apple knight who is pointed out for his cheeks that are coloured like ripe apples, making them even more pop and red.

But when I'm still on tour, there's something incredible going on in front of me.

... Shari!

What a sudden round the other apple Fontine had in her hand...!

"Whoo... Dear Fontine...!?

I stopped for all this burnup or the owner of the fruit shop, even the people on the road, and peeled my eyes off.

I can't help it.

Because eating without stripping the apples you have just bought, and while standing, etc. is an unlikely behavior, either as a lady or as a Virgin.

Completely, common people......!

But Fontine doesn't seem to care about the eyes around her.

After chewing with sharp and good sounds, gooking and throating,

"... um, it's so delicious! It's not a bad idea to scratch an apple like this! Come on, eat up, you too!

I laughed as the apple flowers blossomed.

A smile that makes people feel connected for some reason, even though it's a high-flying car.

And this unanimity of words and deeds was one of her great attractions.

That is why her talking love takes root in the hearts of many.

Weedy strength combined with rosy beauty, as a grassroots.

The lady walks out the apple with one hand.

Behind it is a burnup that holds the apple firmly with both hands, like a jewel from a loved one.

The two are more like friendly sisters than ladies and squires.

And the people of the city saw it, and everyone was dusty.