The barrels of legs follow behind the Lady Virgin, who sprinkles the seeds of love.

When Burnap, the guard, looks back, the foot of the barrel pulls in.

There is a whisper in every barrel that keeps you at a certain distance.

"That high-flying woman suddenly started sniffing apples!? It's not like a gorilla!

"I didn't think you were related to the captain."

"Who is the relative of the gorilla?!?

"Me too, I'm hungry."

"But why did you scratch the apple?

"I'm sure it's a common appeal."

"I see that's how you got into the minds of ordinary people and were trying to use it like it was good! But one day you should be able to peel off your makeup skin! I'm gonna push you there!

"Wow, the enemy is leaving the mall!

The next step for the young lady was an elderly welfare facility, a short distance from the shopping district.

It is not uncommon for the Virgin to console an elderly welfare facility.

But they only visit super luxury establishments with retired royalty and nobility.

This is an establishment founded by the guild to which the adventurers belong, full of old people who are too old to go on adventures.

There is no status, no honor, no money, just the kind of poor people who are finally living with the support of the guild.

For the Virgin in general, 'A place of no use'.

But the lady seemed familiar in this institution, and as soon as she showed her face, the old men welcomed her as much as their grandchildren had come.

"Oh, Master Fontine! Long time no see!

"I've always missed you here, so I've missed you!

"Sa, please, have a seat here!

"Go ahead, it's tea. Bye! Plus some freshly baked apple pies!

"Hey, if you'll excuse me for making this cheap tea leaf with a pie made of a rotten apple!

That was not humble but true.

If you're a normal Grand Virgin, crude things that seem to flip from table to table the moment you're served.

But Fontine "I'll take it" carries it to her mouth for nothing.

As far as the burnup was concerned, he had more apple pie on his cheeks.

Fontine, who finished her public talk as one, says, "Let's go out together again" and leaves the facility behind.

And I came in here by mistake......

"What, we have a lot of customers today"

"Aren't you cute ladies, why don't you come over here and have some tea?

When the old men called, one of the new visitors came to the table with his chair as a stepping stone.

And he screamed like this in a barbaric voice that ruined his tee time.

"You guys, don't be fooled! The woman who just arrived, she's not even Locke!

"What!? You said Lady Fontine wasn't even Locke!?

"All of a sudden, you come up to the table, and you're not even more of a rock!

"What the hell!? Atashi is Charles Lott, the knight of a lineage of origins! I'm here to save you old men from the devil's hand of that devilish woman!

"You think I'm a messy old man!?

"Besides, is there a reason Master Fontine is a demon! Not a fine Virgin!

"Yes, yes! Lady Fontine, keep an eye on these eagles!

"And thanks to Lady Fontine, it's easy, but we can go on an adventure again!

"You finally wore it out! She's cheating on old bogeymen like you to mediate an adventure and pay off! Or you old fools!

In a series of so rude things, the old men became noisy.

"How rude of him! There's no way Master Fontine would do that!

"Lady Fontine is accompanying us as the Virgin on our adventures!? Thanks to you, I can fight monster opponents without any injuries!

"Instead of the rewards you earn, don't even get a $1 (ender) thank you from Washi et al! Well, you said you'd donate to this facility!

I thought Charles Lunlotte would be as easy to round up as an old man, but he gets more dizzy with the old man power than he expected.

I try to grab the thread of the counterattack somehow, and I look at something.

It's in the corner of the room, it was a storage rack for weapons.

"Ah......! It would be a weapon or armor over there and totally gorgeous smart stuff!? Gorgeous smart weapons are expensive and low quality! She's cheating on old people like you, selling expensive weapons!

"The weapon over there belongs to the gorgeous smart that Master Fontine recommended! But not all of them donated by Master Fontine!

"Grr... Donate!? KEEP... I'm sure you'll be making some expensive bills later!

"I didn't know this guy would recognize Master Fontine anywhere......! Regardless of making fun of Gorgeous Smart, I won't allow you to make fun of Master Fontine!

"Hey, little girl! If you look closely, the coat you're wearing belongs to the Slam Dog Mart you've been wearing around here lately!

"Yes! I mean, Atashi's gear is all set up at Slam Dog Mart! Because Slumdog Mart is not even a gorgeous smart, it's the best store ever!

"Are you maybe a slum dog mart spinner!?

Charles Lunlot did not evil, he said back with a big chest up.

"Yes! Atashi is the one who protects Slumdog Mart......! The name is Wow Knights!!

That became a todome.

...... Gatahhhhhhhhh!!

I wondered if an old woman who was in the upper seat stood up with enough momentum to kick the chair.

"He's like you, he's called a sex-rooted coward...!

"Become... what the hell!?

"Still a kid's cunt, how far are you rotting?!? As an ex-knight, you can't leave something like you alone in the wild! Hey, it's the Knights of Wonder! Even our wild dogs live better than you! The guts below that wild dog, I'm gonna fix you right here and now. Yo!

The old woman pulls through the bamboo knife that was sitting on her hips and sticks it against the table.

Charles Lunlot has been brilliantly determined to provoke what he is supposed to be good at.

Soon after the members stop, the captain jumps at the old woman like a rampaging monkey.

"This seal is rotten!? Uhhhh!

Then, not long enough later, three troubled girls are thrown out of the facility with Poi.

"Ah... I couldn't see that old woman's fat muscle."

"Wow... that old lady must be a god of battle..."

"Ugh... my glasses are cracked ~"

From behind them, who stand up with a shoulder to a yo-yo, the last one flies in and falls apart again.

A relentless rage drove the chase further.

"You guys! If you're going to name the Knights, why don't you do a shady, disgraceful imitation of your Kosovar opponent and compete squarely!? If you punish me for this, don't ever speak ill of Master Fontine again! If I said it again, I wouldn't be sorry about that!?

"Ugggggggggggggggg......! Oh, for today, I'm gonna give you a break! But next time, it's not free!

"Call me anytime! If it's only a minute, I'm still the most powerful knight in the world!