The Wonderful Knights were overwhelmed by old power as well as time......

In a house in Slam Street, in the corner of King's Capital in Killeland, there was a sight like Dejav.

One middle-aged jerk broke into that borough shop that was a stash of chimps.

All of a sudden he went on a rampage of riding on an old table.

"What the hell!? You know this is the Nawabari of 'Jin Guild'!?

"Holy shit, what group are you from?!?

Surrounded by many galloping evil looking youths, its middle-aged has nothing to cower about.

He laughed gahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

"Which organization?!? Can't you see this!?

What I was showing with a stained thumb was a necklace with a slight peek from the luxury.

"What the hell!? Chalker!?

"Aren't you out of your mind to look so good at choker like that!?

"Oh my God, you guys don't know 'Brave Neck Decoration'!? No, that's just the chimps! I can see you haven't read one of the papers!

"I don't know, I can't read the letters! The paper's been wiping my ass ever since I was a kid!

"You don't seem to know, so let me tell you! The eagle is a great heaven... No, no, no, no, it's a stented brave man!

Even the chimps who didn't know the brave necklace seemed to know just what the brave class was.

Stunning mixes with their hostile glances.


"Ugh... lie!? How dare you be brave!?

"Speaking of which, you smell like shit...!

They haven't read the newspaper, so they don't know that Stented is the 'Lacgakiu Ko Brave'.

"No, but wait, brave man at the top...... no, the more brave you stink!

"Seriously!? But I've heard that before!

"That means this dude, seriously brave lady of the Heavenly class... no, brave man...!?

"But it would be weird!? Dear brave man... No, why did the brave man stay here?!

As soon as I heard that the chimps were heavenly after they had believed in them, I began to wander funny.

I'm supposed to waltz and call you "the brave man," to the point where I call you "the brave man."

Stented can't wait to see that.

I was in the mood for the reaction of the chimps, like at the beginning of the promotion.

"I don't usually deal with city dandelions like you, but today I'm going to put a special eye on you!

"Eyes, hang...?

"Bye! Being in such a shitty place means you guys are on the lower end of the 'Gin Guild' too!?

'Gin Guild' is a well-known anti-social force in this dog-leg country.

Since it is an organization that has its roots in Sibukami, a country in the east, is it something like "Yakuza"?

Stented continues toward his yakuza cousins, the so-called 'Sanshita'.

"If you work for this weasel, I won't even listen to your relatives! You see, this means something!

Brave men are inherently in a position to hate social forces.

But once, as a brave man named Crimson Teager used to hire the city's wanderers to create his own handles, the connection between the brave and the anti-company is in fact deeply rooted.

That was a backward circumstance that the chimps were well aware of, so what Stented was saying could be swallowed up quickly.

And if it's an offer from a brave man like Shitten, there's no way they won't jump.

Everyone on the spot slipped to Stented's feet.

"Ma... seriously, Master Stented!

"Please! You can't use us!

"Robbery, manipulation, robbery, arson... plus killing people, I'll do anything!

"Damn, ha, ha! Oh, come on! From today on, all of you are not pawns!

"Ha!!" and all the chimps who reply well.

I can't stop laughing at Stented.

"Well, let's get one working! Go to Slam Dog Mart in the neighborhood!

"" Slumdog Mart, "you mean the adventurer's shop that I was able to do recently?

"Yes, we're going to go wild in that store and make sure it's open for a while!

"But isn't that the Nawabari of 'Gin Guild' around there! I don't know what my brother would say if I stormed out on my own..."

"Pull out what! What are you gonna do with a dick with no brain but ram like a monkey, butt in! If you're an ass, I'll wipe your ass! Plus, you and your brother are a dick anyway! If I tell him, he'll grow up soon!

"Are you serious?!? That means this is approved by the brave......!?

"Bye! So get as rammed up as you like! Then you'll take the money from me! Pay for a shoba or something and make a mess of the store!

"I see, that way you can take the money too! That's right, Master Stented!

"First of all, don't bring the money you took to me! Or if Osama does, he's gonna hurt you, especially with that in mind!

"Osama... do you?

"Bye! His name is……. Uh, what is it...? Yeah! Anyway, hey, Osama!

If you can't remember the name, you can at least say 'Man with Scratches on his Face'......

In its description, it is simply a character of Conto.

But the chimps, the same level of brain cells as Stented, were convinced by that.

"Oops, then I'm going to screw up the store, take the money, and half-kill the nasty Osama, Master Stented!!

The chimps leave the borough store in a crisp move.

On the table alone, Stented chuckled.

- Guuuuuuuuuuuuuuu...!

Once when I was younger, when I worked at Gankpuffle, the 'Gin Guild' guys drank a lot of boiled water......

I was going to retaliate one day, but I didn't expect to come up with such a usage...!

Let the chimps attack Slumdog Mart first so they can't do business in this country.

If I can appeal to Master Bonclano about that, I can have it taken away again......!

And then Osama beats him up, too, and if he doesn't stand on his feet...

The award of brave neck decorations should also be revoked......!

If you stick the chimps out to the guards after everything is done......

It can also be a handle on the eagle......!

This is it......

This is the one stone three birds proposal......!

I can't believe you came up with such a great hand...

What a smart guy you are...!