Primla looked out the window blurry from the second floor of the Slumdog Mart branch in Killyland.

Until a while ago, there were Run and the Won Knights, but they said they were boring and left.

- Am I, after all, a boring person...

The road in front of the branch is also the passage of the School of Virgin Mary.

Was it just the end of school or was it busy with many Virgin Eggs?

Primla chasing the robe they are wearing with one eye at a time.

Fontine design stuff, reincarnation design stuff, pine pack design stuff......

But whoever was wearing a primula-designed robe was not alone.

It was as if it didn't exist in the world, but that's not true.

Inside the slum dog mart across the street, it piles up so badly that I don't like it.

Many of the Back-to-School Virgins get sucked inside by Slumdog Mart, but what they take in their hands is still the product of their sister or sister......

That tightens Primla's chest even further.

- What does your uncle think that my product is not for sale...

They think I'm not selling because I'm a boring person after all......

Oh, uncle......

Uncle, I want to see you......!

He said he just broke up in the morning...

I can't wait to see you, uncle...!

I also feel that the direction of tightening is changing somewhat, but primula was suffering anyway.

But furthermore, I notice a store anomaly in the distance.

The customers in the store looked surprised and looked behind the store.

It was frozen as if even the robbers had come in, but they were moving their gaze towards the store exit.

Eventually, I opened the swing door of the store and it appeared......

"Oh...... Gold kun!?

Yes, it was the image character of "Slumdog Mart," the "Gold Kun" wearer......!

I thought someone in the clerk must have worn it for a drop by, but things are kind of weird.

Anyway, it's usually Gold who pulls the kids together...

Behind Gordon today were the seemingly evil young men of Gala.

That being said, I wanted to collect the children and whistled, but all I got together was a chimp, and later I couldn't pull it off, whistling...!

Gold-kun was in front of the store, surrounded by dozens of chimps.

In its hands are knives, bats, chains and merikensacks......

They were all about high school students, but roughly all too noisy to call child fights.

As for Gordo's weapon...

Oh, my God, I knew it...

Magic Hand............!

"I'm kidding...! What are you doing with such a toy!

"Oh my God, you're not afraid to die!?

"Stupid guy! Instead of paying for Shoba, you're paying for it with your life!

"Now give me a break for twice or ten times the cost of shova!

"That's plus earthly! Then you can rethink busting the store!

Then Gold-kun takes the palm-sized Gold-kun out of nowhere.

It was Gold-kun's doll that was grounded.

This doll looks like a special victory at first glance, but when I push it around my back......

... Pew!

The water popped out all the time, and I caught the chimp in front of me.

"Wow!?" Yaji horse laughs more and more at his glaring chimp.

"Look, that doll!

"I'm sure it's a groundbreaking version of Naughty Gold!

"I got a new one! I need to buy it now!

At last, the chimps have been cleaned up by Gordo, who begins his new product Pearl on the ground.

"Son of a bitch! Butch, kill him. Yee-haw!

... After this, needless to say.

Gold doesn't even cuss on the murder blade that hits him one after the other, he takes his weapon with a magic hand, turns it into a dog's bone like a trick and returns it.

Take various versions of "Naughty Gold Kun" and crush the chimps.

At the end,

"Ko... don't think you'll be sorry to poke at this' Jin Guild '! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Chimps disperse along with the predetermined dialogue.

Yaji Horse was sending a round of applause to Gold as if he had seen a first-rate show.

Primla watched the whole thing upstairs in the privileged seat.

I was woot, but when I got back to me hah,

"Ma...... no way!?

Momentum kicked through the door and left the room, descending the stairs as they rolled down, jumping outside the office.

There is only one person in Primula's knowledge who can turn a truly discontinued fight into a comedy show.

"Oh... Uncle! Uncle sooooooooooooo!!

Running through the round-trip, primula calling his name.

But Gold won't even turn around.

Primla regrets calling someone inside, not too excited.

I screamed in my own voice, even though I was out of breath.


That's what Primla calls you, the only one.

Because she's the birth parent.

To my child, who turned around for me, the girl jumped in with a cry like a mother.

... Ha-ha-ha...!

"Oh... Gold, are you hurt? Doesn't it hurt anywhere?

Then, Gold just nods, "It's okay".

"Good...... But is it okay to do this? Those people said 'Gin Guild'. There's a lot of people after this, don't you think they'll come for revenge...?

Then Gold nods back at this all the time, "It's okay".

... but it wasn't okay.

The chimps in return did not return to their own Azito, but rushed straight into the office of the 'Gin Guild'.

I was supposed to cry to my brother, but I accidentally confessed to the team leader who was there, tightened up.

"Slumdog Mart guy hit me," he said...!

Then, even as a brick, the chief of the kowamote distorted his face wacky as a rigid man,

"What no...!? Slumdog Mart says oh......!?... Whoa, gather all the mons in the group now! Keep your mouth shut. Then you'll be named Jin Guild! From my brother-in-law to the youngsters to the young heads, from the soldiers to the artillery balls to the hitmen, there was no one left! Everybody, let me have the yappa! We're going to Slam Dog Mart!!

At once, to total war......!!