Goldwolf was in the port of Greyskay Island.

There are three ports on Greyskay Island: 'Islander's Harbor', 'Tourist's Harbor' and 'Logistics Harbor', among them the vastest 'Logistics Harbor'.

The term "logistics" here refers to the products dealt with in "Slumdog Mart".

Goldwolf uses this' logistics port 'to manage commodity inventories in Dog Leg countries.

As a result, there were several large warehouses in the port.

And Goldwolf was among the warehouses that had just been built in this port.

This warehouse, where the shipment has not yet been brought in, is usually a cancer......

Now, he was hissing in many people.

Around Goldwolf, there's a man who looks so galloping, what a......

3000 people too......!

As many as 6,000 eyes were poking at Goldwolf like a pointed knife.

They are the constituents of The Gin Guild.

That's why I'm here at Killyland's Slam Dog Mart to thank you for getting your dick back.

But when it comes to the 3,000, it's a battalion regiment when it comes to the army.

It is no longer the scale of 'thank you'.

Full battle......!

Besides, the other guy, he's just one Osama.

For "The Hound of the Oyaj," the overkill passes.

It was a level of peeing and begging for his life if he was a regular person, but Osama is still settling in this predicament.

The tiny chimps on the front just got tangled up not liking it.

"Temei is the boss of Slumdog Mart!

"Oh, my God, isn't that just a shitty Osama!

"My young one took care of me a lot!

"Do something. Yo, whoa!

"I'm sure this Osama is freaking out!

"I'm going to sit down and say, 'Forgive me. Come on!' You do that!? Otherwise, there's no way I'm calling you to such an unpopular place!

"You didn't want your employees to look sorry for you!? But it was sweet, and we won't forgive it if it's about dirt!

"So-so! Plus, there's a Slumdog Mart amusement park on this island!? I'm gonna mess it all up!

"I'm not even going to tell you the bone marrow what happens if you turn your teeth on us' Gin Guild '!

"If you know what I mean, go down to earth, Osama! Cry, call, beg forgiveness! Shomben, let it leak! Whoa!"

As soon as one of the artillery balls approached to grab Osama's chest barn,

... dogwah...!


A blow from the horizontal giraffe was flying and was being blown away.

The man with the artillery balls slips through our floors, like our bullets.

The sudden attack was not by Osama.

Who was behind the artillery balls......

It was as if the statue of the Golden Rigid had moved out, it was a giant...!

"Damn, boss!?

And the iron balls grew in the shapes of the gods.

Through a path open to crack, the leader of the 'Gin Guild' stands before Osama.

The members of the team who were around were totally trembling.

"Yay bei...!

"Oh, so angry, boss, I've never seen...!

"Yes, no! Mm, back in the day, when the boss was a young head... another young head once framed me for a trap! That's when the boss looked like that!

"Seriously, brother!? What happened to that framed young head?!?

"The leader went in to the other guy alone and killed the whole team under his umbrella...!

"Him, to kill them all alone!?

"We're not about to kill them all! I minced them all and made a pile of meat...! The team leader then, that was horrible......! My whole body is bloody, only my eyes are shining...!

"Hih, heh...! That means that Osama...!

"Oh......! I'm sure there's no bones left...! It's a shark bait, made into a mess...!

The captain stares down at Osama with such a glance that he seems to be able to twist people with just his gaze.

The two had a height difference of more than 30 cm and were completely adults and children.

The members just start to feel sorry for the so desperate physical difference.

"Oh... Osama! Apologize! If you apologize, maybe you'll just forgive me for the shark bait!

"Yes, yes! 50% of the appreciation of the entire 'Slam Dog Mart' store every month...... no, 80% less! Then the manager must also......!

But Osama doesn't have ears to listen to.

Even under so much intimidation, posture and attitude remain unchanged.

He looks up at the chairman with a look like he's just going to deal with the wall.

"... why are you apologizing?!? You can't beat the boss, so apologize!

"So, seriously, it's shark feed!

"I don't mean it, dude. Sit down!

"Sit down, whoa whoa whoa!

I received anger from around me and finally......

A man who was immovable, like the Ming King, finally moves.

... Gaku...!

and I thought I knelt on the ground so I could collapse......

...... gabbaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Momentum enough to wind up, lower your torso...

...... gasoooooooooooooooooooo!!

I wanted to slap my forehead on a hard floor as if to regret our stupidity......!!

And, and...!

"Shh... I'm sorry. Ahhhhhhh!

From the soul, apologize......!!

Shin, and in a quiet warehouse.

Not because the members were struck by such a brilliant apology.

It played out in front of me because it was an incredible sight, even an impossible dream.

Oh, my God, Osama. Even so, he remains royal.

At its feet, like a hungry ghost trampled by the statue of the Four Heavens, it falls down......

"Kummm...... kummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!?!?