The leader of the 'Gin Guild', one of the leading anti-social forces in the Dog Leg countries….

To just one Osama, I'm going to be grounded...!?

Besides, in what the members see......!?

The sight was in as many as 6000 eyes….

Nobody, I didn't try to believe.

Everyone rubbed their eyes over and over and said, "Is it too much yak...?," and so on, slapping his head.

The young heads, number two of the "Gin Guild," finally spoke roughly.

"Oh, you know, boss..."

"Why is the team leader grounded...?

"The boss should have been proud that he had never been grounded in his life..."

"I didn't want to make that first groundhog such an Osama..."

Then the boss yelled back with his forehead rubbed to the ground.

"You idiot! This one... Mr. Goldwolf is my only 'benefactor'!

That's all, the executives are almost as surprised as they are.

"What...!? Yep, yep, yep, yep, yep!?!?

"Holy shit, you Osama......! No, this one...!?

"The boss said thank you for every incident, 'benefactor'...!?

"Oh... well... I get it! The boss has been telling us, 'Don't touch Slumdog Mart'..."

"Is it because we had this' benefactor '...!

"Shh...! Excuse me. Ahhhhhhh!

The executives will all sit down after the chairman to see if the chairman was asking about the benefactor.

And the young people, who had heard about it from the executives, were also grounded in front of the legendary figure.

After the upper part was grounded, it was for a moment.

"Oh, I'm sorry. Ugh!

"I can't believe you were such an amazing person!

"Yes, please forgive me for my disrespect so far!

At last, from hitmen to chimps, it's a mass game-like flow, one grounded after the other.

Around Osama, the flowers of the dungeon blossomed...!

It was truly spectacular that as many as 3,000 people were grounded, but when Osama dropped his gaze without any emotion,

"Give me your face, Mr. Chairman"

I just said.

"No! Eh! I've only told the members, 'Don't get your hands on Slumdog Mart'...! I couldn't even repay that much! I'm so sorry!

"You came to the store with the young people at the end of the line, even in the" Gin Guild, "and you didn't know what the boss said, did you?

"Any chimp, more than being in a pair of eagles, is the responsibility of eagles! Besides, you said you annoyed my benefactor, Mr. Goldwolf. Oh, you can't keep your jerk off!

So when the chairman finally gave his face, he turned to the members,

"Oh, my God! Get Yappa out of here! In front of Mr. Goldwolf, we're all gonna finger each other!

It was a messy demand, but the members had no one to turn against.

The leader's orders were absolute, and above all, he was desperate for 'legendary figures' to forgive him.

"... yes!

As many as 3,000 members took out the knife, they stuck out their pinky fingers opposite their dominant hand and placed them on the floor, lifting up the blade of the stripper.

Those who do not already have those fingers put the pinky fingers of the dominant hand, and those who do not even have them in such a way as medicine fingers.

Just when you're ready, the chairman says.

"Mr. Goldwolf! 3000 puffy little fingers (Enko) won't be enough, please take it!

But Osama didn't even eat.

"Please don't, the warehouse you just did will be stained with blood. Besides, I'm not a person in the back society, so I can't help but get a pinky finger."

"Well then... how can I forgive you!?

"Before I do, I have one question. In" Gin Guild "the premium...... Did you guys start taking the 'shoba bill' for what you call it?

"That's a lie those chimps put on to blame for trying to raze Slumdog Mart! Textilers are the only Gin Guild jobs (Shinogi)!

"Textiles" are simple stores that are common in busy places where people gather, festivals, etc.

"Okay. After all," Gin Guild "is just like old times, sounds like an organization that cares about in-laws. If that's the case, I have nothing to forgive. There's nothing wrong with Slumdog Mart."

"So, but...! As always, I'm sorry...!

"Then can you do me a favor as much as Mitsuzu?

"Also, of course! I've been meaning to throw away my life for Mr. Goldwolf ever since Mr. Goldwolf helped me! Of course, I feel the same way about the members of the team here!

"Yes, Mr. Goldwolf!" and 3,000 people who align their voices.

"No, you don't have to give up your life. This port manages the 'Slumdog Mart' logistics, but I'm a little short on manpower, so I'd like you to help me haul the load in a little while."

"That's about it, it's for cheap! We can't help it. We have Ujauja!

"Really? Okay, just do it, please. I'm just about to get a shipment by boat, so could you drop me off the boat and bring me into this warehouse?"

Then, as if they had shown each other, a whistle was heard from outside the warehouse.

"Okay!... Hey, you bastard!

Just that one word of the president, as many as a thousand people move.

"Yikes!" a thousand of them voiced out of the warehouse in a disciplined move like an army.

After dropping off that back, Osama makes a second favor.

"And can you also help me clean the 'Slam Dog Land' and open a store in the park? Right now, I'm doing events to recreate festivals around the Dog Leg countries, but I don't feel like just the staff."

Osama points to the corner of the warehouse, as he says.

Then there, as if we knew this was going to happen, the uniform of the cast of 'Slam Doggland' and a set of cleaning equipment.

There was even a line of gods and stalls.

"Okay!... Hey, you bastard!

That one word of the president alone moves as many as a thousand more humans.

"Yikes!" the 1,000 people with all their voices said, finishing dressing up as quickly as the firefighters who were going out, splitting up into a cleaning squad and a festival squad.

The leader who drops off his back is truly satisfied.

I can't wait to be able to repay my 'benefactor'.

"So, Mr. Goldwolf, what's your favor?!?

'Please' from Osama......

The end of it was unexpected.