This is the story of a time when Slumdog Mart opened its shop in the city of Antrea, in the territory of Lutanvesta in the Hurlberry small country, and not long after opening Store 2.

The Holly Doll three sisters worked in a wild dog shop as they did every day, but on that day they participated in regular contact meetings of the Virgin in the Territory.

Reincarnation, who was also very vocal in that liaison, was trying to end the meeting early by activating the powerful or wagamama, but failed because his sister, Primla, had beguiled him.

In the end, the meeting was continued until the afternoon.

At the end of it, many maidens in white clothes are thrown out of the assembly hall dedicated to the Virgin.

They head to the parking lot where the carriage is parked to head to the luxury restaurant, which is the venue for the luncheon scheduled after this.

Beyond the gold net separating the grounds from the boulevard, in its passage, it came to my attention that a child holding his mother back was crying.

"Let, Virgin! Please help me! My mother got hit by a carriage...! Please, please!!

If you're a Virgin enough to have a dedicated carriage, there's no such thing as curing accidental injuries...

After the meeting, the Virgin was just getting in the carriage and leaving the assembly hall behind, listening to the child scream as if it were a BGM.

The Virgin has immense healing power, supposedly borrowed from the Goddess.

But that power can only be given to the brave or the royal, the rich, etc.

Because most of them believe that where they have helped ordinary people with no status or money, they have no advantage whatsoever.

The mother and child are going to be poor to see, and even if they swing upside down, they don't seem to have a $1 (ender).

There can be no such thing as a Virgin who uses her precious power to help such a poor man.

If you were there, you must be the Virgin with the head screw buzzing off......

But I do...!

"Oh, well, that's a big deal!

"Are you okay, hold on!

"Shinja, no!

I flaunted the carriage I boarded, deliberately walked out of the premises to the boulevard, changed my blood phase and rushed to my mother and child......

Beautiful...... no, my body and my heart are too beautiful, they were the three Virgins......!

"Ah... you guys are...!? What if I do...!?

To its so sobriety, so divine, the child stuffs his breath as if the goddess had appeared before him.


Holly Doll, three sisters......!

According to what the child says, I was walking along this boulevard sidewalk with my mother, and suddenly the carriage came up and ran into me.

The mother and son, who were late on the run, were bounced off by horses, and the mother covered her son and suffered major injuries.

The wayward carriage was ridden by young warriors of the Way descent,

"Uh-oh! Two hits!

"No, I'm not hurt a lot, so the point is low!

"What the hell, if I were dead, I would have had a high point! You're dead, you poor bastards!

"We're not, we're here to visit this city because there's a 'Gothic Godland'! But it was still under construction, so I was hissing and crushing!

"Then it's my turn next! There's a kindergarten over there! If you wait, the kids will come out Ujauja, right?

"That's right, kindergarten sucks, right?

"Aren't you all right? You promised to hang out with the Minister of the Guard Bureau of this country in 'Gothic Godlands'. So if you ask me, you'll crush me for as much as you want, right?

"Oh my God! Then let's go, let's go!

Without apologizing, he just went to kindergarten.

Seeing, there is indeed a carriage parked a short distance from the kindergarten.

When the orchards come out, I guess it's a math to go into at once.

But the Holly Doll three sisters first prioritized the rescue of their mother.

Because the mother did not respond to the call and thought it would be too late to deal with it.

Reincarnation, in a hurry, tried to hang his good 'healing' on his mother, but was controlled by his voice from Primla.

"Wait, sister. There are a lot of people here. Take special care after you finish your prayers."

"Okay, Primla."

My sister tells me that my sister inflates her big breasts even more, and that Su Ha takes a deep breath.

Calm your feelings and then talk to your gutted mother.

"... Mommy's here. It's okay now. Mommy's going to tease you right now."

The Grand Virgin of the Name has her own 'miracle'.

The miracle that Reincarnation specializes in, "Stay as You Want", is that it does the wording of the prayer of the 'healing', which is supposed to grow, in just a few short sentences.

When it comes to witchcraft, it is similar to what is called "shortening the chant".

Prayer of the Virgin is inherently unnecessary to utter the full text.

It can also be broken, but its probability of failure increases and its effectiveness decreases, he said.

Because prayer of the Virgin has the effect of increasing feelings by wording.

Brings out the power of miracles by increasing the desire to cure the practitioner in prayer.

Finally, as long as there is love for the practitioner, the content of the wording will not be questioned.

But Reincarnation's "Keep You Wanted To Be" is too short for prayer.

But this wording was, for her, the Word Spirit that produced the greatest power.


Because she's the 'mom' of all the living and living things in this world......!

Mother had a white finger, and after gently touching her body,

"... I want to stay, go away!"

I moved the finger to pay for it.

... Fluffy!

Only then will the mother's body be enveloped in a puffy, soft light.

Ripped wounds come back to normal for reverse regeneration, seeping bruises disappear to escape from the body, and even bleeding disappears to wash away.

Even the soul that was trying to get away from the flesh was disconnected...


The mother regained consciousness.

"Or, mother! My mother!

"Oh, oh, you're safe! Great! Great! Ah!

Mother and child hug each other and weep of joy.

The three sisters who were by my side cried unexpectedly.

But when I saw Mother's fingertips wetting her tears, Primla got a little giddy.