"Yikes... you shouldn't, sister! Turn 'Pain Fingers' in such an unawares direction......!

It was too late when Mother realized "ah".

From her fingertips, like a bullet,

...... Doshung!!

and the black aura is unleashed.

To tell you the truth, 'Whatever you want to be' is not a prayer belonging to 'healing'.

It's a miracle that takes out the "pain" of the surgeon and literally flies it somewhere.

Moreover, the 'pain' that has been flown is amplified several times in power and becomes destructive magical in nature.

That means this can be considered a move that combines' healing 'with' attack 'and both performances.

If used in combat, it's not a dream to heal your allies' injuries while dealing damage to your enemies.

But Mother never 'flew' it anywhere but where she could tell there was absolutely nobody.

Because if you accidentally put the pain of the surgeon on a good person, it creates new damage beyond healed.

Mother occasionally plays ball with a pine pack in the garden of the house, but never has she been properly thrown.

It's a routine tea meal to fall or throw in the direction of the day after, breaking the windows in the house.

Because there was no way she could have 'let it fly' properly, such as pain.

So how was she handling the 'pain' she usually shouldn't fly...

I'll leave that to your imagination.

Aside from all that nonsense, Mother is impressed with Mother and Child. Not much, she forgot to handle the 'pain' she took out, and flew it in the direction she didn't.

Dying 'pain' would be unimaginably powerful.

Besides, if you get that direct hit amplified a few times, what happens......!?

The catastrophe is inevitable...!

A black aura like Reaper flies through the boulevard.

"Oh well, that's a big change!?


"Come on!

The Virgins were totally crushing their liver.

"Don't hit anyone," they prayed heartily.

But ruthlessly, Reaper turns to a carriage.

That will no longer be necessary to say.

"Whoa, the kids came out of kindergarten, didn't they?

"Oh, my goodness! This is definitely a high score!

"Ugh! Strike all at once!

...... zdoh!!


Strike the braves at once......!!

The carriage is instantly shattered and the dust is about to rise.

The young men who were inside had rubble pierced their bodies like pieces of glass, like hares.

"Ghaaaaaa!? So what!? Come on whoa!?

"Eye!? Eye!? Eyes uhhhhhhhhhhhhh!?

"What!? What happened!? Wow!

"Hey, help me! Daddy, Mommy, whoa!

It seemed tragic, like hell had descended locally.

The Holly Doll three sisters accidentally turned into pokans, and as they stood up......

With a pile of debris, one carriage after the other crossed him.

From the carriage, the maidens in white roll out.

"Damn... that's a big deal! Master Brave! I will cure you now!

"It's safe now that I'm here!

"Well, it's delightful! Leave this to me!

They were attending the Virgin's Liaison Council until earlier.

They were all named Virgins, and they were just a few (yes) members.

Whether it's okay if they're around, the Holly Doll three sisters say goodbye to the mother and child they helped and get in the carriage.

The Virgins were making the White Mountain crowd.

"It's not a curtain for you to come out, I'll take care of this here!

"No, you hang on! It's up to me to cure the brave!

"... the empire we worship... the kingdom we worship... the name we worship... (Me!) Gha!? What are you talking about?

"Run for it. Ugh, that's not gonna happen!

"What, don't interrupt me! Muki, no, no, no, no!

The Virgin begins to grasp the bloody, bubble-blowing braves sideways.

"With all those Virgins, all of you brave men would be healed by now."

and Primla was relieved in the carriage, but had not yet been treated for one cassling wound.

My sister, who is in the opposite seat, looks at me with a brochure on her lap, not even interested in "hey" anymore.

In addition to a summary of the topics raised during the meeting, the brochure contains detailed contact details.

As I was turning the page, I noticed a single flyer pinched.

"Gotoshigotland is finally coming to the Halbury Small Country!

...... "Gotoshigodland".

The young braves were also talking about wandering the frontiers of life and death now.

This is one of the establishments run by the brave 'Gotosigod'.

It is a mobile theme park with lots of delightful and painful attractions that can be enjoyed by young people as well as young men and women to family members.

And that group of attractions is all gambling.

When it comes to gambling, I imagine cards, roulettes, etc., but 'Gotoshi Godlands' had made it a clear original rule and turned it into an attraction that I could enjoy using my body again.

It looks fancy and sweet and refreshes the image of existing gambling.

Until now, he had attracted many visitors for offering gambling that nobility or outlaw was supposed to do in an intimate image.

But the low hurdle is backwards, the degree of gambling is absurd.

In the city where 'Gothic Godlands' passed, family separation and bankruptcy followed, with a surge in criminals and street dwellers, he said.

A facility comparable to the virus will come to this city...!