In addition, there was another announcement behind the Gothic Godland flyer.

"This year we will be hosting a Sacred Heart presentation in the Hurlberry Small States!

"Sacred Heart Presentation" ….

This is like a presentation, so to speak, that reveals the fruits of the faith that the Virgins have accumulated on a daily basis.

Neighbouring countries are in charge of holding it around and this year the bowl has turned to Halbury.

Each year the Holly Dolls are also invited as special guests to this presentation, but they continued to resign from their predecessors.

The reason is because of the idea that 'the power of the Virgin is not to show off, but to help the people'.

My current parent, Reincarnation, was also, of course, of zero interest, so I was wondering if the flyer would stay through......

As soon as I saw the 'winning prize' that said big fat on that flyer,

"Ha!? Pu...... Primla!

I was accidentally grabbing the shoulder of my sister in the front.

At that time Primla was just holding the pine pack and waving back to those outside the window.

Primla screams a small scream in surprise.

"Oh, sister, what's wrong...?

"Look at this! of this flyer, the winning prize......!

But even if they poke it in front of him, Primla remains a kyoton.

"... what's wrong with this?

"I don't think this is it!?

"Here" and "Arr".

I don't know what it is, but it passed right on to Primla.

It's like a conversation between a couple you've accompanied for years.

"Ah......!? Oh, right! This is it!

"Oh well...! Primla thinks so too, which means you're pretty sure! Now, sign up to join!

"What, sister, are you going to attend the presentation!?

"Yeah! It says two pairs, so Primla's with you, hey!

"What, me too!?

"Of course! Because this would be what my moms need most right now!?

"Well, that may be... Wow, okay, I'll be with you!

Oh, my God, Primla and Mother......!

Until then, I showed no interest in "Sacred Heart Exhibition," enter!

Besides, the reason for this is' cause I want a prize ', far from their original life......!

What the hell is driving them...!?

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

Bedroom surrounded by luxurious conditioning.

Bed with a canopy, one beautiful woman sitting on its side with her legs together.

She distorted her lips colored by a bloody rouge and like a three day moon.

"… (●) Well done, O (●) Come (●), O (●) brave man. This is the last room."

The beautiful woman's tone was odd, but she hasn't even stopped wondering if the brave men are used to it anymore.

"You're the one who set this game up," he asks.

His armor, called the Brave Man, was based on enamel white, with rainbow feather embellishments everywhere, however the type of design the brave men of this world preferred to wear.

And how harsh was his "game," the armor, by the way, comes with returning blood.

As she licked the blood, the beauty moved her pepper and tongue.

"For the answer to that question, it is yes and no. For I am but one of the pawns of Gotoshigod until the morrow. But I am also the manifestation (depression) of Gothigod."

"Well, if I beat you, I'd see Master Gothigod, wouldn't I?

"It's your left"

"So the next thing you know, it's really the last game."

"It is your left. I will keep you company while you cross the line."

"... you, the Virgin? Well, if they're Gothigod's wife, I can't forgive them."

"Please, oh soften your hands. Now let me explain your game. Your last game is Whirlwind and Sun......!

The rule was simple and clear.

The Virgin becomes the parent, the "Whirlwind and Sun" side, and the brave, the "Traveler" side.

Parents may use any means, so if you naked your child, it's called winning.

You can threaten me with words, or you can take them off with force.

And the child can resist, but must not deliberately act to harm his parents.

A child's winning condition is to escape to the time limit.

After the hourglass that takes time falls, if you wear even one sock, you win.

There were many strange things about this' game ', but at the end of the day it could be considered the final, it was bizarre out of the group.

But normally, it can be said that a child is an overwhelmingly advantageous rule.

If a child is truly a helpless child, he may strip off vigorously, but it is the bloody warrior (Seiyusha) who has become a child.

And the parents are the true opposite, the Virgin who is considered the most vulnerable in battle.

In power and power, it was visible that it would not be a battle at all.

The brave man was frowning at what the hell the Virgin was thinking...

"… Now let's start the game"

As the Virgin lay in bed and exposed her chillies and fleshy thighs from the Grand Virgin's dress in the design with bold cuts, the brave man came to terms.

"I see, yeah like this......

He loosens his trousers belt with a humble laugh.

"I know you're trying to take off your armor with a color trick, but I don't know. How can this armor be used to buzz in without taking it off? You know, in the middle of hitting the village, you win early. I was taking it off in no time...!

You're right, it was only for a moment that he entered a combat posture.

"Too bad Ate came off......! But more than tempting the brave, it doesn't work now, you know the Grand Virgin...? To tell you the truth, I've wanted to try to tame you since I first saw you...! We've got plenty of time, so I'll get you on board...!