But then, less than a few minutes later, the brave man was grounded at the feet of the Virgin.

Plus, naked......!

"Gu......! Gu......! Grrr......! Oh, my loss. Ah, my loss...! So already, forgive me......! Forgive me. Yeah......!!

Around the brave, his gear was stripped and scattered as if he were crazy.

Then it seemed to me that there was an awesome struggle...

The Virgin was there looking the same as she did a few minutes ago.

Clothes disturbance is only on the thighs that I first showed my chills.

In the first place, she hasn't moved since the game started, to the point where she hasn't heard a single scratch of clothes from the spot.

The only thing I was moving was lips that looked like I had finished scrubbing blood.

"The brave man has died in the way he was born himself. My victory, may I?

The brave man gives him a wet crying face, shaking in a gut.

"Ah, oh! My loss! But don't worry about it anymore! I don't care what happens! So, so uhhhh!!

"Are you on your left? Now dedicate all of your brave men to me... no, Gotoshigod. Everything from real estate rights statements to bank deposits, assets in your mansion to your family, please."

"Uggh...! Oh, that's...! That's all, give me a break...!

"For the answer to that question, no. When you participated in this' game ', the brave men who lost should have agreed to it in terms of losing everything. So far, you have won and you have acquired the assets of many brave men."

"Gu......! Uuuuuuu!!

Brave man laying face to grief.

When the Virgin rose out of bed, she put a bright red heel on her head.

The trampling of the brave man's head, for whatever reason, is an act that is so absolutely unacceptable.

But instead of being angry, the brave man did not resist one.

Just leaking a whimper, trembling, being but staying......!

"Now the brave men who took part in this' game 'are all... fumbling you, Gotoshigod's, pawns...!

In just one game, we have a slave-like relationship with the Queen, the Brave and the Virgin.

In the meantime, the sound of a knock breaks in.

"Come in."

And when the Virgin said, the Virgin, who would be her porter, came into the room.

The behavior was classy as a chunk, but you've been running in a hurry, my breath is bouncing.

And she doesn't even care about witnessing the scene where the Virgin kicks the brave, as if it were a daily scene.

Apparently, this sight of a reversal of position is the norm in this room.

But more breathlessly than that, she said,

"Yes......, Inchichi Grand Virgin! This is a report on the" Sacred Heart Presentation "hosted by the Grand Virgin of Inquichi! How many applicants have exceeded 50,000! Apparently the Virgins of neighboring countries as well as Halbury are applying!

"Naturally. This prize is a great treat, even if you have never seen it before."

The reporting Virgin rounds her eyes because the Grand Virgin, called Inchichi, did not move one eyebrow.

"What, you're not surprised!? Well, then, I'll report you something even more amazing! Of those 50,000, what a reincarnation and primula there is in that Holly Doll family!

"Naturally. This prize is a great treat, even if you have never seen it before."

"Yeahhh!? Why aren't you surprised?!? The Holly Dolls have never been to a 'Sacred Heart Show' before!? Every time, the organizer, the Grand Virgin, sends you an invitation, and you refuse! Whatever famous Grand Virgin you are!?

Inkichi was piercing calm, but he hoisted the corner of his mouth slightly because he couldn't hide the joy he'd been putting up.

"Naturally. We have prepared a prize this time (this time) to join the Holly Doll family…. In order to earn your prize, Mr. Gotoshigod broke his bones...!

"Inkichi of Soyhoy".

He is the great Virgin of the Soyhoy family, the famous Virgin family.

It was called "Inguin of Soyhoy" and so on in the shadows because of the way it talked.

She is one of Gotoshigod's wives.

Gothigod's wives were also subordinates and scattered around the world as the manager of the 'Gothigodland' of mobile theme parks.

This time, Inkichi gave him his name as commissioner of the Sacred Heart Presentation, and then brought "Gotoshi Godland" to Hallbury.

It was for this reason that the flyers that were in the brochures handed out at the Congregation of the Virgin had become the backbone in "Gothic Godlands" and "Sacred Heart Exhibition".

She was planning to roll out 'Gothic Godlands' in Hallbury and roll up a lot of money from the people.

At the same time, there will be a 'Sacred Heart Exhibition', which will also make many of the Virgins' pawns'.

With three more birds a stone, she was planning on netting a bigger prey.


A super big guy named the Holly Doll family...!

The Holly Doll Virgin, by analogy, is in the Tsugaru Strait, the finest natural tuna.

Compared to that chrome tuna, all the prey and so on can be called miscellaneous fish.

Inkichi spread his hands as if he were the president of the sushi chain, competing off the first competing chromatography.

"If the Holly Doll family is here to join us, this is not the case......! Get ready for your hospitality…! Perhaps the best…!