Gotoshigod is a Brave Wonder of the Heavenly Rank.

Even so, unlike the common Creator Brave, we are not developing weapons for the brave.

What he was sending out to the world was a play of original rules called 'games'.

From table games with cards and dice to sports competitions that move your body.

Most of them are easy and simple to understand the rules.

Some of them are complicated, but they were all commonly 'exciting'.

In gambling with its rules, he winds up gold from the common people, contributes to and becomes an organization of the brave.

And now, instead of nobility and the Virgin, we have developed games that target brave men as well.

There are places where even the same brave men can be disturbed by the damage done to the brave men...

He wrapped it in an oblate called 'The Game' and executed it openly.

The game is optional, not compulsive, and solicits the participation of the brave, after firmly including what might happen if they lose.

The braves also join in at first with a light sense of play, but gradually become obsessed with that exciting game......

Finally, I get so enthusiastic that I throw and hit everything of myself.

And at the end of the day, everyone has suffered a great defeat......

You lose everything...!

That's how Gothigod used his moulds as his' pawns'.

He had a grand ambition.

It's about unfolding a magnificent 'game' that only God could have had in history, with this planet (Ho) as its face and humans all over the world as' pawns'...!

Wives, including Inkichi, whose presence in the game can be described as' Queen '.

As deputies for Gothigod, they take the game to the brave and the Virgin and turn it into a pawn.

And now there's an unprecedented number of giant pawns in the web of collections.

Its name is the Holly Doll family......!

Godsmile If you can manipulate your favorite sisters into "pawns," it would be like a guaranteed promotion to the quasi-god rank of Gothigod.

Exactly, "The Throne of God" takes a royal hand...!

For this reason, Inkichi was in the mood to push for the preparation of a game named 'Sacred Heart Presentation'.

Initially, a medium-sized venue scheduled as the venue will be cancelled and transformed into the largest event hall in Hallbury.

Usually 'Sacred Heart Showcase' doesn't show much interest in the media.

To the extent that it is only a little handled in the regional section of the newspaper.

This time, however, the Holly Doll family only participated, and there was a lot of hope for coverage from the media that heard the rumors.

But Inkichi refuses them all.

We eliminated all press seats in the venue and shut the press out.

This was also one of the tricks to fall into the Holly Doll family.

All patterns of "Sacred Heart Exhibition" are set in true photographs using recording balls.

If you put Holly Doll's Virgins together in a game and deliver them out of their minds......

I'm sure their skin will peel in no time.

The beautiful sisters began to kneel, cry and beg for their lives......

"Oh... please! Don't publish this true photo! Primla's can serve as much as you want, just my mom's... please!

"Yes...... no! Mother's Fucking True Photos Should Be Published! I'll do anything, just my true photo, please...!

And ugly, would start a fight......!

One Virgin Gate only signs' love 'and is linked by a strong trust like a single rock.

The Grand Virgin protects the Gatekeeper, the Gatekeeper admires the Grand Virgin and seems to support each other...

It's on the surface, and I try to help myself if I have to.

Inkichi has been tired of seeing such Virgins.

"O Love, O Bond, O Trust, O Friendship, O Love... Such a thing is just like a picture tag on a tramp. We'll take care of a little of the home in your hand, but if you say so, it will be cut off lightly......! The Holly Doll family Virgins seem to have many picture bills...... If you're going to be able to sprinkle a bee, don't be sad or painful...!

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

And finally, the day of the 'Sacred Heart Presentation' arrives.

Goldwolf was going to go support his sisters, but this time he couldn't get in because it was completely invitational.

The venue is packed with many brave men and Virgins, and the seats are full.

On a centrally set stage, the MC facilitator's guide (what the heck) had declared the meeting open with a loud stick in one hand.

"JANJEAN, BARRIVALY YEAH!! This" Sacred Heart Exhibition "has become the biggest ever. JAHHHHHHH!! That should be it too, this time a luxury prize enough for the eyeballs to pop up!! How luxurious is that enough for that Holly Doll family to make a statement of participation. Bye!

Ohh! and cheering guest seats.

The spotlight is in the participants' seat, illuminating the sisters in question.

Reincarnation draws attention from the audience and smiles and waves back.

Neighbor Primla is kidding like she was chosen by the Grand Prix for an audition her friend applied for.

"The Virgin, who is going to be a participant, will be asked to try three" test love "trials, which were not three ge...!! The trials are defeated by the" Loveless "and only the" Loveless "are going to win!! Only those who have won the three trials will receive a luxury prize!

"Oooh!!" and boiling guest seats.

"Then let's get to the first test!! The first test is, Nah, what a whoo-hoo!!

Three rotating panels appeared as the drapes that were covering the host's back fell.

None of '????' but with the moderator's chirp, the top spins kurli the most.

There it was called 'Love for the common people'.