"The first test is," Love for the Common Man "Bye - whoa!!

Here was the rule in "Love for the Common People":

First, the Virgin of the Participant, one by one, sits in the challenger's chair and wears a special helmet.

A short distance away are the common people who have now been brought in for the Games.

For each game, one group is randomly selected.

This game is about showing 'love' with that chosen set of 'common people'.

At the disposal of the 'Common Man' is the 'I Love the Virgin Button', and pressing it once puts one point in the challenger's Virgin.

The button can be pressed up to ten times, and the button pressed at best cannot be undone.

The challenger's Virgin can pass and move on to the next game if she scores at least five points.

However, if it is less than five points, it will fail, where the defeat will be confirmed.

If you fail, you will furthermore receive a punitive game based on your points.

The fewer points you have again, the greater the punishment you will receive.

Finally, the key is how much the chosen 'common man' loves the challenger.

But since the common people are randomly chosen, it is also possible that they do not know about the challenger's Virgin in the first place.

So the Virgin is supposed to have a conversation with the 'common man'.

You can preach to the 'common people' how wonderful the Virgin is.

The content of the conversation is not questioned.

"If you put in a point, I'll give you the money later! I don't mind saying."

But here's another problem.

The chosen 'common man' is to be rewarded, but only the common man knows the amount.

And by pressing the "Virgin Loves Button" once, the reward is reduced by 10%.

If you push the button five times to pass the challenger's Virgin, the reward will be halved.

Thinking like this, I don't think anyone pushes a button, but here's the miso for this game.

The Virgin on the challenger's side only has to anticipate the amount of the common man's reward and offer more money than that.

If you don't want to scatter at last, it's not a dream to earn ten points if you offer a hell of an amount.

But after the game, the amount of common people's rewards becomes apparent.

Even though the common man's reward is 10,000 yen (ender), if he presents 100,000 yen (ender), he loses a lot.

It should be noted that the challenger's Virgin can only present the amount once, and once presented, it cannot be changed or revoked.

Also, in order to avoid retaliation after the game, the common people are all wearing masks so that they don't know their faces.

This is the rule of the first game, Love for the Common...

... What about this, 'love' huh...?

It's just, isn't it 'gold'......!?

and you may want to get into it, but anyway, now this is' love '......!

It was the brave Gotosigod like no other who came up with this rule.

Of course he doesn't want 'love' or anything else.

Instead, I just think of it as something thin, like 'love', like human skin, just to look at.

In this game he flips' love 'like raw skin......

Behind it, expose the nature of the Virgin......

I just want to see a woman, a human being, go around in bloody blood...!

This evil hobby game starts early and will just generate a hell of a picture.

It was the moment when the first challenger failed.

"Ah, too bad! It's a finish for four points! Punishment game, not execution!!

Suddenly, a full-faced helmet of iron was worn by the challenger's Virgin, roaring.


Then her beautiful hair, stretched up to her waist, dances into the universe in a clear manner.

The audience stood up unexpectedly.

"Ah, look! The Virgin's hair, with the bastard...!

"Exactly. Bye. Uh-huh!! Punishment game for this game is a haircut according to the point yahhhhhhh!! My hair, which can also be the life of the Virgin, is just like that!

The Virgin, who was executed the Punishment Game, did not seem to know what had happened in the beginning.

But the helmet is removed and I notice my neck muscles are soused.

And as soon as I noticed my hair, like silk thread falling at my feet,

"No...... nooooooooooooooo!?

Unexpectedly, screaming...!

The Virgin of this world is a lot of hair stretched.

That's because many goddesses, including Renalilis, have long hairstyles.

And the Virgin's hair is said to greatly dictate the power of prayer.

It was the long and beautiful hair that was supposed to be like the landmark of a better Virgin.

For this reason, they spent more effort and gold on hair care than on skin care than on dresses and jewellery.

Everyone was stretched out more than my child.

What the moderator described as' the life of the Virgin 'and so forth is nothing to exaggerate.

In this game, you have to bet exactly what your life equals...!

The Virgin, whose hair had now been cut, had gone half frenzied and cried out.

"My hair, my hair uhhhhhhhh!?!? It cost $10 million (ender) to stretch!! Wow!

The Virgins in the audience who saw it couldn't stop laughing.

"Ha, ha, ha! Look, look, that Virgin!

"I have worn out hair and I'm crying worn out!

"That feels good! Because he used his eyes on my brave man!

"With that hair, no one will turn around anymore!

And this Sacred Heart presentation was packed with many brave men as well.

I wish I had a couple of brave viewers as usual, but this time we have over a hundred brave people.

They wanted to see the Holy Doll family's 'Virgin Power' but hoped that if Gothigod's wife Inkichi were a commissioner, they would see a radical show...

One of those wishes seemed to have just come true.

"I knew this Sacred Heart presentation would be great! Good to see you!

"Yeah, there's just a punishment game, I can't believe it's going to be so much fun!

"What's wrong? What's wrong?! The love of the Virgin is to that extent!

"It's time to show me some real love. Yikes!