The first game of the Sacred Heart Presentation: Love with the Common Man.

The audience seats were huge at the time of the first challenger.

It should be noted that in this game, all the Virgins who have become participants must remain in the holding room until their turn comes.

The other challengers are unable to see where they are challenging the game.

This is a consideration to eliminate advantages and disadvantages due to the order of challenge.

Also, this Sacred Heart presentation is a one-on-one participation, but the rules allow us both to try the game.

Even if one of you fails with less than or equal to five points, if the other one who stays can mark five points, that means you can move on to the next game.

However, the Virgin who has finished the game is to be passed into a different holding room than before the game.

Because there is a chance that the Virgin who is going to come to the game, among other things, will teach her tricks to fellow members of her own team.

And what a painful atmosphere surrounded the hallowed rooms of the Virgins who finished the game.

Those who fail have just as tragic a haircut as they have failed so badly.

Punishment games, depending on the point, have different degrees of hair to be cut, but the breakdown is:

Four points. They cut my hair below my shoulder.

3-Point Shortcut

Two points, berry short.

One point, five minutes pruning.

0 point skinhead

It was.

For four points, it is no longer the image of a brilliant Virgin as the world tells it, but it painstakingly maintains her face as a Virgin.

For three and two points, the image of the Virgin disappears, but I keep face to face as a woman.

But at less than one point, no longer......

Rather than the Virgin, Ni......!

For this reason, the failing Virgins, after being passed through to the holding chamber….

Guys, it makes me cry......!

"Why am I the one called the Grand Virgin?" This, then, doesn't have a face to match the gatekeeper. Wow!

"I put money and effort into it. I stretched it! You told me that the brave man loves my hair, too. No, no, no, no, no, no!

"Wow! I'm done, I'm done. Whoa, whoa, whoa!

They all cry and then burn up the black flames.

"Yu, I can't forgive you......! That common man......! Let this me see this......! I'm definitely gonna find out who I am and I'm gonna go to hell with you......!

Contrary to them, it was wondered whether the successful Virgins were immersed in a sense of sarcasm and superiority, but they were not.

"Ugh......! Hiya, I also gave a million yuan (ender) to the common people...!

"I can't turn back anymore, I can't turn back anymore......! 'Cause if you lose, you'll be ruined...!

"When that happens, my Virgin Gate is over......! So no matter what, we have to win......!

Even the winner had thrown and hit his personal possessions, so he was in a hurry, as if he had challenged the gambling that risked his life.

Win or hell, lose or not, this game of hell.

The holding room of the Virgins, which was to be challenged, was also under tension.

Anyway, you don't know what's going on at the venue, but only mockery can hear you leaking.

The moderator's reality is also

"Ah, Bassari! Now instead of the Virgin, as a woman, I'm not even Dj End!!

etc., and only incites anxiety.

The primula was hardened, of course, but the mother was slight.

"Mom, I've been to the Sacred Heart Show, but this is the first time I've been in it. But unlike usual this Sacred Heart presentation, you can't stop laughing all the time. I'm sure you're doing something nice. Mom, I'm so excited!


"Next then! Dear Primla, please!

"Ah, it's Primla's turn! Good luck, Primla!

"Ha, ha...!

When Primla, who received the call, stood up giddy, she turned to the staff and said, "Thank you!" and a courtesy like a rookie idol.

No one has ever bowed her head before, such as the Virgin, so the staff meets.

"Even though it doesn't make sense like that," and so on, whispers like a pussy come from other Virgins.

My sister said cheerfully, "Primla, hey!" He was waving his fist up.

Primla leads the staff out of the holding room and proceeds down the dim hallway.

As soon as I got out on a vast pitch full of light,

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!!!

Primla is hailed like a rough wave and she inadvertently shudders herself.

"The next challenger is finally Master Primla! It's no exaggeration to say that many brave men have been waiting for this time!

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!!!

While overwhelmed by the twists of great enthusiasm, Primla sat in the challenger's seat with a snack.

The staff who guided me sets up a helmet on Tequila and Primla's head.

The helmet has a neck strap to make sure it doesn't come off easily.

... Pattin '!

and locked.

For Primla, the sound sounded like a guillotine shackle.

Primla was too nervous, her mouth was perfectly crisp, her throat ringing over and over again.

Every time I swallow, my throat hurts tingly.

Vision is blurred and sumptuous, even cheers are quenched by heartbeats.

Her skin sharpened and even the railing of her polished chair felt like a razor.

This is the first time a girl has been born, experiencing it.

This sensation (kanji), which leaves the five senses so that they are not your own and makes your skin tingle and tingle…….


It was a frontier, reached only by those who challenged gambling for their lives...!

"Saaah! Then the draw of the common people, it's a start. Ahhhhhhh!

The spotlight dances to the space where the common people line up, along with the MC's caller.

A drum roll similar to Primla's current heart sounds,


and strike the early bell.

...... jaaahhhhhhh!!

At the same time as the cymbal of fate, the spotlight stopped.

It was illuminated there......

Wearing a mask, it was a pair of worn out...!