Primla was chosen as the one to preach love......

It was a small boy and his motherly pair.

When the two come in front of him, Primla goes out of her way to stand up and bow her head, "Thank you," he said.

"Whoa! Dear Primla, I bowed my head to the common man!! I'm just earning a few points. Ooooooooooooooooooooo!!

The venue was engulfed with laughter as the MC let the cha-cha in.

In this Love for the Common, the position of the Virgin and the Common is involved.

Because if the common man doesn't push the button five times, the Virgin will be cut off her hair, which can be life.

This is the same for the Virgin, who has already been grabbed for life.

For this reason, the Virgin begs the common man with her life at stake.

"Oh......! Please, please press the button, hey!? Because I'll give you as much money as I want! How much do you want!? Say how much you want, hey!?

He who makes money say things.

"Ah, your feet...... could you be sick!? I'm sure you can't even see a doctor because you don't have any money!? I'll fix you up! So push the button, hey!?

He who flickers the power of prayer.

"You, you know what would happen if you didn't push the button!? I'll definitely find it and let you know. Yikes! I'll even remind you of the bone marrow what happens if you defy the Virgin called the Apostle of the Goddess. Wow!

Finally, the one who gets stuck in the feathers and hangs on to threats.

"Please! Please, please, please! Please, good, good, good, good! You're right! I'll do anything in the dungeon! Look, you there, Wang, you like it, don't you? Wow, wow!

Until his pride as the Virgin, he who forsakes......!

I was poking them so far because, for one thing, I didn't want them to see their hair cut.

Although this Sacred Heart presentation is not the only one in the press, there are many brave men.

In such a situation, if you expose yourself to the appearance of a round-boy or something......

When the brave are all the Virgins, it's all over......!

Compared to that, it was nothing, like imitating a dugout or a dog.

For that reason, the MCs and the audience were all misguided.

Primla is bowing because she wants a point.

Besides, if you seem to bow your head so easily, even if it's a second to the ground.

I'm sure it's such a shame to pay for 'love' in the name of 'gold'......!

But it's not 'love' or anything else that Primla says on this occasion that bowed.

For her to treat anyone politely, it's just a very natural, everyday greeting.

If she gets serious and starts talking about 'love', I'm sorry it's not like this.

The audience will see that as much as they don't like it from now on.

'Then it's time to show us Lord Primla's "love"!! The time limit is five minutes! If you can't score five points by then, it's not Bassari! The lamp above this head will tell you what points you've earned and how much time you have left!

The moderator pointed to ten lamps lined up at equal intervals above the stage and lamps arranged like a digital clock.

'By the way, the highest record so far is six points! The minimum time to get there is 4 minutes and 30 seconds! If you skip this record and can't repaint it until the end of all challengers' challenges, that means you win the segment in this game, you'll get your prize!!

He declares with his hands up at the end.

"Saaah! The Holly Doll family, also known as the rebirth of the goddess! Is that love a fake thing or a real thing!? Does it work for ordinary people? Whoa! JAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!?!?

Until then, the usual start call suddenly turns into a stunner in good shape.

He's not the only one.

The audience all had their jaws all over their faces.

"Yep, yep, yep, yep, yep, yep!?!?

Oh my...!

I'm in a good mood for a start signal and the ten lamps on the stage are fully lit......!

The dull balls that were over Primla's head broke with Pacan,

"Perfect Achievement!!

Paper blizzard strikes along with the drapes of...!

The primula, wrapped in flickering snow of gold and silver, was kyoto.

I can't help it.

Because she hasn't even preached the word 'ah' in 'love' yet.

The time count on the stage is stopped at 0: 00.

It was horrible instantaneous killing that the battle was not even started yet but it was over.

Why did this anomaly happen......!?

Is that God's flirting or a malfunction of the Magic Device......!?


This is the move 'true love' makes......!

...... chatter chatter chatter!!

A less quiet venue for everyone.

That 'sound' was still going on, even though it was already over.


The chosen parent and child place their hands on top of the 'Virgin Loves Button'......

He was in a series of beatings...!

...... chatter chatter chatter!!

As if ten points isn't enough and you're suing hard......!

I like Primla, I like it and I can't wait to feel it, as if it would explode......!

They finally couldn't wait to take off their masks.

"Dear Primla! It's me!," the boy exclaims as he was impressed.

"At that time, thank you very much for your help!" The mother continues.

"Ah...... you guys, when the liaison meeting......!?


They were the mothers and children of the brave carriage when the Virgin's Liaison Council...!

... By the way, Inkichi didn't know about this.

Without knowing it, he had chosen to be a Primla commoner.

At the beginning of this game, a random, commoner is drawn, but only during primula, was he instructed to plant it.

He chose the poor and offered them a reward for their trespasses.

That reward amount, what a $10 million (ender) eh...!

Primla saw how poor the chosen common man looked and thought he would say:

"Then let me give you the money. That's a lot of money, too. Oh, my God, 10,000 yen (ender)! Poor people like them, you've never even seen them, have you? I'll give you that, push the button, hey!?

And of course, the common people, don't be silly, they won't put a single point in it.

Anyway, a reward of 10 million yen (ender) awaits.

Thus, exactly 0 points were confirmed, and the brave admirer Saint Girl, in a Thultur skinhead look......!

"Hinooooooooooooooo!?!? My hair!? You have my hair!? Because of this hair, I was going to get it into Master Godsmile. No!? Yakushi, no, no, no, no, no, no, no!

All you have to do is deliver that silly figure in a true photograph, and you get one pawn, get it...!

But the athe was completely out of line.

Oh, my God, Holy Girl Primla......

Fastest and hitting the highest point ever......

Let the world know what true love is...!