To the feat of Saint Girl Primla, the guest seat is a standing ovation.

"Wow! Awesome, Primla!

"I didn't do anything, but I've missed the common man!

"I heard that the Holy Doll Virgin Power (because of you) is not a hammer, but I didn't know it was this far!

"I knew there was only one thing about the Virgin family that Master Godsmile would try to hold!

"The Virgin so far looks like garbage scum!

The brave men in the passenger seat upstairs are enthusiastic, and the Virgin in the passenger seat on the ground floor is woot.

"That's right, Master Primla...!

"The Virgin Power of the Holly Doll family may be the best in neighboring countries!

"I can't believe the Grand Virgin I'm serving has become a round-boy......!

"In the time to come, it could be the Holly Doll family!

With one guest seat, he was sending an enviable glance to Primla.

But the Primla of the day doesn't realize that he has accomplished enough greatness to be in history.

She was more than happy to be reunited with her mother and child and, above all, to have the two of them healthy.

Inkichi, the commissioner of this Sacred Heart presentation, was watching from the VIP room in the upstairs guest seat.

It was one of her pleasures to watch the 'pawns' flirt with the game while drinking wine...

He felt a slight indiscretion, like a drop of water falling into a fine wine.

"... I didn't know I was going to do anything wrong in the game where I put my torso..."

Inkichi raises his planted ink on the shelf and frowns uncomfortably.

"That Virgin must have bought that mother and child in advance. Give us more than ten million yen (ender)... Otherwise, your mother and child will throw all the rewards at you and you will have no reason to push the button."

And she, like the brave, was a man who didn't know what true love was.

That's why Primla's feat had also decided first and foremost that he was an inch.

"No matter what kind of fraud you commit, all participants will not be rotated in the palm of my hand beyond the beginning of the game. Let us know now and we'll make you feel a little more comfortable."

She calls the beautiful young man in the tuxedo, who had refrained by her side, by her gaze alone.

Give a licking whisper to that limpid side you've been looking at.

A beautiful young man left the VIP room and told something to the staff that was outside, which, like a message game, went into the host's ear on stage.

Soon, voices like impeccable extremes interrupt.

"Janjang, Ballyyyyyyyyyy! Earlier, Master Primla's challenge was to disable it. Ahhhhhh!

Everyone said to this announcement, "Huh!?".

"The reason for the invalidity is that the common man took the mask and revealed his identity! Furthermore, you confessed to being a servant (servant) of Master Primura! That means there must have been collusion between Master Primla and the common people. Bye!

Inkichi is power-activated against Primula's feat.

Oh, my God, you unilaterally decided to be a chicken and you called the game invalid.

If what Primla did was really a stint, the rules of the tournament would be immediate disqualification and forced exit from the venue.

But Primla was not disqualified.

Because it's like deliberately releasing a netted fish from a tournament before you can fit the Holly Doll family's dementia into a true photograph.

Therefore, the disposition given to Primla is' Try Again '.

Once again, Primla was to be exposed to a haircut crisis...!

Lucky for me the first time, it's like it worked because it attracted the mother and child I once helped.

But with a re-drawn commoner, that's not going to happen either.

That's right Primla, now is really the time to be tested for love......!

... No, let's correct it.

Rather than being tested for Primla's love, rightly......

Rather, by retrying, Primla's love was set to ring higher...!

The game was resumed and Primla was to confront another common man.

The next woman to be chosen was the old woman, who also

...... chatter chatter chatter!!

Faster than a start call, hit the button continuously......!

'Mm... void! It's not invalid! So, because I pressed the button before I started, it's flying!!

No game is immediately screamed out by the moderator and another draw is made.

The next choice was middle-aged drunk.

He never pushed a button during the start call.

While the moderator was relieved that it was really okay this time.

...... chatter chatter chatter!!

Shortly after the start, hit the fierce button streak......!

'Mm... void! It's not invalid! So, because, or your face is red! This is doping, not doping!!

Around here, the moderators became a screaming mix.

But no matter how much he screamed void and made it start over, the result was the same.

Oh, my God, the Holy Girl Primla...

I'm involved in some way with all the common people brought here this time...

It was only after I had completely imprinted the beauty of my love...!

All the common people hit buttons for the Holy Girl in a row, despite losing a high reward.

In the meantime, she hasn't done anything.

I was just sitting in a chair with Kyoton.

Yet every time, it was the perfect love to mark the highest score at the fastest.

If you open the lid, you achieve a perfect game where all the common people brought in support Primla, the former untouched.

Inkichi set up the Holly Doll family, Death Game......

The first wave was completely destroyed by the Primla Whirlwind...!!