Primla's first game was finally settled after dozens of redoing.

That score was 10 points and the time was 0: 00, the exact same record as the first one we did.

On the operational side, they also came up with a proposal to pull another common man from outside the hurry, but from the audience, the brave and the Virgin.

"Come on, admit it. Yo!

"I can't believe it's collusion with everyone!

"Yes! Lord Primura's love is the real deal!

And they flew my jerk, and I had to admit Primla's record.

And the next tried reincarnation also knocks out primula and tie records.

Therefore, the first game, Love for the Common Man...

By the Holly Dolls, One to Finish......!

"Bye... Janjang, Ballyyyyyyyy! The two winners will receive $100 million (Ender) as a prize! This time it's the two of us, so together, it's a $200 million (ender) giveaway. Ahhhhhhhhhhh!

So the audience finally convinced me that the turbulence had subsided for a moment...

The sisters, who had the catalogue to be the winner of the segment, said something terrible in the winner's interview.

"Mom and Primla are going to give this prize money to everyone over there. - Soooo!

What they were referring to......

Oh, my God, 'common people' eh......!?

The common people were originally offered a certain amount of remuneration over the Inchi side.

But all the common people were pushing buttons to destroy that right.

But I come here and I declare that I will give the prize money the Holly Dolls have in their hands to the common people.

And the source of the prize is the Inquichi side, to say the least.

And what to say......

Inchichi ⇒ Common people

It was originally a stream of gold as described above, and the common man, as a pawn of Inchichi, was supposed to be flattered......

That ruins everything,

Inchichi ⇒ Holly Doll family ⇒ Common people

The same is true of the

Just pinched one other element in between, and the impressions of the common people change dramatically.

Did Inkichi's Flexibility by Gold just fail completely......

The Holly Doll family to the righteous heroine of taking money from its Inch Virgin and spreading it all over the common people...!

The commoners who received Mother's proclamation said, as if they had received the Rat Kid's Little Judgement, "Wow!!" and cheer.

The moderator wandered.

"Then why!? Why would you do such a pointless thing!? You don't need to feed the common man you caught!?

Then Mother gets a muffled look.

'It's not pointless. Besides, my mom's been wondering. You've been calling those kids "commoners."

That was the unexpected scratch, so the moderator wandered even further.

'Huh... Huh!? How did you see them over there, common people... rather they are on a level you can call poor people!?

'Yeah, those kids aren't common people, and they're not poor, let alone poor people! The next time you call those kids like that, you'll be meh, meh!

"Yeah!? So... what the hell am I supposed to call you!?

Then Mother nicked and said:

'All those kids...... they're my mom's cute kids!

Its loving smile gently envelops the hearts of all.

Not only the common man, but also the brave man and even the Virgin.

"Ma'am...! Besides, Dear Primla...!

"How full of love are the Holly Doll family Virgins......!

"Shh, wow...! I can't believe such a Virgin was just in this world...!

"If a Virgin like this would be in Harlem, every day would be great to dream about......!

"Ki... I've made up my mind! Me, introducing you to the Holly Doll family!

"Me too! The Holly Dolls are the real Virgin Gate!

And naturally boiling "holly doll" calls.

The common man, the brave man and the Virgin were all moments of being one.


Those whose hearts are about to crack, instead of uniting their hearts, are here......!

...... pariiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!

She was shattering the wine glass she had in her hand with her bare hands.

"Oh no, I didn't know you had all the common people, you were being soft......! Oh, my God, let's be prepared. It's unauthorized...! It was unexpected that the Holly Dolls had come so far to complete their preparation…!

Even though she grabbed the wine glass, her hand wasn't hurt one bit.

Grasp the supple fingertips that everyone loves when manipulating cards.

"This game is my defeat......! I have defeated you many times...! But it's just a deliberate defeat to keep your opponent more obsessed with the game......! This is your first unintentional defeat......!

Fu, a beautiful young man knelt at his feet and began to clean up the wine glasses scattered on the floor.

When she grabs the young man's hair in a gut, it's wine on the floor. Hold him down.

The young man seemed to suffer, but he no longer had eyes.

In her eyes were the sisters of the Virgin, reflected in the glass in the VIP room.

"But in your next game, we won't......! Next up is a game where your true love will be tested without fraud......! I'm sure the haunted skins of the Holy Dolls will peel off and you'll just crawl......! Like a forehead......!

... In the first game, thirty of the participants who were in about fifty groups fell off.

Twenty remaining pairs, a total of 40, went pawns to the next second game.

"Saaah! The first game is commonplace... you let me see your love with the sons of Mother Reincarnation! But in the next second round, if you don't show even stronger love, you won't be able to win. Bye!! The person who shows that love, whatever......!!

... 'Brave' eh...!!

"I'm going to let you see how much I have a love for the brave. Ahhhhhh! Janjang, Ballyyyyyyyy!!