"Whatever's next game......" Love for the Brave "Bye - ooh!!

Even moderators are no longer called 'games', 'Sacred Heart Exhibition'.

In the next discipline, he tells us to show the love of the Virgin, against the brave.

Although it is a subject likely to further accelerate the degree of farce......

Anyway, here's the rule for the second game:

The last game was one challenge at a time, but this time it was a pair of teams.

First, decide which one to take, the role of 'The Virgin to be Tried' or 'The Virgin to Push the Switch'.

If the two identities are the same, the sharing may be decided in a discussion, but if the identities are different, the higher must be the 'Virgin to be tried'.

If, for example, you are a pair of the Grand Virgin and the Gateway Virgin, the Grand Virgin becomes the 'Trial Virgin' and the Gateway becomes the 'Switch Pushing Virgin'.

The stage has two glazed rooms in the center, 'The Virgin to be Tried' enters one of those rooms.

"The Virgin Pushing the Switch" stands on the switch table outside the room.

When you are ready, start the draw along with the drum roll.

First, select one of the large cards arranged on stage with 'The Virgin Pushing the Switch'.

The card says "Number of Brave Men" and some "Trials".

For the sake of explanation, here,

The number of brave men is "two."

Trial 1: Decopin

Trial 2: Face Pie

Trial 3: Flaming Hell

Trial 4: Punch on your belly

Trial 5: Kick in the groin

And let's say it was written on the card.

Only the number in "Number of Brave Men" will be selected to participate in the trials, drawing lots for the audience.

In the case of examples, two raffles will be held, and two brave men will be chosen at random.

The chosen brave man descends from the guest seat onto the pitch and enters another glass room, separate from 'The Virgin to be Tried'.

Now you're ready.

It runs sequentially from "Trial 1" written on the pulled card, but "The Virgin Pushing the Switch" is the switch at hand, allowing you to choose between the brave man and the Virgin in the glass room and letting them perform the trial.

In the case of an example, you choose to have 'Decopin' received by either the brave or the Virgin.

In the case of example, there are two brave men in the glass room, but if they are put to the test, they will both be decoupled.

And if the Virgin is made to be tested, she will be decoupled with power for the number of brave men.

At last, it will be twice as powerful a decopin as a brave man.

Inside the glass room are the inflexible men known as the 'trial executors', who carry out the trials.

By the way, the room is locked and you can't go outside until the challenge is over.

If the Virgin is tried, she is awarded ten points per trial.

That means that if the Virgin takes all the trials, the team can score up to 50 points.

Then I wish the Virgin would take all the trials, but here is one miso.

If the tested Virgin becomes unconscious, she will be disqualified.

For this reason, the Virgin who operates the switch can see how the Virgin is in the glass room and impersonate the brave if it is dangerous.

The trials on the cards are random and vary in tightness.

For example, "Trial 3: Flaming Hell" and so on looks pretty bad, so it might also be ant to let the brave take it without letting the Virgin take it.

If a brave man becomes unconscious, there will be no penalty, and another brave man will be elected.

... this is' love '...?

And what a punitive game to risk the brave...!

Though it may seem, this is only a pose to create radicality.

Because none of the Virgins can impose a test on the brave.

Two reasons for this.

For one thing, no matter how many games you play, if you hurt a brave man in a public (snack) setting like this, it will scratch the reputation of the Virgin.

And the other reason is that after all the participating teams have finished their challenge, there is' evaluation time 'from the brave.

This is about the brave men in the audience seeing the love that the Virgins have shown and voting for any one team.

The brave man's vote has a high score of ten points per vote.

Because on the day you give even one of your brave men a trial, you can have the tragic result of not getting one vote in.

Points earned in the in-game trials, points earned in the polls, and the top ten teams that scored high combined can make it to the next final game.

If so, he'll be a little more clear on what to do to win this game.

It is only natural that all trials should be made subject to a fellow Virgin, and all that remains to be done is in terms of how many votes the brave will get.

For this reason, the game had more farce and hell pictures than the previous game.

Let's take a look at this in a digest.

The cards drawn by a team included the following:

Number of Brave 'Four'

Trial 1: Decopin

Trial 2: Extra Large Binta

Trial 3: Spicy Sea Urchin

Trial 4: Grab your hair and get dragged around

Trial 5: Getting your knees or elbows pierced with arrows

"First try, Decopin Bye!!

"Ah, I can't believe it's Decopin...! I can't believe you hurt my venerable Grand Virgin's beautiful face...! I can't do it!

"No, we do it! What do you think we, the Virgin, exist for! We are here to protect the brave! Okay, in this trial, all you have to do is push my switch!

"Yes, Doctor! (Potty)"

...... Bachin!!

"Guuuuu!? Yu, if it's for the brave......! As much as this, it's nothing!

From the forehead of the Grand Virgin, who received a decopin four times more powerful, was a single blood stream.

"Next Trial, Extra Large Binta!!

"Ah, I can't believe it's a binta, no...! My respected (hereinafter abbreviated)"

"No, we do it! (hereinafter abbreviated)"

"Yes, Doctor! (Potty)"

...... Vaticohhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!

"Ghahhhhhhhhhh!? Yu, brave man, have you seen...! No matter how painful I may be, I will protect you, brave man...! This is what I call true love, dedicated to the brave......!

From the mouth of the Grand Virgin, who received a binta four times more powerful, her teeth bounced and flew, her cheeks swollen with vocons.

"The third trial is the next one, the spicy sea urchin. Eat up!!

"What, a turtle!? Teacher Tatsuo wasn't very good at hard stuff, was he?!? But earlier, you said you were going to take all the trials, so was this...! If it's for the brave, I wouldn't hesitate to accept something I don't like. That's a teacher!

"Hey, wait a minute! The brave man may be good at spicy things, so ask him...!

"Okay! The teacher's feelings, I'm sure, will be conveyed to the brave! (Potty)"

"Oh, don't push me. Huh!? Gahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!?!?

The Grand Virgin is forced to fill her mouth with spicy corn for four and circles around to be burned by the flames alive.

"Wh, next...... hair!? Oh, I hate that! I didn't have to get cut in the previous game because of it......!

"Ah, Doctor...! What a man full of self-sacrifice! I can't believe you helped the brave man by sacrificing his hair, which could be the life of the Virgin...! (Potty)"

"Do... stop!!!!