Second game, "Love for the Brave".

It wasn't love or anything else that was needed to win this out.

What was required was' Strike and Strength 'and' Performance '.

The former is simply to prevent it, because if you become unconscious, the trial will automatically go to the brave.

And all teams accepted the trials for this game, and it was visible to get 50 points.

It can be said that the decision to win or lose lies in the 'vote' after the game.

For this reason, the Virgin made an appeal to the brave men in the guest seat with tears of blood.

No matter how much you are hurt, let the brave man take the test, the spirit of self-sacrifice.

Thinking about it, maybe it's some kind of 'love', but the truth of it is, I just want votes.

This is because when I was in the election, I complained about sensational policies and complained about creating a livable world for the people, but when I had to win, I said, "Was I?" There's nothing to do with a laughing politician.

And considering all the votes from the brave, I have to say that this game is quite conducive to the Holly Doll family.

Because the family has high visibility, and support, from the brave.

But around here, Inkichi, the Commissioner, was a prospect.

Instead, I knew about the Holly Doll family, which is why I made the game content like this one.

She was laughing alone in the VIP room, tilting her new wine.

"This game is the one where you strip the brave men of their support from the Holly Doll family and get exactly naked......! By the time you are finished, the Holy Dolls Virgin will be surrounded by the curse and hatred of the brave men, and you will never again be able to live as thoughtful as you were before......!

Inkichi had planted a certain 'poison' to make the Holly Doll family Virgin things.

What it revealed was that the end of this game also ended.

It was when the last challenger appeared......!

"Saaah! The last challenger of this game...... can't wait for you guys, Holly Doll sisters. Ahhhhhhhh!

When the MC put his hands on the stage, two Virgins appeared on the pitch from beyond.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!!!

The audience heats up in response.

I can't help it.

They are a pair who beat up a smashing score in the previous game and won the segment.

In the meantime, it's called the rebirth of the goddess, and the always nicotine reincarnation is put to the test.

Um, just looking at a beautiful limb that no one had ever molested, and between the braves, black emotions were still flooded with this.

I'm sure even from my parents, a girl full of charity, who grew up thierring about being a butterfly, a flower...

If I get a decopin, a binta, an ass bat, a head poke, a spicy corn or something......

I wonder how that beautiful honorable face distorts and with what voice it rings......!

If you get dragged around grabbing your hair, or even your eyelashes are shot through your elbows and knees with arrows and stuck to the wall......

Everything will be just as boring for that rich body...!

The brave men in the audience were filled with sadistic curiosity...!

Not even knowing he was licking his body around with such a squeaky black gaze, Reincarnation entered the glass room, smiling and waving his hand back.

Primla stands in front of the switch table in front of the room.

"Oh, well, then, Master Primla! I choose one card. Bye. Huh!!

Prompted by the MC, Primla chose the rightmost end of the five panels lined up on stage.

She had the best choice of right edge, such as without Baba.

The reason is that it seems somewhat inconspicuous and most unpopular.

By the way, she tries to pick the last one, even when we all choose cakes and such.

For the record, the cards on the stage were exactly the same.

I was' planted 'so that any one of them could be chosen.

The ink planted by Inkichi, its poison fangs, was finally stripped by the girls.

Number of Brave Men 'All Audiences'

Trial 1: Ice Magic

Trial 2: Thermal Wave Magic

Trial 3: Electric Magic

Trial 4: Flame Magic

Trial 5: Blast Magic

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!?!? This has attracted an unprecedented, outrageous card!!!

Moderators who deliberately try to lose their hips to the cunts they know.

A ragged and trolley-ridden bronze statue is brought from the athlete's entrance.

A brave and handsome young man is bravely putting up his sword, its design......

It was the standard 'statue of the brave' in this world.

"All the brave men in the audience just don't get into the room, so I'll have this bronze statue do the replacement. Bye!! This statue of the brave man is linked to the guest seat upstairs, for example, if this statue is decopinned, on the forehead of all the brave men upstairs, there will be severe pain running. Ahhhhhhhhh!

Suddenly, the appearance of the game changed dramatically, so the guest seats continued.

Everyone was exposed to anxiety, especially the brave men in the upstairs passenger seat.

"What!? All of us!?

"Up to five brave men, no matter how many cards you've had so far!

"He said there must be a hundred people in this upstairs passenger seat!?

"Are you serious!? I can't believe we're putting a hundred of us and one of our mothers on the scale!

"But wait... Only for the number of brave men chosen, the power of the trials is growing, given to the Virgin's side, right?

"That means... the trials Mother undergoes..."

"Hiha...... 100x no no no no no no no no no no!?!?