Inkichi imagined.

Smiling and merciful abandonment, snapping and crying like a yamori on the glass, the figure of the Grand Virgin.

In front of the two switches, the figure of the Holy Girl, stuffily bored to be peeled raw skin alive.

Fear (shinku) and anguish (oops) should dominate my sisters so much that I regret being born in this world...!

But there wasn't...!

It was there... True or False...!

Take It Easy...

Until you don't have to bother looking for a guy in a border shirt...

No worries (No Wally)......!

First, the mother in the glass room,

"Oh well! Nice to meet you, I'm your mom! Why do you care? Festival? Everyone is so cute and cuddly, and their hair is so beautiful and cuddly! Trick or treat? Do you want some, Amy? If you don't play tricks on me, I'm gonna play tricks on you!"

Instead of being afraid of the Reapers, the beginning and end of hugging them so as to welcome the child who came home for Halloween......!

Nadenade the heads of the bewildered reapers, thrilled cheeks, and giggly embraces.

Seven colored candy balls removed from nowhere were behaving economically to the girls.

A smiling sight, like a lily garden in heaven instead of hell.

And Primla outside the glass room,

"If it comes this way, this way......! If this happens, like this......!

He looked serious and pressed the button.

Seriously, she was practicing pushing buttons in her free time.

There's nothing wrong with pushing a button, but it's fine in itself.

But the button she was on her way to was the big problem.

The button she's focused on says:

'Brave' and......!


No longer does she have zero willingness to choose......!

Whatever card you pulled, you were going to impersonate all the trials with the brave......!

The braves in the audience were screaming because she kept pushing the brave buttons even though they said it was before the game started.

If you compare this to a trolley problem,

On the left track, there are a hundred brave men tied to the rails.

On the right track is one mother tied to a rail.

At the branch in front of it, Primla stands...

Primla is a no-time rather than troubling,

...... Gashaaahhhhhhhhh!!

I defeated the lever of the branch on the brave side as well......!

Moreover, in a situation where the game has not yet begun.

This can be said to be a man willing to kill even though he still doesn't see the train.

On the contrary, it made Primla's eyes feel like unwavering beliefs practicing pushing buttons.

Whilst, it's like glue-wrapping a knocked down lever with wire to make sure it never falls on the mother's side......

Rather, it's like just absolutely killing, sprinkling oil on a route, lighting a fire...

Strong, Absolute Intention......!

This can no longer be called an act like a challenge to the person in question.

And for Inkichi, the subject, it was an unexpected counterattack.

She is uninhabited in the VIP room and eats her teeth critical.

"Too much...! It was unexpected that the Holly Doll family would sacrifice their brave men without hesitation so far......!

But this is only a small part of the scheme I assumed ended up empty-handed.

If you compare it to a full course, you just missed the appetizer.

The interest in the game is still in her.

"But the spare time is that you haven't noticed...! After you've sacrificed your braves, all the braves who have supported you will give up their love...!

Yes. The less hesitant the Holly Dolls are to sacrifice the brave......

The rebellion of the brave men who were impersonated by the trial becomes greater.

The Holly Dolls disappeared from this planet.

Inkichi distorts his deep red lips with a nigga.

"O Holly Doll family......! I regret it......! Your glory is no longer with this...!

She ordered the deacon's beautiful young man to start the game.

The host on stage was confused because Primla had already hit the brave button in a row, but he declares the start half yaked.

'Damn... that's fine, it's the beginning of the final game. Ahhhhhhhhhh! To which does Master Primla give the test, and Master Reincarnation can withstand the test!? Janjang, Ballyyyyyyyy!!

A one-way trial that can no longer be called selection begins now.

This game so far deserved to be called 'Hell for the Virgin'.

It was supposed to be the same suffering for the sisters of the Holly Doll family......

I tried opening the Hell's Cauldron Lid and it...

"Hell for the brave" eh......!!

"Sa... the first trial is" Ice Magic. "Bye, whoa!!

Primla still, like practice, keeps pushing the brave side button in a heartbeat.

The lamp in the glass room with the statue of the brave is on.

The Reaper girls begin to cast their icy magic in unison.

As soon as blizzard-like blizzards emanated from the girls' hands and sucked into the statue of the brave,

"Hih......!? Hiyahhhhhhhhhh!?!?

Upstairs passenger seats are covered in extreme cold like snow mountains, screaming everywhere.

"Come on... it's cold! Cold, no, no, no, no, no, no, no!

"Wow!? It's freezing!

The brave men bore themselves as they sat, as they were tied up on a chair.

It suddenly got cold, so my butt stuck to the seat of the chair.

Her hair and face are white as if she had gotten old all at once.

He drowned his nose like a tulara, and his hands and feet were frostbitten and swollen red.