Until then, the space of the brave men, which seemed to be the pinnacle of the world, turns into a landscape like the end of the world in one turn.

The brave men, white as ice statues, were rattling and trembling as if they had been thrown out by the extreme cold.

"Ugh......! Come on, it's cold! Cold. No, no, no!"

"Why am I looking at you like this...!?

"Pfft, if it was for Primla, I would have gambled him a little..."

"Holy shit, I kept eating this, you're gonna die......!?

That's not true.

The icing magic of several witches is quite modest as a power, as it is diluted to 100 subjects.

But a brave man doesn't have much magic experience.

Or it's hit and weak in the first place.

For that reason, he had reacted like he had been frozen to the heart, even though the damage was enough to make him a bit of a heavier simoyake.

Finally, it's just a big deal……!

"Th... Next Trial is" Thermal Wave Magic "Bye!!

Everyone thinks the anxiety filled braves have been declared by the moderators.

"Next time, do it for my mother"......!

But there was a sight so vain to pray too, there.

Primla didn't even shake her sides on the buttons, she kept pushing the Brave Man button.

The figure is like a unique and dedicated potter who can put his soul into one piece......!

"If this happens, this...! If this happens, like this......!

And at last, the hand is on the button again.

... Pooch!

"Pu...... Master Primla even though he impersonated the brave man with a trial. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!?!?

The moment the statue of the brave man in the glass room was exposed to a heat wave attack from all directions,


A scream like being tapped into a hot water bath comes from all directions.

"Fever!? Hot!? Hot, no, no, no, no, no. Huh!?

"Can you burn it!? Burn!? Bake uuuuuuuuuuuuu!?

The braves didn't happen to try to get up from their seats, but they couldn't.

Because with the icing magic earlier, my body was totally stuck in my chair......!

I can no longer escape.

After being tapped into a hot water bath, an irresistible scorching heat, like being held down with a lid from the top and weighed on, annoys them.

"Mitsumi's Trial is" Electric Magic. "Bye!

... BallyBallyBallyBallyYYYYYYYYYYY!!

A blue-white brightness like a leak occurs in the glass room.

The statue of the brave man, like a lightning rod, sucked away its electric shock everywhere.

At the next moment, a local lightning strike struck only the upstairs passenger seat.



Was that quite a voltage, the brave men shot by lightning had their whole bodies brightly annihilated with vicavica, and bones like Lentgen floating.

Incidentally, the statue of the brave man used in this scheme is an application of the technology of transfer magic.

The magic that struck the statue of the brave is transferred to the ceiling of the venue once.

From there, tell him to crawl through the ceiling and pour it down to the passenger seat upstairs.

All the seats in the valiant seat were depicted with magic formations, and magic was a mechanism to be directed toward them.

For this reason, the Virgins in the first floor guest seats are intact.

He was listening to the screams of the brave men as if they were under a roof with heavy rains.

"Oh...! Dear brave man, what a delight...!

"But Master Primla, why do you keep pushing the brave buttons!?

"Yes! The Virgin obeys the Brave One and says that she stands up for herself but protects the life of the Brave One...!

"I can't believe you sacrifice as many as a hundred brave men to protect the same Virgin...!

"Instead, why doesn't Master Reincarnation even appeal to Master Primla to sacrifice himself!?

"I'm sure the Holly Dolls Virgin thinks only of herself!

"Maa!? What a sweet thought......! We can't even keep it in the wind of the Virgin.

"In the previous game the Holly Doll family thought she was a wonderful Virgin......!

"I was going to introduce you to the Holly Doll family at the end of this meeting, but I will stop!

"Yeah, me too. Wow!

The Virgins were all harshly critical of the Holly Doll family.

She says quite a few muscular things in her mouth, but they're in the heart, in the middle of a solo bang.

The Holly Dolls are no longer completely blind to winning in this game, so they were just losing money.

The game is finally in good hands.

"Saah, finally the last trial......! Blazing magic. Ahhhhhhh! This is more powerful than the trials we've had!! You should definitely take it, docker oon is blown up then yahhhh!! Janjang, Ballyyyyyyyy!!

Everyone on the spot thought.

The MC, the audience, the witch to the execution of the punishment...

And even Inkichi.

It's impossible to let anything and everything burst into flame magic on a brave man.

If this is to be likened, the act of spitting towards heaven......

No, on the contrary, it's like spitting directly in God's face...

Exactly, a fearless act of God......!

There is still no such thing as a human being who gave the brave man blast magic.

Explosion ochi, after all, should happen where it should.

For example, Osama the Spirit (Point Man) burns black and invites laughter, and the clothes of the Virgin or the Wizard are worn out, like those that should be ears.

It happens to a brave man who is a hero in this world. I can't believe it is so...

It can't be. No...!

But the lines were uncertain.

"If this happens, this...! If this happens, like this......!

Even though Primla extends through this period, I won't leave the Brave Button...!

"Do it...! Stop! Stop, stop, stop, stop, stop!

The feminine scream occurred not from the ground floor, but from the second floor.

"Stop it! Primla! No, Mr. Primla!

"Holy shit, if you keep eating these yabeye's, you're gonna die for real!

"So, please! Please, whoa, whoa! Only at the end of the day, Mother! To Mother. No, no, no!

"Wow! Please! Please! Whoo! Master Primla! Dear Primla, ahhhhhhh!

At last it was the end of his appearance till he that cried.