The audience on the second floor was like a burning field on one side.

Still, the whole body of the brave men while sitting in their seats is black scorched and their hair is chilli perm.

Moya tumbles from her nose and ears and spits geffy black smoke from her mouth.

From the side, it was a complete explosion contest och, but the impressions in this world are very different.

"Ahhh!? Yu, brave man, brave man huh!?!?

"Oh, my God, you look so delightful...!

"Yes, I'll be right there! Brave man, come on!

The Virgins, who were in the first floor guest seat, changed their blood and ran up the stairs, making their entrance to the second floor guest seat.

Instead of being disturbed enough to change their blood phase, they obviously seemed to choose someone to intervene with rather than allowances or whatever.

That landmark, of course, is the brave man's neck.

"Ah, you over there, Kwon Ten...! Yes, I'm coming now, brave man!"

"Ku......! I'm here with all the heavenly grades...!

"Ahhh! Nakaten!

One highly-class brave man follows multiple Virgins, pulling each other like a hyena that snatches away their prey.

"Hey, don't take it! Because I found it first!

"It doesn't matter! Early wins, right?

"I pushed it. Hey!? Muckyyyyyyyyy!"

It was, nevertheless, like the battlefield of the Virgins.

If the battlefield of the housewives is a 'cheap bargain sale', this is exactly...

Brave Bargain Sale eh......!!

Scarecrow and a yellow scream fly across the venue.

It was already a mess or a mess, but among other things.

"If this happens, this...! If this happens, like this......!

Primla still had no extra time to practice pushing buttons.

Unexpectedly, it is better to be slapped with a ton.

There was her sister, freed from the glass room, and the Reaper girls.

"Ah, sister"

The primula that finally returned to me, when I removed the earplugs...

"Death doesn't work!!!!

He gets his eardrum pierced by an impatient scream, and he's about to jump up unexpectedly.

"Yikes!?" When Primla sees those who spoke, "he said, still in the middle of a bargain sale there.

"Yu, the braves are so worn out......!? Besides, the Virgin ladies are so contentious......!? What the hell happened while I didn't see it!?

"Come on? My mom's been playing with everyone, too, and I didn't see it, so I don't know. Wow"

Answering relaxation, the sister completely brought in the Reaper girl, in a state of flowers all over her hands.

The venue was completely polarized.

It was supposed to be an audience for Death Games, but brave men and Virgins who develop more training grounds than Death Games.

It was supposed to be a Death Game participation, but at some point the Virgin Sisters are made to watch Death Games.

And the organizer (master) of the Death Game...

...... pariiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!

In the VIP room, she was crushing her second glass of wine today with her bare hands.

And the more blood seeps, the more critical it bites off its lips.

"Too much...! Oops... Come here, you shouldn't...! It was supposed to be the sisters of the Holly Dolls who would have fought like that...!

Yes, what she had in mind was a beautiful limb worn out reincarnation grabbed by primaries in shapes like a hag and contending with each other like a female cat.

On the day the Virgin, also regarded as the rebirth of the Goddess, fought like a mistress depriving each other of such guests...

Goddess, on the contrary, abuzz......!

But...... but this is also only a fraction of the schemes I assumed just ended up failing.

If you compare it to a full course, you just missed the taste of despair.

The interest in the game is still in her.

"But... but now the Holly Dolls have turned the brave men to their enemies completely...! Despair is besides, coming...! Hey, good. After this, I can't wait for your real despair......!

Yes. In this game, there was a trick that would have been fatal for the Holly Doll family, no matter which way they fell.

At the expense of reincarnation, a decisive crack enters the sisters' company and the Holly Doll family collapses.

If you sacrifice a brave man, you will have turned as many as a hundred brave men against your enemies, and the Holly Doll family collapses.

Either way, what we're waiting for is a collapse, and we just let him choose how it goes.

And Primla chose the latter collapse.

Maybe Primla herself hasn't noticed this yet.

No, I wasn't completely aware of it.

But after this, you will know whether or not to respond.

By "Valor's Rating Time"......!

The second game is not over yet, and there is the final 'Valor Rating Time'.

No, I'd rather say that this last rating holds the key to winning or losing the second game.

It took a lot of time to resume the game.

Brave men's injuries were healed by the hands of the Virgin, the passenger seats on the second floor were cleaned and first aid was also applied to torn windowsills, etc.

I wonder if there's any point in continuing to do that, but anyway, the Sacred Heart Exhibition continued.

"Sorry to keep you waiting. Bye!! Finally, the last" Rating Time "Bye!! But before we do, let's see what points each team has earned in this second game. JAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Something like a scoreboard is being carried onto the stage.

It was a very simple two-line notation, regardless of the ranking challenged by as many as twenty sets of Virgins.

1st - 19th: All teams except 20th (50 points)

20th Place: Holly Doll Family Team (0 points)

Yes. I let the Virgin take all the trials except the Holly Doll family, so I achieved the perfect game.

Conversely, the Holly Dolls let the brave take all the trials, so they don't have a single point in them.

The bottom line (Dobe) is definitive…!

The moment when the girls called Goddesses finally crawled to the ground was about to come...!