To the Virgin of the Holly Doll family, it is always famous to be a divine response.

But against the brave, this was still so much salt response.

But even if there is such a premise, there is a limit to it.

This time, the Holly Doll Virgin did not apologize in an unknown manner while keeping five magic streaks in.

Instead of salt, this can no longer be called rock salt.

head with a catamari of salt like a rock of katch kathi,

...... zdowwwwwww!!

and after a bun beating, sharp fragments like shattered glass,

...... Zurieeeeeeeee!!

and rubbed in, like doubling the wound with sharpness and salt.

If you were in power, no, even if you were an ordinary person...

No, no, even if you were an old man piercing non-violence, the level of flying with help......!

But the brave men supported the Holly Dolls, even if they were caught in such sight.

Is that why...?

There were two reasons.

The first is that she is Godsmile's favorite Virgin.

If I mention the other Virgin Team bills here, even if it gets ticked off by the brave upper management...

I thought the path to birth might be closed.

Of course, Godsmile doesn't do something herself.

The other brave men who heard the rumor will hub.

In that case, in the brave organization, to the window clan......!

And another reason, admiration.

A brave man assumes that any woman can open her hip with one fingertip.

But the Holly Dolls were different.

There is no such thing as a brave man touching one fingertip.

A woman I can see but never touch......!

And the woman that brave men cannot touch means that at the same time no man of all mankind can touch.

I just hold that body, no man even touched my skin......

If there was such a thing, it would be about a goddess standing on a dream pillow.

Exactly a good sense of chastity when it comes to divinity.

It was the fortress-like strength of the goddess that pushed the Holy Doll family to a brand of Virgin comparable to the Brave Man brand.

By the way, they say there is an Osama that such goddesses want to touch aggressively.

But all the brave men who heard it laugh with their noses.

"That kind of thing is a Yota story that some hottie Osama flushed, isn't it?".

... Nonetheless, the brave men were zoccons to the Holly Doll family.

Even if they beat in five streaks of magic, like three and a half...

I don't care if they tear me down, they don't even get a glimpse of me instead of asking me to apologize, they take a cold attitude......

"But I like it" just made me even more nervous...!

Let's say that led to the result of this vote.

But it is not a hoard for the other Virgins who have exhausted it.

They fall down after turning to nightmarish events.

After all the corpses from that mass panic, Mother and Primla, who were almost in the middle, panicked about what was going on.

"Mi...... what happened to you all of a sudden!?

"Oh well, what a nasty thing happened!? Nasty, nasty, nasty!"

"Ladies and gentlemen, take care! Oh, maybe, you're hungry!?

"Oh well! Let's have lunch then! My mom came early with Primla and made a lot of lunches!

Having come to a completely misguided conclusion, the sisters invite the Virgins of the other team to lunch.

Of course, if you thought in common sense, you can't even ride this invitation.

Because they have just been trampled on their efforts so far, or they have been made a jerk to the pride of the Virgin.


They were all fast, playing brain solo van.

- I can't believe all the brave men vote for the Holly Dolls...!

- To say you got a hundred votes from the brave guys means the Holly Dolls scored 1,000 points and are top of the list in this second game......!!

- Besides, the fact that the brave men were voted is proof that they allowed the Holly Dolls...!

- Then it's better to keep it in the Holly Doll family, we can do it here......!

- You should take the invitation to lunch... No, but...!

The Virgins are troubled.

I wondered if that was at best with my pride, but that didn't happen at all.

- After this, it's lunchtime, and it's a great chance to get into the brave...!

- If I rode the Holly Doll family invitation here and ate lunch with them, I'd run out of time to get into the brave...!

- "Dear Brave Man" and "Holly Doll Family"... Which is the right way to have lunch time......!?

They were wondering which way to turn and shake their tails to the west or east to put them on a better feed.

And at the same time, the answer came out.


"The Holly Doll Family" eh......!!

- Yeah, the Holly Dolls! The brave men in the audience have a good Kwon Tian (Kenten) class at best, and then all the Great Tian (Daten) classes...!

- But if the Holly Doll family likes you and you can get close...

- Slow down, Dear Godsmile...!

- Compared to Master Godsmile, what a brave man in the guest seat is like a miscellaneous fish!

- If you're after the same thing, I knew it...!

- than a hundred miscellaneous fish, one chromium......!!

The Virgins, who were falling, were suddenly well.

"Ha... Ha! Thank you, Master Primla!

"We'd love to have lunch with you!

"Actually, I've always wanted to have lunch with Master Reincarnation!

"Ah, it's like a dream to be able to have lunch with Reincarnation and Master Primla!

"Oh, well. Then the lunch bell just rang. Shall we have lunch?"

"There was just the right park nearby, and I was trying to eat there and asked to be prepared. Let's all stay together."

"Ha! Dear Primla, Dear Reincarnation!

'Oh, you know... You still have a second game results announcement to make... Plus, the award of 200 million yen (ender) of the interval victory...'

"Oh, well, yes, then keep the money for your mom's kids. Oh, Mom's kids are the same with the exorcism girls just now, so don't be shy. They're waiting in the park because they're having lunch with their moms."

Mother told the host as if she were giving them a penny, and she pulled the Virgins and just left the pitch.