In the guest seats of the brave men upstairs, the Virgin in the guest seats on the ground floor met for a soothing lunch time.

Inkichi watched from the VIP room.

And crush one.

"If you take part in my game... it will all be my 'pawn'... Of course, participants are not even exceptional in the audience…"

She was in the guest seat, eyeing a couple of certain brave men and the Virgin.

The brave man cheeked happily on the Virgin's handmade lunch, but suddenly he pressed his throat and began to suffer.

Something seemed to catch my throat, and the braves around me were working together to make me spit it out.

"Have you!?" How dare you jump out of my mouth?

...... golf ball huh......!?

The Virgin said, "No way!" Tehepero smiles like that at the braves.

But the brave did not forgive him, and he was horseback riding on the Virgin and making him an octopus beater.

"With this me, the brave man of sightseeing will soon be my pawn... Even a lunch for a break is said to be a hall cup for golf games......!

Everything was supposed to be as it should be.

Even the brave, ruler of this world, thought to her in the palm of his hand that there was nothing beyond God to manipulate.

But, Shit......!

"Only those (●) Virgins, why, why...!? This is not what I think......!?

Throughout the two games, the Holly Doll family Virgins were supposed to be placed in both physical and mental extremes.

From the common man is cast aside by gold and by the balance; from the brave man is cast aside by the balance of love...

I should have let go of those two people (things) they had too much of, both like gambling chips......!

Yet, yet...!

Instead of losing them, they're getting more money, new things......!

This is, so to speak, 'one of the children wins' eh......!

Impossible, it is.

Gambling is absolutely, at the end of the day, so that the torso wins.

She has planned many games so far and has moulded many brave men and virgins.

I have never lost money, and his husband, Gotosigod, takes that for granted.

Besides, this time, he's made an unprecedented huge investment to catch a lot of prey.

And yet if it turns out to be damaging......

Let's get dumped...!

That's all we have to avoid at all costs.

Inkichi was feeling a slight rush.

I missed an appetizer (aperitif) and a dashi (amuz bouchet), followed by an appetizer (hors d 'oeuvre).

The food was brought to the table, and this time I tried to poke a fork because I thought I could eat it.

"Oh, this one belonged to the customer over there"

From the waiter I carried, I was sassy lowered the plate,

...... kasu!!

and the fork pierced the tablecloth as well.

And needless to say, 'customers over there'......

The Sisters of the Virgin!


Just thinking so, Inkichi was in the mood to scream out like a weird bird.

But only abide by the teachings from Gothigod and quietly nestle there.

She was desperately telling herself.

- Rest assured, rest assured...!

Still okay......!

Next, next game is the main dish......!

Only by luck that there is luxury in the chest, I have singled out the gaze of many brave men, that (●) Virgin Nise......!

Next time, let us eat............!!

The next game, one or the other, will be cooked…!

No matter how hard you try, one must be eaten...!

The two are already, on the slab, carp...!

Only ugly and contentious with which can put the knife first......!!


To supreme despair, that mean-spirited body can only be ruined by the little one......!!

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

The twenty sets of Virgins, who had finished their lunch break, were back before the stage.

"Er, I'm a little back and forth, but the results of the second game are announced. Ahhhhhhhhh! Bye bye-bye-bye!!

The moderator was trying to cheer it up, but it was really quiet on the spot.

I can't help it.

Everyone was hungry and sleepy and because the results were too allergic.

The ranking boards brought in were once again simple poles.

1st Place: Holly Doll Family Team (1000 Points)

2nd - 19th: All teams except 1st (50 points)

"Again, the section winner is now the Holly Doll family. Ahhhhhhhhhh! Besides, it makes a 20-fold difference below second place. Bye bye-bye bye-bye! Janjang, Ballyyyyyyyy!!

A great deal of applause and cheer wraps up the Holly Doll family Virgins.

The Virgins in the audience began to wet their cheeks in tears before lunch.

They thought maybe there was more and more turning back in announcing the results, and kept the tears.

But even in the second game, as soon as the Holly Doll family's first place was confirmed, I was very grateful.

"Oh...! Dear Reincarnation, what a loving person you are......!

"I knew, Master Primura, why he kept pushing the brave button!

"Yes! Those ladies are the Virgins who serve Lord Godsmile......! Besides Dear Godsmile, it means you don't even look good!

"Maa!? What a honorable idea......! Those are the Virgin of the Virgin!

"Yes! This is the true love of the Virgin......! I guess that passed on to as many as a hundred brave men!

"After all, you would have done what I said!? The first game is followed by the second. When the Holly Dolls are at the top!

"When this meeting is over, I'm just going to get you into the Holly Doll family!

"Yeah, me too. Wow!

No longer only on the scoreboard, but also on the passenger seats.

Holly Doll Family > Otherwise One Gate of the Virgin

diagrams were being developed.

And a new problem is discovered here.

Moving on to the final game are the top ten points in the second game.

The first-place Holly Doll family is a decision, and the second-place or younger is in a mostly dough state.

How did you decide to take second place or less...

"Bye...... it's a junken tournament. Ahhhh!

Oh my...!

Results of the historic Presentation of the Virgin, "Sacred Heart Presentation," in Junken......!?

This is as if it were a recreation in a public or private building.

A great booming was raised by the Virgin of the participants in this.

Anyway, he gave the common man a big one to win the first game, and in the second game he put his body up enough to see the Three Ways River.

Bring it here, I can't believe it's junken......!

Not really, not really.

But the brave men and Virgins in the guest seats didn't seem to be interested in second place or less anymore, and the "that's fine" atmosphere dominated the crowd.

In the end......

Luck alone led to the election of nine groups.