"Saaah! Finally, the last game! Common...... Mother Reincarnation's love for her sons, and for the braves, and the next love...!? This is what can be considered the most basic love for the Virgin, let me see it. Ahhhhhhh!

For the Virgin, the most basic love is......

Yes, that's...

... "Love for Neighbors" eh...!!

The term 'neighbor' here refers to the Virgin who is teaming up together.

"You can't love anyone else who can't love what's near you! The last game is a" trust game "where bonding with your partner is what you call things. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

"Trust Games".

The point is to entrust important decisions and information to the opponent, a game that succeeds by trusting the opponent.

The simplest 'trust game' is when you two line up vertically in the same direction and the one in front falls back.

Whoever falls must fall with his hands and legs straight, and he must not move while he is falling.

We must make sure that those behind us take it.

If you trust the other person, you don't have to move your hands and feet to take the passive, you just have to wait for them to take it.

But if you don't take it, you'll be framed for crashing into the ground and hitting him hard in the back of the head.

Here, trust is tested.

But this time, 'Trust Game', chosen as the final game, is not that simple.

'The game you're going to be challenging by putting on a luxury prize...! "Mine Walker." Ahhhh!

Mine Walker.

It is a game where you walk on panels separated by a mass eye and go all the way to the goal.

There are two types of panels: 'safety panels' and 'mine panels', the former of which step on and nothing happens.

But the latter triggers the trap as soon as it is stepped on, causing physical or mental damage to those who have stepped on it.

The competition takes place on a field set up in such a way that each of the two players on the team is opposite each other.

Finally, it takes the form of both simultaneously challenging the same game.

And each discloses all the contents of the panel on the other's field.

I don't know the mine field in my field, but I know the mine field in the other field.

Then, if we speak to each other and teach them a safe route to proceed, we can both reach the goal without difficulty.

In a way, compared to previous games, I'd say it's easy enough to clap it out.

Only if the person is' absolutely reliable '.

If the other person has any intention of giving false information and directing it to the minefield….

It turns into a devil's whisper......!

And this game had elements that accelerated each other's suspicious demons.

The first is that the adjacent mass glows green or red when standing on the 'safety mass'.

If it glows red, there could be a trap set there, but the accuracy is 80%.

If the remaining 20% chance of attracting a lie, the 'safety panel' glows red and the 'mine panel' glows green in reverse.

Speaking of 80%, it's a pretty good answer rate, so it doesn't have to be the judgment criterion.

Either way, I don't have eyes for such ambiguities, and there is also the operation of believing only in what my partner says.

But it is.

Here, a happy and unfortunate announcement was made by the moderator.

"This final game will give a winning prize to a team that has reached the goal by itself. Bye!

What a prize for the final game, as long as you can score a goal.


"But I'll let you have one prize per team! Even if the two of you score a goal, there's only one prize to give you. JAYAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!

Yes. The competitors in the final game are not other teams......

The Virgin of the same team......!

Even if I taught mine fields and scored friendly goals......

Only one of you can win the prize......!

This "Sacred Heart Exhibition", he said, had as many as 50,000 applications to participate as it had ever been.

In the normal 'Sacred Heart Exhibition', there are at most dozens, or many about fifty, of applications for participation.

Why did I get a thousand times more applications over this time, it's......

Because the winning prize was so extravagant...!

That's how luxurious......

It can also be called an unimaginable level of prize because the abnegate Holly Doll family ate it, which is usually not oriented towards a 'Sacred Heart Showdown' and does not receive a prize that is a section winner.

Either way, this rule that 'prizes are one in a team' has made the partner no longer a partner.

As a supplement to the rules, trapping does not immediately disqualify you, and the game can continue if you are conscious of yourself and willing to continue with you.

Also, even if your partner continues to get trapped and leaves the game, the team's challenge will not fail, and if one of the remaining players can score a goal, the prize will be solitary at that point.

Then I want you to think about it here for a second.

If you were in this game, let's say the prize was a billion yen.

In that case, in the end, the

1: You get a billion yen

2: A partner gets a billion yen

3: You can't get either of them

These three.


… will you teach your partner the right path?

And suppose the panel my partner told me was safe was glowing red......

... will you believe what your partner has to say and step into that panel...?