The last game is heard to be a prize get as long as the goal is possible, and the Virgins, the participants, stand colored.

Until now, they had given up half the victory.

Anyway, I fought with the Holly Dolls and didn't feel like I could win at all.

If so, at least I thought I'd scatter it in a way that would make the Holly Doll family have the luxury and sell it even in a festive way......

No longer in their eyes, those sisters.

The only thing in my eyes is my neighbor, who has already turned me into a hater...!

The Holly Dolls were sisters, but the other participants were best friends, mentors, etc.

A pair of best friends, the Virgin,

"Yu, we're zucchin 'friends, aren't we! I believe in you!

"It was obvious, Mick! I've never lied to Mick before! Ever, and never will be!

Beautiful friendships were exchanged in words, but inside of them,

- Ugly bitch to the heart! I've never lied to you!

You think you don't know what you're talking about me in the shadows?

- You're lying! You pig!

You're playing Zuccon Bacon in the shadows with Atashi's brave men, and what a friendship!

Also, a pair of mentors,

"I have only shown you the right path. Now it's your turn to show me the right path. Follow me on the goal."

"Yes, first born! I will follow my teacher everywhere!

In words, we exchanged beautiful master love, but the inner part of it,

- If you can hold that prize, your status as a Virgin will be immovable...!

That's why he should want a prize to die too......!

Must lead you to a trap on the verge of a goal and get out where I can no longer move!

- What's the right thing to do? You let me do all the dirty work!

If this happens, I'll pretend to be submissive at the beginning of the game, close to goal, and frame you for a trap!

That way that prize is mine...!

In one hand he shook his hand, and in the other he hid a knife in his back, and there it was.

Among other things, the only relaxing combination.

"Oh, I was listening to the rules of the game, Mom, but I had no idea. Wow"

"It was difficult to explain, but the rules are simple. Your sister can walk as I say."

"Really? That would be easy, Mom would be able to do it too!

Yes. This game is not difficult.

You don't even have to worry, just walk as I say and that's it.

All you need is one thing.

'Trust' the other person......!

"But there seems to be only one person who can get the prize."

"Well, really? Then you and Primla will compete!


No way, not even for this sisters......!?

Finally, something called selfishness is starting to budge......!?

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

Preparing for the final game took a lot of time.

On one side of the pitch a two-meter square panel is laid and a huge roll of paper is set on the ceiling over the head.

The roll paper has the contents of the panel trap, so that the challenger on the opposite field and the passenger seats alone know the correct route.

For example, in this way:









□ is the safety mass, ■ is the mine mass.

The safety mass at the top edge is the starting point, and the safety mass at the bottom edge is the goal point.

There are two such Fields facing each other, and the two challengers start at the same time.

And regardless of the time it took or the number of traps it took, as long as the goal was possible, it would be a win and a prize would be awarded.

However, only one prize is awarded per team.

It should be noted that although omitted here, some of the mine-mass on the rolled paper says what kind of trap is set.

If you want to make your opponent irreversible, you may want to take a closer look at the contents of the trap and direct them to more severe traps than mild ones.

When these preparations were complete, they quickly became a challenge for the first team.

Earlier, they were young Virgins who had friendships with each other.

They were preliminarily working on the operation.

It was about alternating voices and going one step at a time through the panel.

"Well, you're coming from me first! Yu, tell me which way to go!

Voiced by a partner about fifty meters away, the Virgin sees the ceiling.

Check the distribution of the traps depicted on the roll paper before

"First of all, it's a straight step forward, Mitch!

I don't think you'll just lie from the first step, and the taught Virgin puts her foot on the panel in front of her.

There was an indication, "Safety Panel".

"Oh, it's my turn next! Um, this is a straight step, Yu!

"Yeah, okay! Thanks, Mick!

The beginning was like this, with a sight of no tension, as if the girls were playing with hopscotch.

But... as we hit the middle of the field, a dark cloud just creeps between us.

A partner staring up at the roll paper started taking time to set the rules.

The reason for this was that we recognized each other as clear.


After the middle of the game, the traps are everywhere...!

At the beginning, it's all about cute flirtatious traps like 'Water blows out of the hole in the panel and gets wet' and 'The panel twirls and suttencololin'......

From the middle, to serious traps such as' Panel cracked and legs magma 'or' Sword Mountain popped out of panel and gussari '......!

And then there's one thing to think about.

Which trap can I direct my partner to and get the most out of it......!

But this is hard to timing.

Because 'war begins' at a time when you lied even once.

Until then, my partner, who had given me the right information, would surely start teaching lies.

When that happens, all you can rely on anymore is your own kang and your luck.

If so, it can be considered as a rush….

On the panel near the goal, tell me the lies......

If you can frame your opponent for a severe trap and make him irreversible in one shot......

You can minimize the number of times you rely on Kang and your luck without being disturbed by them......!

But that, the other person would think the same.

If so, the problem will be when to set it up.

If your opponent is thinking of a one-strike special, pulling right in front of the goal is dangerous.

Before they set it up, set it up......!

Before they kill us, we just have to kill them......!!