"Er, Yu, right next!

The girl skipped the instructions to the other girl in the distance with her usual refreshing smile.

The voice and expression were truly flamboyant, but there was a slight and unpleasant sweat on his back.

- When... When is that ugly bitch going to set me up......!?

It's about the ugly guy to his heart, so I'm sure he'll be lying soon......!

And the moment finally came.

"Then it's my turn to teach you next! It's in front of you, Mick!

Yu told me Mi tried to take a step forward.

But beyond that,

Red Floor (Red Zone)

Until then, my tempered leg stops perfectly.

"Yu...... Yu, are you sure you want to go in front? I'm turning red..."

"Ugh, the paper on top says it's safe! I'm sure you pulled 20% of the lies! It's okay, Mick! Trust me, hey!

But Mick, he bites his teeth in his heart.

- You finally set me up, you ugly bitch...!

Until that ugly bitch scores a goal, she says she has seven more steps to go... you have the soul nerve to kill her first!

Until now, all the panels Yu taught me were green and all safety panels.

Finally, Yu's information and the contents of the panel will match.

But I came here and ate wrong......!

Yu says it's safe, but the panels are dangerous.

The only thing that bothered Mick even more was the panel on the front......

All green…………!

There are a total of eight panels on my front, back, left, and right sides.

Since there is a rule that the panels that come through don't lie, there is a 20% chance that each of the seven will be lying.

And there's always one or more safety panels.

If it is bad, it is possible that it is a safety panel, as shown in all but the front.

Plus, this is something I was trying and noticed...

The more safety panels around, the more powerful the traps installed tend to be.

If so, if what's in front of you is a 'mine panel', it's definitely a one-strike special class trap.

Micchan played the solo van in her head.

- The probability that all seven panels will tell the truth is about 20%......

I don't think all the panels are telling the truth very well......

But if you think of it as an individual panel, the justification is 80%......!

"What's going on, Mick? But you think I'm lying? It's terrible, Mick! Mm-hmm!

- Shut up! What's terrible is your face and that lousy lying cry!

That's how you always try to buy the sympathy of the brave!

Micchan tours her thoughts even further, poisoning her in her heart.

- This front panel should have been red even when I was in the previous one...

A panel is re-drawn every time it moves, and the color changes.

And the fact that I displayed red twice in a row means...

- After all, this is a trap...!

The ugly woman has finally set me up...!

When Micchan decided to, she lowered her leg, waving it up loudly, as she trampled down.


... right!?

"Ohhhhh!? I came here and ignored your advice. Ooooooooooo!? Fucking hell, that panel is...!?

It interrupts between the two girls, the instigation of the moderator.

After that beat,


A sharp blade jumped off the floor and pierced the back of Micchan's foot with every boot.

"No......!? Nooooooooooooo!?!?

Micchan collapses with screams, pressing her legs to extinguish.

Note that unless you declare a retire during the challenge, you will not receive any allowances.

The Virgin can't even cure herself, but it's only a minor pain, enough to focus on prayer.

With enough injuries to bleed, I can't even pray for myself...!

"There he is. Go!? There he is. Okay, there he is. Good, good, good, good!?!?

"Duh... what are you doing!? Why, Mi!? Why didn't you do what I said!?

But Mich had no remorse or reflection, and pointed her hateful eyes at Yu.

"I knew you were lying...!

"What!? Why? Why does that happen?

"Look at that! The panel you instructed...! Even after Atashi moves to another panel, it stays red......! This panel was red earlier, even before that one!

"Well... that's, uh, that panel's been three times in a row, and you're just lying to me all three times!

"Do you know what the odds are of lying three times in a row as a 20% chance of lying!?

"Yeah...? I'm scared, Mick..."

"Answer me!

"Er... isn't that, like, 20%?

"The odds of pulling a 20% chance three times in a row are only 0.8%. Yikes!!

Yes, Mick's reading was a hit.

Yu finally lied when she came here and tried to direct Mi to the 'Mine Panel'.

Although Micchan spotted it, the destination was also unluckily a 'mine panel'.

But it was "minor injuries" in this game, where he was pierced through the leg.

If Yu were moving forward, as they say...

She's got a whole leg by now......!

When Micchan stood up, she pointed her blade-like eyes at Yu.

"Next, it's my turn......!

On that face, I no longer had a smile.

"It's a step forward, Yu...!

Yu looks at her feet and is hacked.

There, what...

Red Floor (Red Zone)

"Hih... Hih!?

Yu shrugged to fright.

I couldn't afford her expression, and there was no cakera left to trust my friend's words.

And she chose...

... right!?


Like the earlier reproduction VTR, Yu falls buh in the same reaction as Mi.

"I was there, okay, I was there, okay!?!? My foot!? My legs uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!?!?

There, there's a voice-of-the-money.

"Duh... duh!? Duh duh duh, yuh!? Oh, my God. You didn't do what I said. Ooh!? Ahahahahahahahaha!!"

"Gu......! Too much gutter......!

Yu stares at Kim Mi as she lets her teeth snap.

The friendship between the two, like snow......

No, it's not as beautiful as using such metaphors to describe it.

Floating in spit thrown away, like bubbles......

When I bounced the pussy, it disappeared.