The final game, which is the climax of "Sacred Heart Exhibition".

It was so wrapped up in a whirlpool of screams and yells that it didn't seem like a festival for the clean maidens to play love.

"Gahhhhhhhh!? toes!? My toes. Huh!

"I lied to you, you bastard!

"I didn't like you for a long time!

"Ahhh!? The important pendant of Atashi, the important pendant of Atashi. Huh!?

"Chip! You're in luck! Pendants protect me. I can't believe it!

"You look great because you're a senior! Didn't you just get started a year ago!

"If you win this prize, Atashi is the Grand Virgin! So die in peace, first born!

"Gahhhhhhhh!? Hungry!? My stomach ahhh!?

"Ahahahahahaha! Now I can't have a brave child anymore. You're a body! It was Zane!

Blowing away is violence and ridicule, and….

The Storm of Betrayal

They're showing you nasty games, like this exfoliation of humanity, the audience...

"Shh...! Awesome! Awesome!

"I knew it was just hosted by the Virgin who serves Master Gothigod!

"It's more exciting than 'Gothic Godlands'!

"Nice! More sharks. Ahhh! Doubt. Ahhh! Tear it up ahhhhhhhh!!

The audience were all enthusiastic when they said it was a game where the dead wouldn't even go out if they made a mistake.

Basically, a brave man loves to see someone else's blood.

And knowing it was such a crazy game, the ten remaining pairs of Virgins did not abstain as one.

Everyone stands up, crawls even if they can't stand, and continues the game so that they can devour the panel with their teeth.

Aim for a goal while leaving traces of dragged blood behind.

Exactly what 'Death Game' looked like, but why were they up to that, throwing young skies...

This, for one thing.

Because the prize was so luxurious......!

There's only one life on the scale. Note that no, even if you multiply your partner's life......

The balance remains inclined and frightening......!

Incidentally, there is only one thing in kind for that luxury prize.

That means if two or more teams score goals, that's not enough prizes.

Yet why did Inkichi decide to present the prize to all those who scored….

There were two reasons for that.

The first is, first, the rise of the Holly Doll family.

I never thought those sisters would take the top of the Dantots, both in the first game and in the second.

If it was the rule that prizes would only be given to the winner, the other Virgin teams would have retired early.

Because if you have to cross with that (●) ton of demo Virgin before you have to risk your life for the game, it doesn't fit the quota too well.

So, I quickly unraveled the rule change so that I didn't have to hang out with the Holly Doll family.

Regardless of the other team, they will be quite a motivation, as long as they can score a prize.

But there's only one prize.

But Inkichi wasn't worried.

Because in the first place......

Only this final game, because I was sure no one would be able to complete it......!

You don't have to apply special inches or anything to the lustful skinned Virgins......

We fall into suspicious darkness on our own with just the basic rules, we pull our feet together on our own, we deceive each other on our own......

Self destruct!

That's just how many games I've played so far, and Inkichi's aim was precisely Masako.

Nine groups of Virgins were challenged and transported in an ambulance without reaching the goal as one.

Until just before the start of the game, they play a relationship that is deeply bonded, but when it starts,

"Die hey!! This Xare-O-O-O (pee) hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!

A series of barbarian words...!

If you think these words will finally leak out of the lips of those (●) Virgins......

Inkichi in the VIP room couldn't give up a leaky smile.

"Nuh-uh, huh-uh. Nuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu! Finally, the moment I've been waiting for is coming to do it......! Virgins like those pig bosses are going to cry with buheebhee......! Just give it a real photo…!

-... finally, big pawn...!

Luke and Bishop are the big pawns at my disposal...!


Before the best of moments, Inkichi had the best wine open to a beautiful young butler.

"Saaah! Finally, the last set of challenges. Ahhhhhh! The Great Tri knew, these people......! Holly Doll family. Ahhhhhhh!

When reincarnation and primula appear from the entrance,

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!!!

Now the best cheer of the game wrapped them both up.

All the brave men were breathing.

"It's time for the Holly Dolls to finally reveal their true nature!

"Oh, no matter how much the goddess is reborn, we're both human!

"What dos black desires hide behind that smile... I'm looking forward to it!

All the Virgins were fucking laughing.

"Oh, now the Holly Dolls are Ossimai"

"If you expose yourself to the ugliness in front of these many brave men, I'm sure Godsmile will do the same."

"I knew I'd be right, didn't I? He said we should stop getting into the Holly Doll family."

I don't even know about such a lower horse review, and the staff will guide me to reincarnation and primula at the starting point.

The distance between the two is about 100 meters away and countless panels are laid before them.

Just the midpoint per fifty metres was the goal for both.

'Oh, well, at the end of the day, let's take a look at the placement of the panel challenged by the Holly Dolls. JAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!! Roll open!

According to the MC's buzz, the rolled paper on the ceiling drips around like a curtain.

As soon as I saw the distribution of traps that were written there,

"What... Yep, yep, yep, yep!?!?

The most amazing surprise of the tournament now ran around the audience.