A giant roll of paper, like a drape, hung from the ceiling of the venue.

There were depictions of the placement of panels, to be challenged by the Holly Doll family.

Nine sets of patterns challenged before them were the following placements.









□ is the safety mass, ■ is the mine mass.

Structure with full use of mass eyes and entrapment.

It was called The Invisible Maze of Death, it was complexity.

But the structure of the maze, which the Holly Doll family was to challenge...









Straight line (straight) Huh...!?

Just go straight and you can get to the goal......!?

Seeing all this makes it seem so easy to wonder what it was before......

But in this game, the opposite is true.

It is this linear arrangement that is considered the most difficult…!

Because this game is a tactic to 'move on while you tell your challenging partner the right answer'.

I want you to imagine.

So far other challengers have challenged the maze-like configurations of various...

When it's my turn, my partner,

"It's always straight!

And so on, when I say it...

Even if your partner was a respected college teacher,

"Is that why?!

and louder voices and wanting to scratch would be the thing about humans.

And at that point, your relationship with your partner is broken.

Dominated by the assumption that 'there's no way there's a straight line', into a zone full of traps, they stick themselves in...

Light, flabby......!

And this is natural, but the panel placement previously assigned to the challenger was different for each of us.

Because to the extent that you flip the placement left or right, they spot legality during the game.

But this time, instead of flipping left and right, they're both in the same straight line.

This was also adding to the difficulty of the challenge.

Audiences who have watched the challenges so far also leak a smudging voice in their bones.

"Yes, I can't believe it's a straight line, you mucha......!

"This is not going to work...!

"The first step or two may go straight as I was told..."

"If it goes straight all the way, you'll be determined to think it's absolutely unnatural!

"If I were to believe that, I'd be such an idiot!

"Or do you trust them enough to be killed... No, there's no way he's like that!

The audience seemed painful at first to this cruel panel arrangement.

But that sad face begins to mix just like joy.

"Ahhh, the Holly Dolls finally have dirt on them too......!

"No, it's not dirt! If it's good and my blood, it sucks, it could have pieces of my flesh on it......!

"The Holly Doll family, said to be reborn of the goddess, is also a child of man after all...... maybe that can't be helped......!

"Primla or mother......! Um, no spots, no dullness, white skin like fresh snow......!

"I can't believe he's pierced by a murder blade and burned by prison flames...!

"A beautiful face like that goddess finally distorts in agony...! Then what kind of voice does it ring......!?

"Well, I just imagined... Do it... yabeyyyyyyyyyyyyyy...!!

It was not the brave man and the Virgin who were in the guest seat.

I await the feeling of disloyalty that something beautiful can be molested and hurt...

Sadistic desire stripped out, man and woman......!

The men are pushing their groins so hard that they are going to burst now that the women are still overflowing.

Vip room inches were sensual as well.

"This panel placement is the highest difficulty in this game......! To date, very few of you have completed this game, but none of you have completed this placement alone......!

She smiles lusciously as she receives the lick of a beautiful young man kneeling at her feet.

"To let me turn my hand so far is full...! Definitely the strongest player in this challenge to me......! But no matter how much it raises, it's 'pawns'...! It is destiny to be rolled over my palm...!

'Well, then, there's plenty of time. Uh-huh! The final game in this "Sacred Heart Exhibition," who could not complete it as one before! The Holly Doll family, the final challenger, is the one who will do it......!? Or is it the same challenger you've ever been, and you get put in charge by a hospital......!?

Moderator raises his hand bah.

The noise sounded so loud that the place was quiet.

And finally...!

"The Holly Doll Family's" Love for Neighbors "......! Let's get started. Ahhh!

Final game started with a nervousness climax.

Everyone missed every step of the challenger, the Virgin Sisters, and instead of blinking, they even forgot to breathe and saw.

If so, then the Virgin Sisters of the day should be under considerable pressure.

I'm sure you must be stuck trying to figure out how to get your partner...

They were truly flamboyant,

"Ah, sister! It's so easy! Keep going straight to the goal!

"Oh well! Same here! Even Primla, keep going straight!

Let's be honest with each other.

But in common sense, there's no way you can believe me where I told you, such as the alignment of a straight line.

But, Shit......!

"Really? We're so lucky!

"Well, that's true! The sun was nice today, lunch lunch was very tasty, my mom's kids were full, and it's a great day!

They rejoice in 'luck' with this devil's placement.

And furthermore, he goes into incredible behavior.

"Oh well, then, Primla, because of this, shall we do the usual one!

"What, in this place...?...... ok, fine. But be careful, right?

Oh, my God, what...!

""... hey, dude!!

They really enjoyed their voices and ran out on the panel like a heel......!