Mother and Primla held each other tight and were struggling to balance with one leg.

Exactly in the division between life and death.

If you even touch the red panel at your fingertips, that's it.

Until then, there was a panel that looked like a blooming deep red flower, no...

In a lumpy red lotus, like an active volcanic eruption...!

The sisters who stood in its abyss were like the angels who stood in the abyss of Hell's Cauldron.

Exactly the extreme, when (kiwa) ……!

... When we are caught up with the situation so far, man's nature is stripped out in response to whether or not he is.

He thrusts down on his opponent, and only he leaps to help.

If it's impossible not to fall, what makes you want to at least put your opponent down and ask for the rest of your life for nine deaths.

I can't help it.

That is the human instinct......

No, everything that lives and lives has, because 'sexuality'...!

But they even transcended such dimensions.

"Oh, sister! Oh, it's absurd! Because I'm going down and it's going to be a cushion!

"No, no! Primla, your mom's going to be your mum!

The Virgins are like a crumb of a salaried man who notes which one makes the payment.

I managed to sacrifice myself and was desperate to help the other side.

If they can afford that, they should also be able to keep them from falling, but they circle around like dancing on the spot.

What a strange sight that is.

Anyway, what they're doing is a raw concession, not a push of death.

It was a completely incomprehensible behavior to the brave men and virgins who had always kicked their opponents down with ghostly shapes and sometimes with joy.

And what did the Fate God bring to this sisters...

It's 'equality'.

"Yikes!?" "Maa!?

Primla and Mother never go up or down, falling directly beside each other......

On the red switch, sudden descent......!


Equal 'death' was about to come...!


Moment after moment, the passenger seats rose simultaneously and just fell down and fronted.

Everyone curses this cruel fate.

Until now, the audience has been waiting for their sisters to get bloody and fight.

But I am struck by their feeling of compassion for others, too pure and hiatus.

No, I was beginning to wish my sisters success...

Come here, nothing left......!!

As soon as the bodies of the sisters were slapped against the red panel,

...... Gah, shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

The door of hope, finally opened, sounds like it's heavily closed.

Woohoo (oh)...!

The angels, at last, at last...!

Inkichi's despicable trap has made me obnoxious...!

"Yay...... you did it!!!!

Inkichi in the VIP room stands up, trying to kick the butler young man who was kneeling and sticks him on the windowsill.

Hate the Virgin Sisters at last, by their own game.

...... Pyruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!

and erupted from a small hole drilled into the panel, by water......!

Mi...... water......!?


What a trap that Primla and Mother have drawn...!

Mi...... water......!!

The moment they fell, they closed their tight eyes and held each other.

But return to me the cold that hits my whole body and get up.

After being a kyoton in a fountain that blows up from around you, you need to look at each other and your face......

"... oh well. Primla, you're soaking wet!

"Your sister is the one! Uhhhhh!

The two of you laugh frankly...!


So much cheer that the world rocks, it happens from all directions.

The two were surprised and held each other again.

"Shh... wow, wow, wow, wow! Wow, wow, wow!

"Primla and mother, you're seriously the best!!

"I also know Master Godsmile is going to be a dick!

"Decided! I'm gonna be a fan of Primla and Mother today!

"What are you talking about! Oh, my God, it was a long time ago!

"Su...... nice! Nice rinse!

"I can't believe you truly believe in them and try to protect them...!

"Sa... That's the Holly Doll family! These are the ones who were called the rebirth of the goddess!

"Didn't I tell you from the beginning! The Holly Dolls are the only true Virgin Gate!

"Oh......! My heart seems to be washed......!

The braves are just so excited that they've fallen back in love.

The Virgins were sobbing a lot of emotion.

All those in the venue were wrapped in great love.

Praised the Holly Dolls as if they had united their hearts.

... Just glance at one...

"Ugh...... Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!?!?

The inches in the VIP room were raging like strangled southern birds.

Flip tables and chairs and knock down the wine shelves to power.

He was shaking the fragments of a broken bottle and making the butlers a rare prick.

The interior is stained with a pungent redness.

As the heel soaks, the bright red puddle spreads on one side......

She was breathing on her shoulder.

"Ha, ha, ha, ha...!! I can't forgive you......! Sorry, I can't forgive you......! Make this game of mine unscrupulous and gucha......! Never, never...! Buchi, I will kill you and soba you sooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!