"Oh, now you've finished all the games! I won all the games and got a brilliant win......!

Moderator shows the winning table set up on stage.

There was no one in 2nd and 3rd place, but in 1st place on the top, the two girls are friendly and hand in hand.

'... everyone is unanimous, the Dantotsu winner is... Holly Doll family. Ahhhhhhh! Janjang, Ballyyyyyyyy!!

"Whoa, whoa, whoa!

The cheer and applause boil down for the first time today.

It was directed at the winning table sisters that delighted others to scratch, not yazi, mockery, etc...

It was purely a mixed feeling of praise, celebrating their victory.

The Holly Doll family Virgin was finally turning a 'death game' full of hate, bloodshed, desire and betrayal into a space full of love.

If you only want to see the end, this is exactly the sight of the 'Sacred Heart Show'.

And here, for some reason, a statue of the brave is brought into the stage, as if to water the sober mood that was being brewed because of it.

It was a statue that served as a catalyst for metastatic magic, used in the earlier Love for the Brave.

"Here, then, by the winning Virgins, a kiss of loyalty to the brave. Ahhhh!

The Sacred Heart Presentation was routinely to be kissed by the winner Virgin.

This means' loyalty to the brave ', where the Virgin can choose to kiss.

If I can kiss you more loyally here, it will also be an approach to the brave.

And if always, one of the brave men to be kissed is chosen from among the spectators.

But there are a lot of them this time, which is why I decided to get them to kiss the metamagic.

In other words, if you kiss the statue, the feeling of the kiss will be conveyed to all the brave men in the passenger seat upstairs.

This is only an indirect kiss at last, but still the Holly Doll family is famous for not even touching the brave.

Even if I could receive a kiss indirectly, it would be......

Even though as a brave man you get the happiness of things all your life, it's not an exaggeration......!!

This is just the 'kiss of the goddess'.

Not only a brave man, but a man would want to throw and hit everything to get it.

By the way, I can't wait for these goddesses to suck on me like an octopus. Osama says there is one in the world.

Now one crack in the goddess has tried sucking more than once, but she has never succeeded, so she is stubborn.

Aside from such a euphemism, the brave men in the guest seat were dyed.

"Seriously!? I can't believe you got a kiss from the Holly Doll family Virgin...!

"I can't believe you're kissed by the sisters of the Holly Doll family, that's for sure!

"Ki......! Glad you could make it!

"Hey, get out of the way, meth pig! The sacred kiss will be profane!

The brave man who had the Virgin on his knees had been flirting until then...

Once I found out there was a Holly Doll family kiss, I was poking the Virgins apart at the same time.

"Hey, you two, where are you going to kiss me!?

"It's normal to kneel down and kiss your hand, or to sit down and kiss your shoes."

"You're not boring me like that! At least not cheeks or something!

"Whatever it is, you can mouth it. Ew!

"That would be nice, but how about a groin!?

"Oh, that's great! On the day that those sisters knelt down and kissed her groin at the same time...!

"Or... just thinking yayyyyyyyyyy!!

And it happens from the upstairs passenger seat, dirty call.

The sober mood was ruined because of it, but the Virgins of the day were no-time.

"Mama's fine." "I'll resign, too."

I don't know, I knew it...

Refusal to Obey (No Thanksgiving) Huh...!!

Besides, if you're in Mother,

"I'd be happy to be Gol's statue. Yeah, I mean, I do it every day."

Even an extra word......!

And Primla also agreed with me, "Yes, me too," but I realized that I had spoken a hell of a thing, or I was slightly red and leaning down.

In any case, "Yeahhh!!" and booming happens.

'I didn't know you were going to refuse... Well, that's good! Don't wait next time, the winning prize giveaway. Ahhhhhh! Janjang, Ballyyyyyyyy!!

Moderator screaming to get his mind back on track.

But the staff who snuck in, they slapped me in the ear that way.

'What...? Oh, um... We have a serious announcement here! Earlier in "Love for Neighbors," a serious violation was found, so the Holly Doll family victory became nasty. JAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!

Even if I said again "YEAH!?!?" and booming happens.

Now the Virgins in the first floor guest seats were in, so the dissatisfaction was higher than just now.

"Fair enough," said the winning table mother, while Primla presses her mouth "like that".

"A serious violation is that Primla helped Liincarnation on the verge of a goal! In" Love for Neighbors, "touching the body of your partner in front of the goal is forbidden. JAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!

This would go without saying that Inkichi's decision… i.e. Inkichi.

And this was the way Gotosigod did it.

Stir up your shooting heart with a fancy prize that looks good, collect ducks and scatter them greatly, if you have to win......

Put that or this on your ass and I won't give you the prize......!


Because the winning prize Inkichi is being given by Gotosigod in the first place is for decorating, not for giving.

Finally, it is the same thing as a 100-yen whale at a time, which is in a store such as a festival.

The prize shelves are lined with the latest consoles and expensive toys….

That's just the box and the contents are carrappo......!

There is one thing in real life today, but it's to show the duck, never to give it to him...!