Events organised by Gotosigod officials are always considered the norm to turn on your ass, disable the game, and tighten it with a bad aftertaste like a cut-off comic strip.

But this time it was just a little bit, things were different.

Moderators scream as they rush to undo the growing booing.

"Yikes... you'd be disqualified if you were always! But this time, you're going to have to try the game again with the winning prize! If you beat that, this time, this time really, I'd give you a luxury prize. Bye! Janjang, Ballyyyyyyyy!!

What an extended battle it was announced......!

This may be referred to as an unusual announcement during an unusual period.

Of course this is also Inkichi's margin.

She didn't do any good to end it like this.

Because this "Sacred Heart Showdown" was the most onerous game she ever played in the torso.

As a matter of fact, "Sacred Heart Exhibition" can be a lot of the part that becomes a take out of the Grand Virgin who became the organizer.

But when you host, you can let the Virgin of one of your gates achieve good grades, so you can lose and gain.

It may not be accurate as an analogy, but it could be the same as holding the Olympics in your own country would increase the number of gold medals.

And in the case of Inkichi, he was throwing his personal possessions, so much so that it could be said that he was betting everything on this' Sacred Heart Show '.

Of course it is, as an investment.

To get a tremendous high return, pawning the Holly Doll family...!

If we make it a no-game here, it's like attributing the same chromium that we caught to the sea again.

And all the enormous costs spent moving fishing boats go to waste.

That's why Inkichi planned an extended battle until he distorted the usual 'win-run pattern'.

And more than that, there was another element driving her.


Making the Holly Doll family aware of the fear of death games......!

The sisters tried to complete the previous game, enjoying rather than suffering.

The other Virgins were made round boys through the game, they were sent to the hospital, and they were even troubled by relationships......

Only those (●) sisters play three death games...

It's like a bowl of three kinds of cheesy beef, flattened with peroli......!

They treated the Death Game like a cheeseball, and hence the name Gotosigod scratches it.

In the name of the game master, Inkichi was trying to crush his sisters at any cost.

However, great risks also exist in this.

The Holly Doll family could be disqualified in "Love for Neighbors" because Primla stepped into Mother's field.

Although there has been booming from the audience, it is not an unreasonable decision that cannot be pushed through.

I would prefer not to give my precious winning prize to the Holly Doll family...

By proposing an extended battle, Inkichi had to accomplish either of the following:

Fail the Holly Doll family in the next game I propose.

Even if the Holly Dolls succeed, they make ends meet.

If, in the next game as well, the Holly Dolls win completely......

Now I'll have to give you the winning prize.

Of course, Inkichi knew a hundred things about it.

That's why, for the next game's sake, the Holly Doll family prepared something that could never be successful.

"Teppanyaki Death Game" is bringing her so much confidence.

What a name!

"The game of the extended battle is," Whirlwind and Sun "JAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!! What a game to have you fight the general head of this" Sacred Heart Show "one-on-one (Tyman). Ahhhhhhh! Janjang, Ballyyyyyyyy!!

In keeping with the host's proclamation, one Grand Virgin took the stage.

She wore a fleshy body in a luscious dress......

Inkichi of Soyhoy......!

"Inkichi-sama is also known as an amazing gambler! The casino where she showed up is also called" Zero Terrorist "because of the many bankruptcies out there. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!

Inkichi usually barely shows up on the tabular stage.

Because the Lord of Death Games is considered a virtue to manipulate pawns in shadows.

But this time, she showed up as a torso and slapped her sisters into a challenge.

Plus, in a game where she was best at it, never lost, and even the brave guys fell over.

The rules of 'Whirlwind and Sun' are simple.

Inkichi becomes the parent, the 'whirlwind and sun' side, and the Holly Doll family becomes the child, the 'traveler' side.

Parents can use any means they want, so if you leave your child naked, you win.

A child's winning condition is to escape to the time limit.

This time limit is ten minutes.

After ten minutes, if the child wears even one pair of socks, the child wins.

... This game is not a game played in front of the masses in the first place.

The reason would be, needless to say,

But it was there that Inkichi aimed.


In front of so many brave men and Virgins, she wants to make the Holly Dolls so complete...!

Apart from the brave man who has decided to spend his whole life serving, the Virgin has an insanity that she should not expose her skin to.

The Virgin who breaks it is called the disgrace of the Virgin and ceases to be worshipped.

Even so, many Virgins expose their skin to bang to get into the brave.

Finally, I hope they don't find out.

But if we lose this game, many audiences will see our skin.

And Inkichi has already pawned the audience, so it's not hard to seal the mouth of those who see it.

then the sisters knelt to Inkichi in a miserable appearance without a single leaf,

"Please, Inkichi! Don't make this public! If you will keep your mouth shut, I will do anything and everything! Please, please!!

Finally, you become a pawn......!!