Asked "The Game of Being Naked If You Lose," Primla vehemently disagrees.

"I can't believe I'm showing my skin in a game. Oh... no, no! It's too much! It's too much!

Primla is turning bright red, as if she had already been seen naked.

Said Reincarnation so he could fool around.

"Oh, Primla. It's okay, 'cause my mom's gonna do it. Primla, you have to support your mom."

"What!? Sister, are you going to do it!?

"Yes, of course. Because I've been trying so hard to get here because I want a prize. So is Primura, isn't she?

"Well, that, yes... But...!

"It's okay, Mom will never get naked."

Said with confident eyes, Primla could not disagree more.

But when it becomes Isa, I decide in my heart to take off my robe and put it on my sister.

Holly Doll accepts the extended game, "Whirlwind and Sun".

The 'Sacred Heart Presentation', where the storm of chaos continued to blow, finally enters the final showdown...!

Inkichi and Mother stepped off the stage and confronted each other in the middle of a spacious pitch.

It doesn't matter how far you run if you're within this field.

But anyway, if you're a handsome saint, reincarnation's leg strength proves so much in the previous game that you don't like it.

Inkichi's foot speed is unknown, but it's hard to think of anything less than reincarnation.

If so, Clam gets caught, "Ahhh!?", in the relationship between the evil deputy and the town daughter.

Besides, the hero who's supposed to help, he's not here......!

There are a hundred brave men around, but they must stand with Hugh, as they have come to watch the best strips.

On the contrary, it might jump off the very seats of excitement and hit the reincarnation.

In that case, Reincarnation is a total defeat (Game Over)!

She finally finds out about her skin and bones.

That this is' Death Game '......!

Guest seats are no longer hot mummy.

Everyone was stuck in the front row not to miss the moments of the century.

All tension had reached its climax, but only one remained the same.

Only she, the biggest party and the biggest victim from now on, was laughing at Nico the same way she always was.

"Master Reincarnation has plenty of room for a smile! And the last game, I'm willing to clear it easily, man. Jahhhhhhhhh! Dear Inkichi against...!? Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Inkichi also smiles at his face like a mask when he loses the reincarnation.

But on his forehead, he had blue muscles running like lightning.

- I've never, ever cared for you......!

About you...!

I have made an effort to seep blood to be the Virgin of Gotoshigod......!

We have honed our arms as game masters, covered our tears of blood with a smile, and let many lead us to ruin......!

That and this, everything......!

It is to make a white pig Virgin like you kneel...!!

"Saaah! Cry or laugh, this is the last time! Really, at the end! Whichever one wins!?" Whirlwind and Sun, "you start. Ahhhhhhhh!


The sound of the cymbal rings and marks the opening of the final showdown.

A lamp on stage starts counting down at 09: 59.

Inkichi just thought she'd be hit by reincarnation, but she wouldn't move a step.

And Reincarnation didn't even run away, he said nickel.

"You know, Inkichi. My mom wants a favor from my good girl Inkichi."

Inkichi thought, apparently not a physical battle, but the soul dare to buy time with the rush of conversation.

"... why should we?

"You know, my mom would rather be a 'parent' than a 'child' after all. 'Cause my mom is my mom."

That was an unexpected suggestion.

"… even if you say that you want to change parents and children now, it's impossible to consult."

"Yeah, I don't want you to take turns. Mom wants to be a parent, too."

To an even more unexpected suggestion, "... aha?" and Inkichi, who gives a manky voice.

"'Cause this game is called' Whirlwind and Sun ', right? As Inkichi, where is Mr. Whirlwind? If you're not here, you can be my mom, right? Hey?"

Reincarnation with hands together to pray with large breasts and a small neck.

It was her specialty 'snake pose'.

This pose works great for same-sex as well as heterosexual.

But it didn't seem to work for Inkichi.

- Suddenly, it depends on what you say...

But you figured out your soul and gall.

Dear Reincarnation, by becoming a parent yourself, bring it to the rule 'Victory if you take your opponent off' ….

Let's try to win by taking off my dress...

But even if you plan to do that, it's for nothing......

Why, to me...!

"... If that's the case, fine. Allow changes to the rules."

"What!?" and the surroundings boil.

"Whoa!? Whoa!? and... sudden rule changes were allowed. Huh!? This also makes Master Reincarnation a parent…. Finally, it turned into a rule that it's better to win by naked your opponent first. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!!!

The upstairs seats boiled down a lot to this.

Because, although not as good as reincarnation, Inkichi was also quite a nice buddy.

Either way you can watch the nude of the Grand Virgin if this falls, and there is not one who disagrees.

The battle comes from the diagram of 'Whirlwind and Sun vs Traveler' ….

whirlwind vs to the sun......!

The battle of the gods has unfolded magnificently...!