Inkichi was the sun.

Being the torso of the game, she must be for all players.

Without her, the world named Game would collapse and the Ice Age would come.

And she's good at it, manipulating the game out of the shadows like it's convenient for her, fattening her personal belly.

That dark smile is exactly what you deserve to call a 'black sun'.

But such an invincible sun emerges for the first time a dark cloud that brings clarity.

The name, too.

Holly Doll family......!

They appeared like the wind, and entered the hearts of many as a sudden breeze, and vandalized as a storm.

That glowing smile was exactly what I deserved to call a 'whirlwind of light'.

And the two males finally clashed in the same position and under the same conditions...!

Now I'm not a raw gentleman, such as a traveler.

Making beings that can also be called gods, round naked......!

If you lose, you will expose everything to daylight......!

And instead of the Virgin, the woman's...

No, even my dignity as a human being is taken away like an ass hairy......!

Exactly, 'The Battle of Betting Everything (All Bets)' …!!

Exactly, 'The Final War (Armageddon)' eh......!!

They both keep grinning when they say that if they lose, it will be a battle to lose everything.

Inkichi's grin came from the poker face, but Mother had a smile as stained from the bottom of her heart.

That looks creepy to Inkichi.

- Even if the rules change, I didn't know they weren't coming...!?

After all, I thought you were going to attack me with your strength...!

What the hell are you after, Mr. Reyn Carnation......!?

But no matter how long you wait, reincarnation doesn't work.

And finally, Inkichi realized.

- Ha...!? No way, Master Liinkarnation is waiting for the time to run out......!?

Didn't you mean to say you are a parent, a child, etc...!?

... No way, concurrently...!?

Reincarnation waits ten minutes for it to run out.

"Mom said she wanted to be a parent, but she didn't say she wanted to take turns with the kid, did she? That means your mom's a parent, but she's still a kid, right? That's why I ran out of time, so my mom won!"

and so on, shaggy......!?

That was a pretty messy reasoning, but I'm sure you'll stick to the brave popularity and push it off.

Inkichi is giddy! and bit his back teeth off.

- This, white pig...!

How dare you smile like the Virgin Mary...!

But don't worry, it doesn't work for me, like what pigs think...!

I won't hesitate anymore......!

At last, Inkichi moves.

... bah!

and offer palms.

Palms like white human de were kneaded toward reincarnation.

And finally lift the ban.

Forbidden, a miracle...!

"In my hand, I am burned......!!

I wondered if my eyes were gleaming like a knife the old lady wiggles.

"" White Notes and Red Line Spectrum "Smooth Muscles Rhythm" oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!

At the same time as the roar, something like white powder from the sleeve of the dress, I want to erupt......!?

It hit the reincarnation with a thin, dirty blizzard, as if the skin had blown powder.

"Oh well!?

Though Reincarnation covered his face with his arms at once, the hour is already late.

All over my body, objects like white mold, floated......!

Shortly afterwards, reincarnation begins violently extinguishing, like someone who got stung by a mess mosquito in a camp.

"Ahhh!? Itchy!? Itchy good ooh!?

Inkichi laughed like a witch who was burning villagers.

"Nuffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff! Let's itch!? Let's itch. Ugh!? This is my miracle," White Notes and Red Line Spectrum "Smooth Muscles Rhythm"......!

"White notes and red ray spectrum" Smooth Muscles Rhythm "was a miracle of planting" Psoriasis fungus "on the skin of the powdered.

'Psoriasis fungus' is a type of mold, plainly referred to as a waterworm or tamale.

Inkichi has freely manipulated that mold and has been a must-win for the game.

Whoever receives this move can't wait to get itchy all over his body and squeeze his whole body......

Finally, you get rid of everything you're wearing...!

That's right.

This is the most powerful Special Attack in Whirlwind and the Sun….

With this move she has made many brave men sit naked...!

Besides, this move is not 'pain' but 'itching', so the Virgin's prayer doesn't work.

Itchy, scratchy wounds can be healed, but the itching doesn't go away.

That means you have to keep shaking your body indefinitely...!

For the record, she tries to apply this move locally, usually to her opponent's body.

Because if you put it all over your body, the marks will be noticeable, and the presence of the moves will be revealed.

Then no one will have 'Whirlwind and Sun' with her.

However, when localized, the effect of itching fades.

So she was setting up this move where it could work to the fullest.

All the brave men who were forced to give in to her, what they called her in the shadows...

Inki O of Soyhoy......!

But this time, she unlocked this secret move and showed it in front of the masses.

That's all I was betting on this game.

As long as you can win this last battle, you can find out about this move.

Instead, it eliminates the need to use moves like this.

Because if only we could get the Holly Doll family......

She rules the world, because she can be a gamemaster......!