"Sacred Heart Exhibition" is a meticulous, secret presentation by the sober maidens that truly showcases the fruits of daily love.

But this time, it was an unprecedented hosting landscape.


and I hear a scream leaking like being crushed by a road roller,

"Itchy, itchy! Itchy good oooooooooooooooo!!

"Anywhere? Yup!? Itchy Ruuuuuuuuuuuu!!

"Too itchy to die!? It's too itchy to die. Uhhhhhhh!

Upstairs in the passenger seat, I can't stop screaming about itching.

The brave men couldn't resist arrows or shields, and everyone took off their clothes and went naked.

He was scratching his white, powder-blown skin like crazy.

It's like a drug party that went too far, or even a bacterial weapon was torn apart.

The Virgins in the first floor guest seats, who were looking up at that unusual sight.

They were all on the lookout.

"Duh, what shall we do......!?

"Duh, what's going on? You can't do this anymore! Yu, the brave are suffering, so I need to help you......!

"Well, then you go first!

"Yes, no, I...!

Usually they were the ones rushing ahead of us, but all this time my back was pulling.

The reason is clear.

When I approached him, I felt anxious that the itching would shift to me.

They were still playing the solo van in their heads, even through this period.

- But the brave men in the audience are mostly Datian (Daten), often Kwon Tian (Kenten)...

- If you want to redeem it for itching, even Kwon Ten is critical... If you are in the Great Heaven class, you are completely out...

- In the Great Heavenly Class, I don't even want to get close...! Oh, you look like a white mold person......!

Whatever the great heavenly class was at lunch, the brave and the badass were sticky.

But now, with the treatment of white mold humans, he has finally appeared even to the one who says this.

"Ah... yes! You loved white mold cheese, didn't you? Aren't you okay with that too?

"Hey!? I do like white mold cheese, but that would be something else!?

Finally, it's called 'Arr'......!

But that's what I couldn't say anymore.

Because the braves came down one after the other from the passenger seat upstairs.

I scratch the white mold instead. Not really, my whole body is bloody......

Yet, like freshly made zombies......!

The Virgins attacked me...!

"Come on, do something! Do something. Whoa, whoa, whoa!

"Cure me, cure me, cure me, hee me, hee me, hee me, hee me, hee me!

"You're the Virgin too, aren't you? Ooh!?

The Virgins kneel down and pray, desperately seeming to scream out.

Someone tried to offer a prayer of undead purification, but it didn't work after all, so I conceptually 'healed' it.

But no one has noticed.

The brave men temporarily exceeded the pain and forgot the itching due to the skin injury......

Once the bleeding has subsided and the skin has been restored by the Virgin's 'healing'......

"Ugh......!? Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!?!?

That hell will come again......!

"Itchy, itchy! Itchy good oooooooooooooooo!!

"Itching again!? I got itchy again. Ahhhhhhh!

"Too itchy to die!? It's too itchy to die. Uhhhhhhh!

The more I scratch my skin, the less itching temporarily subsides, but now the pain strikes me.

Once I couldn't stand that pain and got my wound healed, the vicious circle of itching going back again.

This is no longer, a hell of a lot......!

And this "White Notes and Red Line Spectrum" Smooth Muscles Rhythm "can be stopped if you are Inkichi, the surgeon......

Now that she herself was suffering from itching, she was unable to concentrate enough to use the miracle of disarming.

Then as for the help they can give......

"Are you okay, sister!?

Primla was on stage, but the host got naked and my sister's capacity finally got worried and went down to the pitch.

And I tried to escape, and I headed to the reincarnation.

"Oh, Primla, my mom's fine now. I'm totally not itching anymore. Wow."

My sister looked refreshed and welcomed Primla.

"I can't believe I've used a miracle twice in a row already... I always tell you to be careful around when you fly..."

"Hehe," he said to his tongue-in-cheek sister, a sister who looked like a jerk.


... Zan...!

The brave men and the Virgin tread all together......!?

Besides, all the brave men or even the Virgin were naked, and they were bloody.

As if they ran into a bunch of zombies, toward surprised sisters, they didn't let their hair in for a while.

"Damn...... please help me no no no no no no no no no!!!

At the same time, sitting naked in the ground......!!


There's only one hand they can help...!

"Itchy itchy tongue"......!

If you don't get rid of the itch with this, they will remain the inhabitants of Hell for no reason......!

Nevertheless, no miracle could be performed on this many people.

Because the miracle of reincarnation has properties that amplify the removed several times.

I usually fly what I remove towards the sky, but when this is all "itching," I don't know what will happen if I fly it into the sky.

Once it's up in the sky, if it comes down again...

The itch has become widespread......

The country is turning into an itchy hell...!

So by Primla's idea, another way was taken.

First, fly only Inkichi's itch into the sky.

And all you have to do is ask Inkichi to unlock "White Notes and Red Line Spectrum" Smooth Muscles Rhythm ".

All you have to do is get the Virgin's cure back to normal......!

The venue is all-weather and the magic allows the ceiling to open and close.

After opening the ceiling and incorporating the light of the sky, Reincarnation healed Inkichi.

Inkichi was only deluding the poor minister's body with flesh and vegetables, with all the rich Virgin in sight.

Nevertheless, the sisters of the Holly Doll family could be called the enemies of uncluttered heaven, who would become like mountain ranges if they walked side by side.

Originally, I refuse to let those white pig mountains help me, even if I die...

But all this time, I can't change my belly on my back.

"Holy crap... this debt is necessarily, doubled...... no, I'll give it back to you in ten times......!

and so on. Though the grudge was called a bump, it was a miracle of reincarnation.