Reincarnation and primula that lift the hand together to heaven.

"Itchy itchy, keep it in the distant sky......!

Then from their fingertips, the snowy "itches" emanating from the snowflakes erupted.

In the sun. It rises sparkling and becomes acquainted with the blue sky.

The white mold, which was like a symbol of a nightmare, also turns into a beautiful miracle brought to them by the Snow Princess.


The brave men and the Virgin had forgotten the itch and pain in their fantastic sights and saw them.

Gerende also sends a hot enough gaze to the reincarnation and primula that it is likely to melt.

"I knew we brave people needed Virgins like the Holly Dolls...!

"Yep......! And serving the Holly Doll family, we must be brave too......!

For their own desires, they were engaging the Holly Doll family on their own.

But no matter what hatred or desire you are exposed to, the Holly Dolls deceive you in your work as Virgin.

And Inkichi, whose itch disappeared, was astonishingly honest, unlocking "White Notes and Red Line Spectrum" Smooth Muscles Rhythm, "which he transferred to the brave and the Virgin.

Apparently, the Holly Doll family's untrustworthy behavior has also revamped just inch Virgin.

She said with clear eyes, like a beeball embedded in an old tree.

"Come on, now everything is back to normal......! Now let's move on to blessing the flourishing winner......!

Inkichi finally acknowledged his complete defeat to the Holly Doll family and his victory.

I'm finally going to give you the winning prize that I've been reluctant to give you by then.

And all the men rejoiced in this broken end.


Audience braves and virgins, moderators and Inquichi, and Holly Doll family Virgins......

Everything came here and became one...!

The prize ceremony was held as the brave men and the Virgin gathered around the stage watched.

"Janjang, Ballyyyyyyyyyy! Well then, first of all, the award of the second prize. Ahhhhhh!

When the moderator signaled, the stage carried a chunk of gold.

Obviously it's supposed to be pure gold, but it's as big as a coffin.

There were countless jewels on the surface, wielding seven colors of light to compete.

This is the kind of conditioning that makes the most luxurious thing you can think of, and makes your dreams come true.

Even from the Virgin of the Audience, "Whew...!" and the exclamation leaks.

If you are a woman, everyone is distraught, an eternal glow.

That was no exception, not even the sisters of the Holly Doll family.

"Wow......! It's so beautiful!" "Yeah......! That's very nice!

"What a" legendary golden coffin "the second prize! They say that God once created it and brought it to earth, and that it exists only to count in this world! Made of pure gold but lightweight thanks to the magic of treasure, anything that comes in here and is buried is said to necessarily be able to go to heaven. Ahhhhhhhhhhh!

By way of introduction to the MC, the sisters have just entered the golden coffin and are cackling.

"Yeah! Including Pine, it looks like even four of us could fit in here!

"Yes! Perfect for a tub for everyone!

It was a word not to be overheard.

'Bye, tub......? Oh, you know, that's in the legendary golden coffin...'

"Ooh, one? But it would be too big to add dinner, wouldn't it?

'Yes, no, Master Reincarnation, not one of you...'

"We thought this tub was just the right size and decided to attend this' Sacred Heart Show '!

You get what you want, sisters full of happiness.

He said it was an epic delicacy, but he just seemed willing to use it down.

If this is analogous, it also declares that flying carpets are to be used for the front door foot flutter mat.

Taller and a single sweat fall from the forehead of the audience as well as the host for that bold use.

"Ma...... well done! Next time, the winning prize will be presented. Ahhhhhhh! Janjang, Ballyyyyyyyy!!

"Whoa, whoa, whoa!

The audience is also very heated up about this.

Anyway, so many Virgins have challenged the game of their lives to win this prize.

I thought the sisters of the Holly Doll family who can get that must feel like rising to heaven too...

How dare you two.

"Then hold that one, Primla"

"Yes, sister. Wow, as rumored, it's really light!

"I think I can carry this to the carriage. Come on, come on."

I was just putting on a golden coffin and trying to get off the stage with a shitty...!

"Hey!? Wait a minute. Ahhhhhhh! There's still a winning prize at the heart of it. Ahhhhhhhhh!

Called off reincarnations and primulas were kyoton like movers, not knowing where to put the refrigerator they were carrying.

"Oh well... Wasn't this the only prize?

"Speaking of which, there was something written on the flyer. I forgot because I wasn't impressed at all"

"Become!? Why did you forget? The flyer said it was bigger than the golden coffin!? And as for the prize, this is the main one!?

Said in such a way as to be utterly incredible, the sisters have no choice but to unload the golden coffin they were lifting.

The audience was stunned.

In order to be able to win this prize at any rate, many of the Virgins have so far lost their hair, which can be considered the life of a woman, and even those who have been hospitalized......

Speaking of which, not much reactions......!

The moderator screamed as he blew out the unpleasant air.

Believe me, when I find out about the winning product, they'll be surprised enough to faint.

"So finally, you're in for your deceptive winning prize. Ahhhhhhhhh!

"Whoa, whoa, whoa!

What appeared on stage with cheer was a glass bin with multiple guards.

Treated like the best gem in the world, it was finally transported by......

I just saw that, so much so that even the audience's Virgin, rather than the brave, would be tearful and less breathless of excitement......

Mythical, it was a delicacy......!!