As if it were a treasure that received notice of a crime from a thief, it appeared while being protected by many guards...

It was a book of rights.

"The winning prize, Nah, what a whoa!! Right to enter the" Smile Cemetery "yahhhhhhhh! Janjang, Ballyyyyyyyy!!

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!!!!!!"

The cheer, now the culmination of the tournament, sprays up from the flickering ceiling to the sky.

"Smile Cemetery".

It is a hacienda where Godsmile is supposedly to enter after its fall.

The location is classified, but it's like heaven has come down one foot.

If so, everyone wants to enter, but no matter how much money is loaded, no king of any great power can enter.

Only a very small number of selected people are allowed in, Noah's Box Ship.

Those who were able to enter this hacienda say they can climb to heaven with his soul after the death of Godsmile.

On the contrary, it is assumed that we can fulfill the joining of the gods...!

The winning prize for this "Sacred Heart Exhibition" is a legendary and mythical set: The Legendary Golden Coffin and The Letter of Rights of Smile Cemetery.

Being able to deliver a body to a legendary coffin means no more, the best end of your life.

And after that, if you are even promised to join the myth...

More than ever, the beginning of a new life......!

Even in the post-mortem world, you can be a winner...!

"Then Primla, hold that one"

"Yes, sister"

But the sisters were blind to the letter of rights and were about to bring out the coffin again.

"Hey, wait!?" Smile Cemetery "letter of entitlement!? Why are you so surprised you're not interested!? Oh, now you think it's a replica!? This is authentic, it's real. Ahhhhhhhhh! Janjang, Ballyyyyyyyy!!!!

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!!!!!!"

The audience had turned into an exciting one, but the sisters, as the moderator put it, had not shown interest by the time they were phenomenal.

Reincarnation, in its position, has many opportunities to get gifts.

It varies from luxurious to impoverished.

I would always be thrilled to get some nasty graffiti from a toddler and show my utmost gratitude for hugging that toddler......

Only against this, God's Book of Rights, for some reason...

"I don't need your mom."

It's like garbage, Bassari......!

But Primla was different.

"Ko... this is...! If you look closely, it's great......!

I opened my big eyes and wondered if I approached the glass case......

I was taking out my letter of rights with a trembling hand.

Originally, this letter of rights is not something that can be handled with bare hands, but since it no longer belongs to them, no one complained.

Good thing the Saint Girl goes on further outrages.

What a letter of entitlement, folded and bi-fold......!?


That was not long before it happened, so the surroundings couldn't stop or scream, and they were bland.

With a fully compact letter of rights in her hands, the Saint Girl smiles soberly.

"Look, sister! This paper, the back is white and not slippery! If you fold it in two like this and hang it up when you get home..."

"Oh well! Perfect for your painting book, Pine!

... The Holly Dolls seem to live without any freedom.

I received many donations and should be living in a mansion......

For the first time in his life, he was truly a primitive.

The mansion and land where I live were prepared for me by the king, as were the condiments and so forth by the lord.

But those were meant to be returned if they ever moved.

What you are wearing is basically handmade, and your diet is also at the hand-cooked level of a middle-class family.

My sisters' hobbies are also free of money, such as cooking and garden teasing, and the three women whose hobbies are painting use the back of flyers to paint.

If you're moderating by so much, it's not strange to have so much savings.

But the Holly Dolls leave a minimum amount of money for times of need...

Other than that, I was donating everything to poor villages and children...!

"It's a great day. Wow, I can't believe you even got a drawing book after you get such a nice tub!

"Pine will be delighted! Let's go home!

Finally, the sisters pocket the letter of rights and take the golden coffin down the stage.

Those who bewitch their transcendence.

But the host returned to me, and called me to shrink.

"Hey......! Wait a minute!? Don't you want to go into Smile Cemetery, Mr. Reincarnation or Mr. Primla!? Ah!? You still think I'm lying!? Or do you think it's a dream? This is really the real thing, really the real thing!!!

But the sisters don't even stop the foot carrying the coffin.

As if it were an ant carrying squared sugar, he replied that this was everything and that there seemed to be no untrained.

"Liar or dream, I'm not interested in Smile Cemetery. Wow! The moms have already decided to enter the tomb!

"It is! I'm sorry!

"Yeah!? No matter how many graves you decide to enter, Smile Cemetery!? There are no more graves in the world!? Yikes... what kind of grave are you going into?!?

Then they stopped, pitifully.

Even with all that pause, he pushed his arm against the warm curtains, but he ate up on this topic.

Reincarnation and Primla unload the coffin.

I turned to everyone in the venue and deliberately corrected my residence.

And as if to announce something important, align your voices with "let it go".

"Mommy (we) enter... Gol (uncle) 's grave!

It is the maiden's reaction that elevates its cheeks….

It was what the moderators were waiting for the most.

He leaks by accident.

"That's... who, that's..."

He doesn't know Osama yet.