As Reincarnation and Primla brought the golden coffin out of the venue, the knights waiting at the stables flew in to eat the bubbles.

This "Sacred Heart Exhibition" includes the media, and outsiders shut out.

of the escort. They were no exception and waited outside until it was over.

But it never occurred to us that our Lord would come out with a coffin.

They rush to receive the coffin from Reincarnation and Primla.

There is no need to carry the Grand Virgin herself such a big winning prize in the first place.

Because if you ask the staff at the tournament, they can carry it, and they can handle the delivery.

But the sisters wanted to take it home as soon as possible and were wuss.

And then there's this golden coffin, a golden tub for them...

Set in 'Rusty Wind' and you'll be all set.

All you have to do is ask that Osama to come in...!

My mind is completely reincarnation and primula in the mood of "The Wife of the Successful".

When you get in the carriage with bouncing footsteps, you just leave the venue behind.

The truth is that after the "Sacred Heart Exhibition," there is a "get-together with the brave" that serves as a celebration.

But instead of dota-can, they seemed totally unwilling to participate.

And the brave man who packed it as a large audience was also for that get-together.

He insisted that he finally had a chance to get close to the Holly Doll family, and even someone renewed the gear he was going to wear.

They use the drunken momentum at the get-together to explore soft touches, warm hard touches on them.

Even if you don't get to the point of touching it, as long as you stare at that gem with tiny, heavenly river-like eyes and have your bell-sound-like voice directly (jittered)......

That alone makes a difference to my fellow braves......!

But the reality is, I didn't even get a glimpse.

Inside the venue of the "Sacred Heart Exhibition", where the lead was gone, he was quiet as if after the storm had passed.

The brave, the Virgin, and the MC all look blurry across the door with their bars standing and open.

He was shaking his forehead in the breeze blowing in through the doorway, dropping off the smaller carriage at my pole.

Now I think the Holly Doll sisters were free everywhere.

And there was a God.

In the first game, Love for the Common People, as they fly across a bunch of bills, only they receive free love from the Common People...

In the second game, "Love for the Brave," you impersonate all the brave men into the trials that are normal for you to take...

In the third game, Love for Neighbors, I believed in my partner from the bottom of my heart and let everyone run through a limping minefield...

This' Sacred Heart Exhibition 'should only contain betrayal and despair, so to speak, Pandora's Box.

Everyone who opened it cried out in fear and said he was ugly distorting his face to hate......

Only they are like boxes of chocolate filled with trust and hope......

I tasted the sweet love, behaved again, and let him enjoy it with a smile all the time...!

"Meh... it's the goddess..." someone snapped.

... but wouldn't you be wondering?

Someone who has been so obstructed during the tournament suddenly hissed.

Inkichi, now a commissioner of the tournament, had once again been thorough behind it since he lost the game of the extended battle.

At the closing ceremony he had a calm smile in the corner of the stage and even a small applause in conjunction with the audience.

Such reluctant winning prizes also dawn lightly without telling the truth.

The "Golden Coffin" as well as the "Letter of Rights for Smile Cemetery" were so important to her that she could be called heart and brain.

It was entrusted to me by my husband, Gotosigod, which is the finest pseudo-bait to catch many fish.

If she finds out they took it right, she shouldn't just be sorry......

After all, did she really wake up to the heart of a true Virgin, relieved of the love of the Holy Doll family?

... No...!

She waited...!

...... Gimp!

Until then, her eyes, which were like flowers on the wall, restore the light she once had.

... The Doctor is only in bloom in hell, Hua...!

Yes, she did not give up even in this situation, which could be described as absolute fatality.

Instead, I waited for a chance...!

"Ladies and gentlemen, let's play the last game...!

Inkichi walks out into the center of the stage, declaring so.

Until then, the audience looking out, they said, "What!?" I look back.

"The name of your last game is' Love/Out of Chapter '......! The rules are simple. Whatever means may be used, it is for the White Pig Virgin to return the winning prize......!

To put it bluntly, it meant hitting the winning prize from the Holly Doll family and making it here.

Even from the brave men, there is a voice for criticism in this.

"Hey, what are you talking about? Whoa!?

"The Holly Dolls won without complaining, you admitted it too!

"And yet I can't believe I'm getting my prize back later, you filthy bastard!

"Who would do that?"

It was a natural booming in a way, but where does Inkichi wind blow.

"You are free to participate in this last game. But if you can't join us, it's going to get worse..."

The moment she snorts with Hung, there's something strange about the audience under her eyes.

"Ugh!? Uggh!? Shit in the groin!? My groin huh!?

"Ahhh!? Want a delicate zone!? Ha, unbearably!?

"Heh...! Itchy good good good oooooooooooooo!?!?

The brave men and the Virgin pressed their groins as if they felt an unusual urge to urinate, and began to jump simultaneously on the spot.

... Inkichi was left behind.

"White Notes and Red Line Spectrum" Smooth Muscles Rhythm "as if it had been unlocked......

Only the white mold in the groin was left intact.

Remove all the white mold from the exposed area and it will look completely healed at first glance.

The Holly Dolls will not bother to look inside their groin.

And after the Holly Dolls are gone, if you let the time bomb explode what you left behind......

The brave men and the Virgin of the audience turned into her pawns...!

Exactly Inkichi transformed into 'Inki-O of Soyhoy'.

I crouch my old wood-like body and show off my unhappy M-shaped legs to the audience.

"Come on, it's the start of your game......! Only those of you who have regained my precious things from the white pig will remove that itch......!

When she opened her mouth to all the rips, she professed the start of the game in high spirits.

"Come on, we're going! My pawns...! Nuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu! ONOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!"