The chairman asked Goldwolf.

"So, Mr. Goldwolf, what's your favor?!?

'Please' from Osama......

The end of it was unexpected.

"Mr. Chairman, do you already know who ordered the young men at the end of the 'Gin Guild' to attack the slum dog mart?

"Yeah, that's already it! I tightened up the chimps I attacked and made them confess! Whatever it is, put Soytz in front of Mr. Goldwolf..."

"I want you to forgive him."

My last favor is just 'forgiveness'......!?

Osama adds, moreover, only one word.

"The man, is he a brave man?

"Duh, how could you...!? I was going to let that brave man have 'otoshimae' exactly too!

"Did you still? So can you add and subtract that a little bit? If you were going to take your life, I want you to stay as scared as you are."

"Oh... Mr. Goldwolf, if you say so... But why? Because of that brave guy, Slumdog Mart could have been messed up!?

"No matter what brave man you are, if you take your life, you will turn the brave organization against your enemies. Brave men's organizations today are not opponents, even in the armies of the great Powers."

"Hey, no big deal! Whoever gets his hands on Mr. Goldwolf, whoever he is, will have a total war on him! Hey, you guys would too!?

The 1,000 people left in the warehouse said, "Yes, Mr. Goldwolf!," he said with all his voice.

But Osama runs out of "please don't".

"If you really want to repay me, don't do anything to make your life crude. And there's another reason."

"What is that?

"It's because... he's still the person to live for."

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

In the end, the remaining 1,000 were also to be helped as a cast of 'Slumdog Land'.

The leader, dressed in the corner of the warehouse, smudges as he stares at Osama's back as he leaves.

"... I knew it wasn't that good for him, now or ever."

"What does that mean, boss?

"You don't even know that, you idiot. Why does Mr. Goldwolf think he led us to such an unpopular place?"

"What? Isn't that because you didn't want the employees of 'Slumdog Land' to see you look like you're being disrespectful?... ahhh!

"Have you finally noticed?"

"No way Mr. Goldwolf noticed us' Gin Guild '......!?

"That's right. At first, Washi intended to go directly to the Slam Dog Mart in Killeland. But when it comes to being grounded there, it will be noticeable. I'm sure the press won't be happy either."

"If it's in the paper that the boss is grounded," Jin Guild "will be damned by a different organization (them)!

"I didn't mind if I did. Because if it weren't for Mr. Goldwolf, there wouldn't be a Gin Guild right now."

"Mr. Goldwolf's" benefactor "was heard a lot... Speaking of which, I don't know how they helped me. What the hell happened between Mr. Goldwolf and the team leader?


Then a few days later.

"Become...!? What are you doing? Stop -!?

Stented, abducted by an abandoned house along the coast of Killeland, had only his neck out of a barrel.

Around, men with knives in their hands.

"Do what, huh? Temei, why don't you do something...!

"More importantly, I didn't expect to choke on Mr. Goldwolf's shop, the manager's 'benefactor'...!

For a moment I didn't know who I was talking about, and I said, "Goldwolf...?" and a stented face.

But soon it pinned,

"Oh, you don't mean that nasty Osama!? That nasty Osama is the benefactor of the leader of the Gin Guild!? There's no way!

"After all, you didn't seem to know either... Otherwise, I don't have such an ungrateful thing to think about......!

"Oh... ungrateful? What does that mean?

"Well, I'll teach you a souvenir of the underworld."

And from the mouth of the members, a certain past is spoken.

That's just what they asked me, hard to believe...

Especially to Stented, I never want to believe it, it was the truth of shock......!

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

In his youth, the team leader will go to Purgatory as a test of courage.

It was a suggestion from a rival young head, who had a sight dispute with the leader.

If you can hunt a boss monster on the first level of purgatory, admit the courage and give up the chairman's seat.

The president accepts the proposal, accompanies his rival young head's men to witness and throws himself into 'Purgatory'.

'Purgatory' is a place where, if it is the first layer, a human being remembered in his arms can live and return without any problems.

But the boss fell into the trap of his men, and into the hole leading to the lower level, he was thrust down...!

The captain fell on the fiftieth floor of purgatory.

I dropped on a giant slime called 'Floor Slime', so I spared instant death, but suddenly I ran into an epic monster.

A certain Osama helped me where I thought I was going to rest.

The Osama said he was in a terrible shape, avoiding even the homeless going by.

Osama asked about the situation when he led the team leader to a safe place.

The boss complains to Osama that he has to get back to the ground at all costs.

If a rival young head becomes a new group leader, the system of the 'Gin Guild', which has weighed heavily on brother-in-law and humanity until then, will be a ruthless intelligent yakuza, and many innocent people will be wounded, he said.

Then Osama nodded and said:

"Really, I see what's going on. To tell you the truth, I was about to do the Rite of the Sun Wheel."

"" The Rite of the Sun Wheel "......?

"It's a ritual to get back to earth from the underground labyrinth (dungeon). Usually when you escape from an underground labyrinth, magic, etc., is used. But in this Purgatory, they don't work at all. The only way to escape on foot is through the Rite of the Sun Wheel."

Osama takes one gem from a worn cloth that sticks to his skin, which cannot even be called clothing.

"Anyone who wears this treasure and undergoes rituals can go outside 'Purgatory'. However, for each treasure, there is a limit that there is only one.... Go ahead."

"Yikes... ok? Isn't this pretty valuable?

"Yes, once every 5,000 years, it's a stone of sun sickness that only one person is born in purgatory."

"That means... you were going to use this to get out of 'Purgatory'!?

"Yeah, I meant to. Purgatory is said to be impossible to escape on foot."

"Besides, if this stone only shows up once every 5,000 years, isn't it the same stone you'll never get again! You'll never get out of here for the rest of your life!?

"Yeah, maybe so"

"Maybe so, he said...! I guess I've seen a lot of hell here to see from what you look like!? You must be dying to get out of here! Why would you let me get away with this I just met until I sacrificed myself...!?

"If you don't go back, many members will be saddened, won't they? If you don't go back, 'Gin Guild' will change and many innocent people will grieve, won't they? I believed that word. And..."

So Osama loosened his expression.

"Even if I can't go back, there's no one to grieve with."