In a space surrounded by candles, Osama prepares himself for a temper and ritual.

While he was drawing a magic formation on the floor, in the middle of it, the leader had been thinking about it.

But, uh, when you look at me like I remember something,

"If you two join forces, you can get out alive......!? I've heard the lower level of purgatory can't live for ten seconds, but I'm still alive! I'm a little confident in my arms, too, so if that bothers you......!

Osama then replied without even looking at the chairman's face.

"No. You're still alive because I made this a safe space. I untied all of the traps in a strip to do the 'Rite of the Sun Wheel' here, and bound the monsters so they wouldn't come in. If you went out of the juncture, even if you had enough skill to be called Kensei, you wouldn't have ten seconds."

"Oh really...!?

"Yes, and the junction won't last very long. Soon the junction will be broken and many monsters will be indulging. So before that, I will finish the ritual and return you to earth."

"What are you gonna do after that?

Osama then sets aside the chalk he was portraying the magic formation and stands in front of the group leader.

"I'll run," he replied briefly.

"We're ready. Hold onto the jewel you just gave me."

But it was Osama's hand that the leader gripped.

"Ah...... thanks! I will never forget this grace! When I get back on the ground, I'll definitely be the leader of the 'Gin Guild'! And you... no, I will speak your name, as the Savior of the 'Gin Guild', forever!

"More than that, can you do me one favor?

"What is it!? If it's what I can do, anything!

"You know Mr. Stented, the gorgeous smart clerk in Gankpful?

"Yeah, I know. You're the one who's been choking on us' Gin Guild '." Jin Guild "doesn't work for the snail guy, but he's been choking on us. So right now, I'm threatening to squeeze the money."

"I want you to forgive me, Mr. Stented."

"What the hell!? You know what he did to us!?

"Yeah, I know. Mr. Stented hurt your tickets and you must be very angry. But I want you to do something about it."

"Wow, I get it......! But why would someone like you...!?

"Mr. Stented is obsessed with his duties. There's not much he can do to try to push me through. That's the good part, and it's the bad part. This time, it just worked in a very bad direction."

Osama tried to keep saying "and..." but suddenly said it.

Although I showed a slightly troubling bare gesture,

"Besides, Mr. Stented has a wife and kids. Your wife used to be a colleague who worked at Gorgeous Smart, and I know her well, too. So I don't want to see you sad."

"Wah...... ok! I'll pull my hand off Stented!

"And tell Mr. Stented about me... No, you might want to keep me to yourself for a lot of people."

"What, why is that?

"You've come to this Purgatory for your brains, haven't you? If you find out that I helped you escape, your rival Young Head might demand more mucha. It's only better if you decide to escape on your own."

Osama even let the words "and..." wander off again,

"If you find out you got out of 'Purgatory' with my help, I think Mr. Stented will screw it up and threaten you"

From the feet of the two, the muscles of light tumble up.

The glow of the magic formation grew stronger and stronger, enveloping both of them.

"It's time to activate the effect of The Rite of the Sun Wheel. I may never see you again, but be well."

That's supposed to be a lifetime goodbye, but Osama was calm.

Osama's manly words and deeds flooded the waterfall with tears from the boss's eyes that had been hanging from him until then.

"Ah, I've never seen a man like you......! And finally, your name……! Tell me your name!

What Osama told me, like a wild dog in an alley, was exactly the name of a wild dog.

"Wow, I won't forget......! This grace, for the rest of my life...! The only person in my life you can call 'brother'...!

In his white flying vision, the boss shouted.

"I made up my mind! When I'm in charge of the Gin Guild, I'm gonna make a big team and I'm gonna come back here to help my brother! So stay alive until then, brother! Brother! Brother!!!

...... shuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!

"Goldwolf's brother no no no no no no no no no no!!!

When the team leader reaches out, there's...

The sun shines, it was a meadow.

In front of you is the entrance to 'Purgatory', quietly nestled as if nothing had happened.

The treasure in my hand collapses in tears and disappears in the wind.

The captain immediately ran out.

The look was filled with hatred, like a child killed his dear brother.

I framed myself into a trap, into a group of rival young heads, with only one sword on board......

He said he killed them all so he could cut off the rotten branches.

And he became the leader, and, as promised, withdrew his hand from Stented.

Stented's wife and child were blackmailed by the 'Gin Guild' and were having a sleepless night to grate their breasts.

Stented was bragging around saying that the 'Gin Guild' guys had no fear of themselves.