The story goes back to the present.

Stented abducted by abandoned houses and packed in barrels.

I was informed of the truth of the shock that I had once been saved by Goldwolf, and I was more shocked than I had been pronounced dead.

Her face was pale, her hair, which was originally sparse, fell out harrowed, no longer like a dead tree.

"Wow, I can't believe that Osama saved me..."

The 'Gin Guild' chimps, who were surrounded by stented with a knife in one hand, yelled.

"Temei beat us to the legend of the boss's only benefactor!

"If it were true, we'd be at the bottom of the ocean with our fingers and limbs!

"But Mr. Goldwolf forgave me for us, and he told me!

"Mr. Goldwolf is amazing! The boss is more than enough to keep his life!

"Temei tried to mess up Mr. Goldwolf's shop while that Mr. Goldwolf helped him......!

"Temei is no benevolence, no shit, he's a sucker!

So he wanted to blame me, and Stented just turned bright blue and trembled.

It's like a gamma surrounded by mirrors, all sweaty.

"Ugh... lying...! That's a lie. That's a lie...!

"You're lying! Then why do you think Temei is being seen like this?!?

"Jin Guild" was pulling his hand from "Slumdog Mart" as if to fall down.

And he kidnapped Stented, and now he's trying to put on exactly the otoshimae.

They chose Slumdog Mart over Brave Men.

There is only one thing this means.

But Stented didn't try hard to believe.

"Ugh......! Ugh......! That's a lie. Awwwww!

But at last, as if the spirit had collapsed, as if the dam had broken down.

... Dobba!

I want the tears released...!

"Ugh......! Wow!!!!

A scream, a blowing sea breeze, shakes the walls of the abandoned house.

"Oh, my God! Oh, my God! Wow!!!

In his head, memories with Goldwolf were flashing back.

'Nice to meet you, I'm Goldwolf, the manager. In launching Gankpful's Gorgeous Smart, I'd like to share with you my expertise as a clerk.'

'Mr. Stented, the order count is incorrect. This slip will be ordered in 100 sets, so the lower two keta have been omitted. If you keep doing this, you'll get 100 times as many.'

"What? Have you ordered already? Not so long ago, you can't undo it anymore. Shall we figure out how to sell it out somehow? If there's anything you can sell and destroy, I'll take responsibility for it. '

'Mr. Stented, you have the power to try to push things forward. But once you decide to do this, you won't be able to see around, so you should stop before you run out and check around.'

'Yes, at that rate. Your passion has come to the attention of our customers. "

"Is Mr. Stented's dream of becoming a brave man? Then I will recommend you so that you can be the manager of a new store from me. '

'Congratulations, Mr. Stented, on your appointment as manager. Now you're in the same position as me.'

Do you like Mr. Lara Coyne? Then you should reveal your thoughts in grandeur. Feel straight, as Mr. Stented always does to his customers. '

"Mr. Stented's shop is not profitable...? Then why don't you replace the manager and I'll do the tecochet? Mr. Stented should be the manager of my shop. There's a little rough girl in the store called Mr. Lan... '

'Mr Stented, Mr Run, the gorgeous smart of Gankpuffle is on track, so I am leaving here. Next we will do the launch at Rondowl. Both of you, stay well...'

It was no exaggeration to say that half of his clerk life, if you think about it, is made of goldwolf.

Now Stented was about to be crushed by the memories.


Each barrel that bursts collapses and rolls around in a rugged fashion.

He broke through the rotting wall of the abandoned house and rolled out.

Stented rolling down the ramp with tears screaming.

The chimps in the abandoned house were dropping off barrels that were getting smaller with a doppler effect, without even chasing them.

"I was going to stab a knife in the barrel and scare him a little..."

"You don't have to do that anymore."

"That 'lackey brave' must also be a reflection"


Stented clashed against the rock at the foot of the ramp as he cried.

... Dogaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

The barrel breaks down, and as a crisis-haired pirate, it pops out naked.

Keep it at the corner of the road, rolling like a roadside stone.

"Ugh...! Ugh......! Ugghhhhhh!

Still laying low on the ground, Stented cried.

"Ugh......! Osama......! Osama, Osama, Osama! Ossan ahhhhhhhh!

He's so sorry, he's stuffy as if he's been skin stripped alive.

... that Osama always supported me in the shadows.

Of course when you're with me, even when you're not.

Stented finally realized that...!

"Wow! Osama Osama!! Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!!!

Peel the grass that was in its heap, devour the soil, and strike your head against the rock.

But the overflowing enthusiasm never stops.

I don't mind my nails peeling off, I claw giggly on the trunk of the tree.

He jumps into the bushes that were beside him and winds himself all over Ibarra.

And whosoever notices the thankfulness of Osama, they shall all be filled with thorns of remorse.

And... split into two patterns.

The first one, like Miglare once was...

Like those who were once brave, who are in Sevenlux...

To Osama, an unprecedented gratitude......!

Remaining, the other pattern is...

... bah!

Stented flying out of the bush, his head coincidentally had an Ibarra crown wrapped around it.

Eyes that flood with tears of blood shine like magma.

"Wow... that Osama can help me..."

All I have is that I'm laughing at that Osama crawling on the ground...

Because the eagle... eagle...!

Since the day I became the manager with the power of the eagle, I've been beyond that (●) Osama...!

That's why I took the lara coin that Osama was in love with!

That's why I drove that (●) Osama raised run to the warehouse number...!


So, so...!!

There must be something worse than that Osama!!!!